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Chapter 681 - Literacy is a disease

  Nightfall. Swan Lake. Walking along the shore of the lake with the evening breeze, Li Dong complained, "I bet this is 100% set by that unconscionable daughter-in-law of old Jia." Shen Xi, who was holding the railing to fish for water, smiled and said, "How do you say?" "Youthful ah!" Li Dong grunted: "Youthfulness is a disease that must be cured! At night, you have to make what the fishing boat singing, do you think this is very elegant? Bullshit!" Shen Xi heard him foul-mouthed, could not help but frowned and said, "Do not say dirty words, I think it is good, why are you not happy?" Li Dong said: "I'm not happy with what, anyway, I'm not afraid, should be afraid of the old Jia himself is right. He is a northerner, can't tell if he knows the water. Later in the boat to eat, suddenly a capsize, on the two of them can run away from it? But you do not worry, I Li Dong that is from childhood is the king of the water, really capsize, I take you to run away that is absolutely no problem, let them play with their own lives." Li Dong did not say, Shen Xi did not react. When he finished, Shen Xi immediately also realized that something was wrong. Li Dong and Jia Wenhao, a ten billionaire, a provincial party committee member, are not small people. Not to mention them, is Shen Xi and Han Yu themselves, that is not a nameless generation. This to really in the lake a little change, it will be a big problem. In the boat to eat, sounds quite beautiful, but in fact, the security risks are great, security work is also not very good. Swan Lake is only an artificial lake, where the boats are not big, and Jia Wenhao they invited Li Dong to dinner, certainly want to talk alone, security personnel will not go up to ten **. Once if something happens, Han Yu really may not be able to carry the responsibility. Jia Wenhao so stable person, should not make such decisions, so it seems that only Han Yu made the decision. Hearing Li Dong say so, Shen Xi hurriedly said: "Then why don't they come later, let them change the place." Li Dong said: "No change, eat on the boat. The two northerners still fight with me, a southerner water, can not scare them to death!" Shen Xi looked amused and was about to speak when she heard Li Dong whisper, "Here it comes!" Shen Xi looked up, by the light, really saw a small boat in the middle of the lake slowly approaching. And Jia Wenhao was standing at the bow of the boat, facing the evening breeze nodded towards the two. Li Dong saw the situation and muttered: "Take back what I just said, old Jia is also a sulky, standing on the bow, ready to play the Titanic." Shen Xi glared at him with no good grace and whispered, "Be polite later." "I know, I'm sure you'll be polite, people are big cattle, I heard that they will soon have to join the regular, I can not afford to offend, later he will be the ancestor to offer up." Shen Xi pinched him, speechless: "What are you crazy, Jia Wenhao is Jia Wenhao, Han Yu is Han Yu, you do not mess around." Li Dong aggrieved: "How am I messing up, I have said that I worship him as an ancestor, what else do you want from me?" "Don't think I don't know your cautiousness, you worship ancestors that is to worship the tablet, you are still ready to get him killed!" "Women ah!" Li Dong lamented, and then squeezed his eyebrows and said, "Really know me well enough, but just a joke, you still take it seriously." "This kind of joke less carelessly, careful to be overheard bad." "Understand, I'm not stupid, I can still say it in front of him." As the two were exchanging words, Jia Wenhao's boat was already close to the shore. When he jumped off the boat with agile hands, Li Dong hurriedly said with a smile, "Jia Province, just now your posture is handsome enough! From afar I look, this is not Li Bai reborn, floating immortal ah!" Jia Wenhao immediately lost his smile and said, "What Li Bai, you say this is too much to praise me, the name of the poet immortal is not I can afford." "Absolutely can afford ah, on the province of Jia your achievements, say you are Li Bai, that is to bury you." When Li Dong finished, Jia Wenhao waved his hand. Li Dong saw him polite, and then laughed: "Come on, since Jia Province is not Li Bai, then back to the documentary public, this is not lifting it." Jia Wenhao froze for a moment, and Shen Xi next to him also reacted for a while before he understood what Li Dong was talking about. Who is Duke Wenxian? Generally speaking, it refers to the Tang Dynasty poet Zhang Jiuling. Why did Li Dong say that Jia Wenhao did not want to be Li Bai but Zhang Jiuling, do not look at the difference between the two fame, in fact, just different fields. In this area of literature, Zhang Jiuling is naturally less famous than Li Bai. But ancient celebrities, usually officials. Li Bai official career is not smooth, a lifetime of ups and downs wasted life. While Zhang Jiuling is the bright minister of the Tang Dynasty, for Jia Wenhao such as this, Li Bai and Zhang Jiuling, if you ask him who he wants to be more, it goes without saying that it must be Zhang Jiuling. Even think deeper, Zhang Jiuling is known as the first person in Lingnan. Coincidentally, Jia Wenhao's ancestry is also the Lingnan side. Don't look at the Jia family is now rooted in the capital, decades ago, Jia family is Lingnan big family, only after the opening of the country officially based in the capital. Jia Wenhao is not a crude person who knows nothing, his literary heritage is extremely deep, many people say he is a Confucian official. When Li Dong finished, Jia Wenhao understood what he meant.