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Chapter 686 - Here comes the backer!

  April 6th. The weather is still gloomy. Early morning. The entrance of Faraway Mansion. A row of a dozen cars and three Chinese buses in a line, parked at the entrance of the building. Looking at the dozens of men and women at the bottom of the steps, seeing their serious expressions, Yuan Chengdao steeply waved his arms in passionate flight and said, "Gentlemen! The time for conquest has come!" "As the first forerunners of the conquest of the Beijing-Tianjin region, you carry the expectations of all the people of the Far East!" "Tens of thousands of farang are waiting for your triumphant return!" "You all know about the gambling agreement between Suning and us? Are you willing to watch Far Far Away lose billions to Suning?" "No!" The crowd roared loudly and angrily. Yuan Chengdao said excitedly, "Good if you're not willing! Since we don't want to, then we have to make a show and let Suning's people see the strength of our people! Now Qi is struggling in Beijing and Tianjin, he needs our support, he needs your support! Although Mr. Li will accompany you to Beijing, Mr. Li's main task this time is to learn, he doesn't have much time to help you. You have to rely on yourselves, on this team! Why is Mr. Li going to study? Like you guys, he's doing it for the future of Far Far Away, for the future of everyone! You all know that Mr. Li is rich. Since he is rich, what is he studying for? It's for Yuanfang's better development and faster integration with the world! Therefore, Mr. Li's task is very difficult, and so is yours! All of you, fight your spirit, take out your courage, let's fight for once while we are young! ……" Yuan Chengdao on the steps was boiling with enthusiasm, waving his arms to the sky. Standing next to Li Dong is full of helplessness, lowered his voice and asked Shen Xi: "Yuan Chengdao this guy why! The good have to ask everyone to go with me why, before leaving also came to a pledge meeting, really think that the war." Shen Xi stifled a laugh and said, "To boost morale, you listened to it. Besides, by you, the old chief with the capital, we also have a few more hearts. Originally, senior brother Yuan was prepared to lead his own team over, but this is not heard that you are going, so specially arranged for everyone to join you." The corners of Li Dong's mouth twitched, depressed: "Then there is no need for a rainy day pledge, it makes it look like a pyramid scheme." Shen Xi smiled and said: "What nonsense! Do not underestimate these few words of senior brother Yuan, this time to the capital, we have to stay at least a year and a half, many people are on edge, this time not to give everyone a little chicken blood, stabilize the army, to the side of Qi Yunna how to manage." Li Dong shrugged his shoulders and did not say anything. He was chatting on his side, Yuan Chengdao on the stage and sent out a big move, this guy said and said and roared with exuberance: "Not much to say! Before you go, I'll give you all a song for your trip! Sing with me if you know how to sing, show our faraway people's aura!" …… "Pride in the face of ten thousand waves hot blood like that red sunlight guts like iron bones like steel ambition hundred thousand feet vision ten thousand miles long I strive to be a good man be a good man every day to be self-improvement hot-blooded men Han more light than the sun …… "See the stage Yuan Chengdao sang with passion, offstage staff also hit the chicken blood like singing together, Li Dong is really full of helplessness at this time. But not to mention, listening to Li Dong himself also felt some blood boiling. …… along with the song, the crowd is fully loaded and ready to go. When Li Dong waved his hand, dozens of people got into the car, and soon the vehicle slowly drove out of the park and ran towards the capital. When the convoy left, Yuan Chengdao cleared his throat and gasped: "Shen, do you think if we let Li sing a song on stage just now, would it work a little better?" Shen Xi laughed and said, "Don't even think about it, this guy is feeling humiliated down there, if you let him sing on stage, it's strange that he would agree." For Shen Xi's mouth this guy, Yuan Chengdao just ignored, said with a smile: "But it is almost, in fact, I was really ready to make a pledge meeting, but unfortunately the time is too urgent, so it will have to be. Beijing and Tianjin is not like East China, this time we have a huge task, if not really can not leave, in fact I really want to go over to keep an eye on. Billions of dollars of investment, plus the cooperation with Suning, but also have to face a number of competitors. This is also the first time that Yuanfang took to the national stage, and the major multinational groups and retail giants formally fought, I really have nothing in my heart." Shen Xi took a slight breath, and only after a while said, "I believe in his vision." The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. …… 3:00 pm. After a long journey, Li Dong and his party finally arrived at the Beijing-Tianjin branch. The doorway of the old drab building, Qi Yunna with the leaders of the Beijing-Tianjin branch is waiting at the door. As soon as Li Dong's car stopped, Qi Yunna hurriedly greeted him. As soon as Li Dong got out of the car, Qi Yunna said with a big smile, "Mr. Li, thank you for your hard work." Li Dong smiled and said, "It's you guys who have worked hard." Li Dong looked at the people behind Qi Yunna, most of them were old people who came from Jiangbei, of course, there were also a few new faces, which should be recruited from the local area. These new employees also looked at Li Dong with some curiosity, and when they saw Li Dong looking at them, they lowered their heads. Li Dong smiled and said, "There is no need to be formal, although some colleagues I have never met, but once you are born, twice you are familiar, from now on you are all family, raise your heads, so that the new colleagues from Jiangbei can get to know you." Several new employees hastily raised their heads and looked at the crowd behind Li Dong. After exchanging pleasantries for a while, Li Dong then looked at the building behind them and said, "The branch is here?" Qi Yunna nodded and said, "It's on the third floor, it's also close to Jinmen, so it's very suitable for our branch." "The location is okay, the place is too old." Li Dong said, Qi Yunna some embarrassment said, "The rent in the capital is too expensive ……" Li Dong waved his hand and said, "Do not save these small money! We came to Beijing and Tianjin is to fight the world, the software above we have no way to change anything, the hardware must keep up! Back to change an office building, within three days, move!" Dropping these words, Li Dong walked straight towards the building. Qi Yunna and his party looked at each other, this just came to the boss to change the office building, really domineering. The old employees are used to Li Dong's words, but did not say anything. Several new employees are glancing at each other, secretly staggered. Long heard that their new boss is domineering, in the far side of the say one thing, arbitrary, from the meeting these few words, the crowd can feel out. The new boss is a big cow who started with nothing.