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Chapter 683 - Spending money to the heart cold

  2007, April 2nd.????? ???? w?? w???? This was the day the Far Eastern Bond officially went online and began its offering. The previous roadshow inquiry had been completed independently by several underwriters of CCB at the end of March. Originally, according to Li Dong's intention, he himself and the Yuanfang team were going to attend the roadshow in person. However, the plan failed to catch up with the change. First, Yuanfang had a debt crisis, then several large groups in Longhua came together, and before the official launch, 2 billion of the 3 billion bonds were booked in advance. At this time, Li Dong, they do not need to appear, 1 billion corporate bonds, there is no difficulty for the Far Side, even Jiangbei a place to be sure to eat these bonds. In the morning of the 3rd, Li Dong arrived at the company. Just arrived at the conference room, the crowd applauded. Yuan Chengdao said with a face of excitement, "Mr. Li, in one day yesterday, the Yuanfang bonds were sold out, we succeeded!" The crowd was all filled with emotion, this time, the Yuanfang bond came online, which seemed to be a simple success, but in fact was treacherous and dangerous. From the time Li Dong entered the capital to make connections, this bond of up to 3 billion dollars has constantly brought trouble to Yuanfang. Including the previous capital chain crisis, which was also caused by the issuance of bonds. Now able to sell out in a day's time, the Far Side paid a lot for it, and these costs even exceeded the face value of this 3 billion in some people's opinion. Li Dong pressed his hand, the crowd applause gradually calmed down. When everyone was quiet, Li Dong laughed lightly and said: "Isn't this something that was predicted? We should have been prepared for such an achievement by climbing over a mountain. But the success of the bond issue, it is still worth celebrating, Chen Ke will go to the Sky Lake Hotel later to book a few seats, let's have a good meal at noon!" Chen Ke hurriedly nodded, and the others also had a happy face. The joy is naturally not the meal, but the significance of it, and the next everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Li Dong briefly said, then sat down and said, "Director Liu, tell us, how much money is left in the company now, and how much money will be spent next." Liu Hongmei got up and said, "Mr. Li, the bond money has not arrived for the time being, the bank side needs to be settled, and it will probably be credited at the end of the month." "It's okay, you count it in together first, the bank still dares to swallow this money of ours." Liu Hongmei nodded at the words, "Then I'll talk about it, before Dongyu real estate in the year before the emergency sale of a number of properties, the company returned 930 million. After the year Pingchuan prices rose, the housing market rebounded, the remaining houses in the Dongyu district because our prices are lower than other real estate developers, sold the best, Crystal Garden and the remaining houses over the Wantai House also quickly pre-sold out. Because we bought back a number of properties from Greenland and other small real estate developers, plus our original remaining properties, the total sales of Dongyu Real Estate reached 1.52 billion after the New Year period. In addition to these, the rest is the profit of Far Eastern Supermarket and the mall, which is around 600 million in these months, excluding expenses. Adding the 2 billion you injected before and the 1 billion loan from CCB, the total revenue reached 6 billion. If you add in this bond money, our current capital flow is between 9 billion." "9 billion?" Li Dong smiled and said, "It's a little more than what was said before, a good result for Dongyu Real Estate this month." Wu Shengnan, who was sitting in the second seat on his left, smiled and said, "Thanks to the blessing of Mr. Li, once the press conference came out, our community was in a state of rush to sell, and most of that money behind was returned in the past few days." Li Dong nodded and added: "There is still about 3 billion owed on the side of Dongyu Real Estate, pay this outstanding amount first, after all, it has been deferred for some time." Yuan Chengdao and Liu Hongmei both nodded in response, Yuan Chengdao thought for a moment and said, "Mr. Li, what about that Long Hua payment?" "Longhua ……" Li Dong knocked on the table and said, "Do you guys think I should renege on the debt for a while longer?" The crowd can not help but laugh, Shen Xi advised: "or pay it back, Xu Shengzhe can not help you, but Xu Jianghua probably can not stand it anymore. If you don't pay the money back, I'm afraid Xu Jianghua can kill you, and then it won't look good." Yuan Chengdao also laughed dryly and said, "Then it is better to pay it back, after all, it