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Chapter 682 - The story of the fool and the two do

  Despite the fact that Li Dong does not like Han Yu too much as a person, it has to be said that Han Yu cooking is still a handful. The sky is the novel Ww『W.』Peal 3TXT.COM especially the pot of fish soup, fragrant and fresh, Li Dong drank several bowls. Shen Xi saw that he liked it, smiled and said to Han Yu: "Sister-in-law, how about teaching me sometime?" Han Yu glanced at her, and then at Li Dong, smiled lightly and said, "If you want to learn, come to me when you are free, anytime." Shen Xi smiled and nodded, and the two whispered private words. Li Dong and Jia Wenhao did not care about them, the two drank up a bottle of white wine, Jia Wenhao smiled and said, "Mr. Li, if you did not enjoy yourself, open another bottle?" Li Dong waved his hand and said, "No more, people have to restrain their own **. Now I do not look drunk, but in fact another drink, absolutely to confuse. It's almost enough, too much is harmful." "That's true, then don't drink." Jia Wenhao finished and changed the subject: "Mr. Li, what are you going to do with the land in the new city? At the beginning, we agreed that you would build a shopping center in the new city, but you haven't done anything yet, have you?" Li Dong shook his head and said, "I have not forgotten, but recently, Yuanfang's cash flow difficulties Jia Province you also know. When I have money, I will definitely build it immediately." Jia Wenhao did not say much, but Han Yu looked up and smiled: "General Li, I heard that you recently injected billions of Yuanfang, how come you still have no money?" Li Dong sighed: "A few billion is enough for what? This year, Yuanfang is moving a lot, tens of billions are not too much." Han Yu said as if without thinking, "Then Mr. Li will inject some more money." "No, there's not much money on hand, we have to keep it just in case. Nowadays, it's too dangerous to bet alone, leave a sum of money in hand, there is a chance to rise again in the future." Han Yu lost his smile and said, "Mr. Li is too pessimistic." Li Dong depressed: "Which is pessimistic, there is no way." Said Li Dong suddenly waved his hand, some annoyed: "Just like this fly, you say it's not summer yet, where the flies! And can not shoot dead, this is not a spoiler." Jia Wenhao a few people fixed their eyes, there is really a fly flying in the cabin. Li Dong waved his hand to drive away, while sighing: "In fact, it's not that it's not dead, she's not moving okay, a move I know where she is. I am just too lazy to fight with her, after all, the fly is a fly, and then how to fly around, and some spoilers, can not hurt me. If she bounces I'm tired of, I really want to get her killed actually is not difficult …… "just finished, Li Dong suddenly slapped on the table. Disgustedly wiped his hands, Li Dong breathlessly: "Shoot dead actually disgusting, good thing we ate, otherwise I really can not eat." The crowd took another look, and the flies that had just fluttered had been slapped to death by Li Dong on the dining table. Several people did not know what to say for a while, Li Dong saw the situation and apologized, "Sorry sorry sorry, she always flies around, I could not hold back, all of a sudden I shot it to death." The corners of Jia Wenhao's mouth twitched, and Han Yu's face was expressionless. Shen Xi saw the situation slightly towards Li Dong shook his head, do not look at the face of the monk to see the Buddha's face, this time in front of Jia Wenhao knocking no meaning. Li Dong saw that everyone is not talking, dry smile: "Do not mention the flies, disgusting. But speaking of flies, I remember a joke, why don't I tell you all, for fun?" Jia Wenhao smiled lightly and said, "Go ahead, Mr. Li, just don't sell it." "Then I'll tell it." "Once upon a time, there was a man named Erguzi, a landlord and bully. Their village has a gold mountain, two dog son on the strength of their own, the gold mountain to hijack, a few years down also made a lot of money. But the gold mountain is not big, there is always the time to finish mining, and so the gold gradually bottomed out when the second dog son is a little restless. What to do? At this time, the second dog to see the next village has a large household also wealth, people are not relying on Jinshan wealth, that is by the real ability to do business to earn a lot of money. The second dog that is envious and jealous, repeatedly trying to seize the family property of this large family. But that big family is not weak, you a landlord bully want to seize the property of others, they do not agree ah. The second dog is a hooligan, bullying people poor people can, want to bully people big family, that must be beaten half to death. At this time, the second dog remembered one thing, the next village next door there is a fool, that fool is called the fly. This fool, right, not too bright, but this foolish life, someone in the family, or an official. The second dog thought, this fool is easy to fool, so let's fool her to help me do something, to steal the family property of that big family! After a few days of planning, the second dog went to the next village of the next village, brought a lollipop and found the fool, told the fool: 'You help me to rob your next village of that big family, anyway, your family is an official, that big family dare not offend you. If you rob his family to give me something, this lollipop I will give you to eat.' This thing normal people will certainly not agree, but the flies are stupid ah. As soon as he heard that there was a lollipop to eat, the fool was happy with what he was doing, and was eager to go and rob the big family. The first door to grab, the big family said this is not a fool, there are people in the family as officials, forget it, do not bother with him, send her back. The result was not long, the fool came to the door again to rob. This time the big family is a little upset, saying I gave your family that official face, do not care about the first time you robbed me, you still come? But after all, there are people well, the big family put up with it, thought about it or did not pursue, send the fool back. The result is not long, not long after, the fool came again! You say, people have fire, even if you are a fool, every day to rob, it is too much, right?" Li Dong paused to say this, Jia Wenhao listened with great interest: "Continue, Mr. Li continue to say, quite interesting. By the way, you haven't said the second dog, the second dog just dry watch?" Li Dong coughed lightly and said: "Which can ah, after all, the fool is a fool well, the second dog also knows to expect the fool to grab hope is not big. But the fool has a background, the open action, on the one hand, can test the reaction of the large households, on the one hand, can also divert attention well. As for what the second dog himself in, this is another story, let's continue to talk about the fool." Jia Wenhao laughed: "Then forget it, you also said, the fool's family after all, there are people, and people are not intent on robbing the big family property, family members reasonable words to explain a few words on the problem. I see, in the end, the fool's family, certainly with a gift to apologize to the door. Since you can be a big family, it should understand that there is no need to forgive people. People are already pitiful, you can't chase after them and have to beat people to death with a stick, right?" Li Dong hurriedly said: "That can't be, that big household is a good man in eight villages, not to mention apologizing, he can't do such a thing without apologizing. However, the big family also suffers in his heart, you say that the fool is fine, but you fool has someone in the family, ah, two dog son that is not the culprit? You just apologize for what is useful, this time you should break the legs of the second dog to save next time also fool your family." Jia Wenhao laughed lightly: "There are difficulties, the official is a good official, although the second dog instigated behind the scenes, but after all, did not cause too big consequences. This time you go to break someone's legs, this is not the bullying of others."