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Chapter 684 Self-improvement = neurosis!

  Several people got into the car, Li Dong did not rush щww{][lā}. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're getting into. Zhou Haidong whispered: "Zhu Hongtao side for the time being only found out and Tang Long a little relationship, I do not know if there are others in the secret plot, I think there should be, just lurking too deep we did not find out for the time being." "How do you say?" "Tang Long Group just came to Pingchuan not long ago, I don't think they are so capable of hiding from our ears." Li Dong nodded and asked, "What about Han Yu's side?" Zhou Haidong said somewhat helplessly, "Because the capital side is not our territory, some things are difficult to continue to investigate. But according to the current news and clues, Han Yu should be involved with the Sentai Group." "Sentai ……" Li Dong muttered, and asked, "What about Parkson?" "Parkson should be the Jia family secretly holding the industry, Han Yu in which does not have much power. This time, the five hundred million should only borrow the hand of Parkson, in fact, has little to do with Parkson. Han Yu behind the supporters should be Sentai, perhaps more than one Sentai is not necessarily." Li Dong gently knocked on the car window, thought for a moment and said, "Who is behind Sentai?" Zhou Haidong frowned slightly and said, "It's hard to find out, we can only analyze through some bright things, some transactions in the dark we can not find out for the time being. But we did not get nothing, according to the information we got, Liu Hao holds part of the shares in Sentai, and did not hide it." "Liu Hao?" Li Dong had not heard of this name, some strange said: "And who is he?" Zhou Haidong lowered his voice and said a person's name. Li Dong's eyes narrowed for a moment, so it was him! Liu Hao's old son he really knows, later also counted as a not-so-small celebrity. Liu Nan Song, 53 years old this year, official deputy ministry. At present, it seems that Liu Nan Song is not really powerful, although the level is not low, the real power is not low, but can not manage this piece of Jiangbei. However, Li Dong knows that it will not take too long, this one will change positions and become the deputy director of the Reform Commission. At this point, that is the real big shot. How important the reform commission, no doubt. A deputy director, that is comparable to the local one or two giants, 55 years old before this step, if the next good luck, 6o years old before further reaching Du Anmin them a level is not too difficult. The company's career was completely ended by a magazine in the 12th year. Many times, there are things you can not go deeper, you can hardly imagine a deputy ministerial-level officers, but also important departments, will fall in the hands of a small deputy editor-in-chief. How the inside story, Li Dong too lazy to analyze. But when the magazine broke the news, it was said that his son held shares in several groups. Now this Liu Hao emerged, Li Dong some surprise, and not too surprised. This guy is probably used to flaunting, many second-generation even hold shares, that is also in the dark, he is blatantly holding shares of Sentai, the courage is not ordinary big. Thinking of this Li Dong said: "There should be more than one of him." A Liu Nan Song, to be honest, at least for the moment, Li Dong really did not take him too seriously. Unlike the next few years, the other side is in charge of important departments, high position and power. At this time, Liu Nan Song wants to eat the Far Eastern Group, then he is careful to hold himself up, but also almost impossible. So Li Dong concluded that there must be others involved. Although he said Han Yu is stupid, but the other party is not stupid to incorrigible. A Liu Nan Song can be fooled Han Yu moved? That is too underestimate Han Yu! Besides, Liu Nan Song alone dare to provoke Jia Wen Hao? Although the old Jia is younger than him, but the future is much bigger than him, he is not afraid of the old Jia to settle scores? Zhou Haidong nodded and swept away: "There must be more than one of him, but we can only check to Liu Hao's side, and then more can not be found." "Then forget it, sooner or later will jump out. Sentai mainly do energy, and we have any business intersection?" Zhou Haidong shook his head, Li Dong frowned and pondered for a moment, and only after a while said, "Then forget it, by the way, has the other side listed?" "Listed." "Listed ……" Li Dong muttered, his heart had some ideas, but the idea is difficult to implement, the key he did not have so much money. Otherwise, sniping each other in the stock market for a while, can also retaliate for a while. But then Li Dong's eyes showed a glint of light, perhaps the next stock market shock is also an opportunity may not be. The Sentai side and their own eight poles, but repeatedly trying to get their own, this revenge if not revenge, Li Dong is really not willing. And it's not safe to be watched by a wolf all the time. I will have to carefully calculate to see if I can kill the other party with a stick, even if not dead, but also can not let them continue to have the energy to add to their own chaos to do. Did not say much with Zhou Haidong, Li Dong was about to close his eyes to rest, Zhou Haidong suddenly whispered: "Mr. Li, the other is Miss Zhang's side." "Miss Zhang?" "Zhang Langyu Zhang General." Zhou Haidong explained and whispered, "Didn't you ask me to check that female reporter before? I found out, that Zhang Shiqi is Miss Zhang's cousin, so this matter should be the news coming from Miss Zhang's side." "She ……" Li Dong's eyes flashed for a moment, Zhang Lan Yu this woman up to what the hell. Before and Han Yu cooperation even if, after that and Liu Ke they cooperate. These two parties are not dealing with Li Dong, just when Li Dong thought that the two sides are destined to part ways, Zhang Lan Yu is warning herself, what exactly does she mean? When he thought of Zhang Lan Yu, Li Dong thought of what he had said before about paying back the money. The stock market side all retreat, Li Dong handed slightly higher than expected money, probably got about 2.6 billion. The far side of the injection of 200 million, the charity fund injection of 500 million, Li Dong now has about a hundred million cash on hand. Zhang Lan Yu side, Li Dong because not really want to contact, also did not rush to pay back the money. Now it seems, it is possible to see Zhang Lan Yu, by the way, this account to the end. ……4. The cafe. Li Dong slowly sipping coffee, until the sound of footsteps around, Li Dong said with a light smile: "Here." Zhang Langyu nodded and sat down opposite Li Dong, then said to the waiter, "A latte." When the waiter went down, Li Dong laughed and said, "It's been a few years, still the same taste, haven't you thought of changing it?" Zhang Lan Yu laughed lightly and said, "I'm used to it." Li Dong did not dwell on this, and asked, "How are you doing lately?" Zhang Lan Yu laughed: "Just like that, it's not bad, life in this world, food and drink is not a worry, should be considered a good life." Li Dong didn't say anything more, and drank his coffee by himself. Zhang Langyu also did not seek him to talk, holding his chin does not know what to think. Until the coffee was seated, Zhang Lan Yu said while drinking: "How come you have time to invite me to coffee today?"