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Chapter 680 - What is the fear of merchants

  When Li Dong was lamenting the high places, someone was saying the same thing.??? Fire Ranwen w?w?w?? Jia Wenhao stood by the window and murmured, somewhat disinterested: "Ambition can make people lost, every time when I feel almost lost, I will choose to stand on the high place and look out, know why?" "Why?" Han Yu held a tall glass of wine, gently sip the blood-like red wine in the glass, and lightly smiled, "Is to remind yourself that you are not yet standing on the highest place?" Jia Wenhao shook his head and said, "That's the difference between you and me, you see only the top, while I see the bottom." "Many times I will tell myself, look, you are standing so high, what if you fall down? Once you fall, it's only death without a grave." "That's when I would feel afraid, one must have a sense of awe, when you feel afraid, you will restrain yourself**." Han Yu smiled like a flower and said, "Is that so? You also have times when you are afraid?" Jia Wenhao frowned slightly and said, "Isn't a sense of awe something one must have?" Han Yu shook his head and said, "Awe doesn't mean fear." Jia Wenhao said coldly: "The ancients said: "Anyone who is good at fear must have a righteous body, a rule of speech, a stop to his actions, and occasionally exceed the rules, but not out of line! Your Han family has been well-educated for generations, I don't need to teach you this, right?" Han Yu Jiao laughed: "I naturally understand this, but the sage also said that the gentleman has three fears: fear of heaven, fear of adults, fear of the gentleman's words, the little man does not know the fate of heaven and do not fear." Jia Wenhao looked at her coldly for a long time before saying, "So you don't fear Li Dong?" Han Yu was surprised, "Why should I fear him?" "Could it be that until now, Li Dong in your eyes is just a nobody who doesn't pay attention to make you fear?" "A merchant, what is there to fear?" "A merchant?" Jia Wenhao frowned and said, "You are not a merchant, you are a literary family, a lady of the house! But what are you doing now? The merchants you despise are now influencing the world and changing the whole society! At this time you are traveling the way of merchants, while telling me that a merchant is not enough to be feared? If that's the case, why do you still interfere in it, won't it tarnish your innocence? Han Yu, don't you force me! I can tolerate you once, I can tolerate you twice, even three or four times, but again and again, if you act so presumptuously, don't blame me for not thinking of the love between husband and wife!" Han Yu did not talk to him at this time, but said with an aggrieved face: "What did I do? What have I forced you to do? You do not think about the love of husband and wife, are you still ready to divorce me, you have a woman outside? Jia Wenhao, if it's you, just say it, I Han Yu is not the kind of person who is condescending!" Jia Wenhao cheeks a twitch. You and women talk sense, women and you talk feelings, you and women talk feelings, women and you talk sense. When feelings and reason are not in the hands of women, don't worry, people will still have a trick, wishy-washy. Although Jia Wenhao wanted to get angry, despite wanting to tell this crazy woman to stop provoking Li Dong, but seeing Han Yu with a sad face, Jia Wenhao still sighed and said: "You do not have nothing to find trouble, when did I have another woman? Xiao Yu, don't go on! This thing of money, is it really that important? Are we short of money to spend now? Food, drink, use, do I have less than you? Isn't it good to be a husband and raise a child? If you really want to live your life, you should pull me, not push me. Li Dong is more important than you think, and he is more powerful than you think. If he is really so useless, in less than three years, he has accumulated tens of billions of dollars, has no one ever moved? I can tell you clearly, there are, and many. But most of those people have taken the initiative to stop, why? Because Li Dong is not just this arrogant and domineering thug in your eyes, his bottom card is not as little as you think. The Du family is not the main factor in his rapid rise, the role of Secretary Du is not as important as you think. Not to mention that Secretary Du is not retired to the second line, after he entered the capital, the influence will further increase, the next term he can enter the Bureau. At this time you repeatedly out of the plot, you think Li Dong do not know? You think Secretary Du does not know? No! They all know! I, Jia Wenhao, am not as powerful as you think, and the Jia family will not take the fall for you. When the backlash comes, you're in danger, and at that time do you want me to abandon you? Xiao Yu, you know me, I will not leave you behind, which means I will break with them and fight to the death. As for the ending, maybe it will be beyond your expectation ……" Jia Wenhao said a lot, in the eyes of everyone, he has always been a silent person. However, facing his wife, Jia Wenhao opened his heart. Some things he can be ambiguous, some things he does not have to be so clear. But the woman in front of him is his wife, his lover, and the person he has worked with all his life. Now his lover is lighting fires everywhere, Jia Wenhao is very afraid that one day his wife's fire will burn herself. Jia family is powerful, he Jia Wenhao also thinks he is not weak, the big Jiangbei how many people can get into his eyes? But Du Anmin, Li Dong, these people are not stupid, is an idiot? The rabbit bites when it is anxious, not to mention the two tigers. Once even if, twice he Jia Wenhao also have the face to carry down the matter, three times four times, that is not justified.