is already past the contract time, so it is not good to delay." Li Dong sighed and said, "Then let's pay it back, in fact, I am still ready to delay for half a year." The crowd is speechless, still dragging? Further delay, Long Hua really want to turn his face. Li Dong smiled and said, "So that means 4 billion is gone?" Liu Hongmei shook his head: "More than that, the other is the time side, when the acquisition of the time, we agreed to pay off the purchase within a year. Now it's already April, and it's almost time, so we have to prepare the remaining 700 million for the acquisition." "So that's 4.7 billion, is there more?" "There are also three provinces of Gan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Lu Province expansion plan, the money in front is almost spent, and we will soon make a second round of investment, at least 1 billion." "That's 5.7 billion right, is there more?" "There is also the E province side, the Chinese hundred side has almost reached an agreement, Far Eastern needs to move into the blank market given up by the Chinese hundred as soon as possible to prevent others from jumping in first. Initially, I'm afraid the investment is not less than 800 million." "6.5 billion, right, and?" Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said. Liu Hongmei expressionless said: "There is also the mall side, the recent expenses are too large, plus the next large-scale national publicity plan, as well as the mall system transformation and upgrading, also have to continue to inject capital." "How much?" Liu Hongmei did not make a sound, looked at Shen Xi. Shen Xi said in a muffled voice: "According to the plan of the mall, the minimum injection of 500 million or more." "Then let's say 500 million, so that means 7 billion is gone?" The cheeks of the crowd are twitching, the account can not be calculated, the more you calculate the more chilling. Before Liu Hongmei said the company's liquidity up to 9 billion, everyone was elated, think the next can be easy. But a turn of the work, 7 billion gone, and it looks like it is not the limit. As expected, as soon as Li Dong's voice fell, Wu Shengnan cautiously said: "In addition, we and several other companies agreed to buy back the plan is almost complete, the side of Dongyu real estate is ready to buy back the remaining properties, the preliminary estimate, the funds are not less than 1.5 billion, in addition to Pengfei real estate, when the promised 500 million we did not give, you see…… ……" Li Dong said with a smile, "In that case, 9 billion is just divided by you?" The crowd did not dare to say anything, Yuan Chengdao saw this dry cough, helplessly said: "Mr. Li, all these money must be used, we really have no choice." Li Dong gasped and said, "Use it, I did not say not to give you guys use, money is used for what, is not the use of it? But you guys use some of my guts, 9 billion ah! I haven't even seen it yet, and it's gone in the blink of an eye?" Yuan Chengdao muttered in his heart, "You didn't spend it yourself. Like the expansion plan in E province, as well as the mall renovation expansion plan, the money is not in the budget. Li Dong whined, did not say more, continued to ask: "9 billion is considered gone, so how much money we still owe?" Liu Hongmei said, "According to the plan just now, after repaying this money, we only have 400 million in loans left in the era, 1 billion in new loans from the Yuanfang Supermarket plus 800 million before, a total of 2.2 billion. The other thing is the bonds." "The whole thing is still 5 billion, how do I feel that I have spent this money for nothing." Li Dong muttered a sentence, Yuan Chengdao hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, words can not say so, after all, this money invested, we can completely open up the market in Jiangzhe, Gan Province, Lu Province, E Province, four provinces, the Yuanfang Mall has also expanded, plus Dongyu real estate buy back other real estate developers in the property, we can continue to sell next, the overall scale of our still expanded by more than One-third of the." Said Wu Shengnan also nodded: "The early because we did not plan in place, resulting in financial constraints. Now the debt of Dongyu Real Estate is almost zero, next that will be much better, we can stagger the loan time, next Dongyu Real Estate can continue to expand the scale, even double the size I think it is not difficult." She just finished, Yuan Chengdao frowned and said, "Wu, the current task of Dongyu real estate or maintain stability. After all, Greenland and Pengfei several real estate companies have not yet finished integrating, I think it is better to try not to continue expanding at the moment, and if we expand blindly, we may still face the same difficulties as this year next year." The reason for the pressure on Far Eastern Group this year is mainly caused by this side of Dongyu Real Estate.