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Chapter 687 Cooperation is not dependence

  The evening meeting was held in the conference hall of the hotel where Li Dong was staying. The distant branch was too small, and Li Dong was unwilling to go to Suning's side, so finally Qi Yunna set the meeting place at the hotel. The conference hall. As soon as Li Dong arrived, Qi Yunna and a middle-aged man in his forties greeted him. Qi Yunna hurriedly introduced Li Dong, "Mr. Li, this is Mr. Bai Zhijie, the general manager of Suning's Beijing-Tianjin branch, Mr. Bai Zhijie." Although Bai Zhijie was older than Li Dong, he was full of smiles and took the lead in reaching out his hand and said, "Hello, Mr. Li!" Li Dong smiled and shook his hand before saying, "Mr. Bai, I've given you a lot of trouble this time." Bai Zhijie hurriedly said, "You are too kind, Mr. Li! We didn't know anything about your arrival, but if we knew you were here, we would have had to give you a reception today. Mr. Zhang has instructed us many times that since both sides are cooperating, Mr. Li is our leader, so we should have been informed before you came." "I came in a hurry, so I didn't bother you. Mr. Bai turn around and thank Brother Zhang for me, next time I go to Jiangbei, I will treat you well." Bai Zhijie immediately smiled and said, "Sure, sure, Mr. Li is too polite." The two of them exchanged pleasantries for a while, and only then did both sides take their respective seats. Li Dong sat straight in the main seat, Qi Yunna and Bai Zhijie sat down in the first place on the left and right respectively. Li Dong looked around, the left side was all the people from the distant side, the management was almost all there, full of seats, almost no empty seats. Su Ning side is three or two people sitting, probably just ** the same. Li Dong raised his eyebrows slightly and asked Bai Zhijie with a smile: "Mr. Bai, is everyone on Suning's side here?" Bai Zhijie smilingly said: "Here we are, but because of the haste of Mr. Li's side of the notice, some management is not in the capital side, part of the people in the Jinmen side to preside over the situation, in the capital are here." "Oh, so it is." Li Dong smiled and said, "I thought everyone was unhappy with me, an outsider, holding a meeting, I misunderstood." Bai Zhijie hurriedly said with a straight face, "What kind of words are these, Mr. Li, nowadays Yuanfang and Suning are cooperating. We both are a family, you are the chairman of Yuanfang, that is also our leader, you said the meeting, as long as the conditions allow, we absolutely will not delay." Li Dong let out a laugh and did not dwell on the topic. Opening the folder in front of him, Li Dong went one by one towards Su Ning's side. Bai Zhijie frowned slightly, but did not say anything. After a while, Li Dong said: "Today is actually nothing, mainly ……" his side of the words have not finished, Suning side, someone muttered: "Nothing still meeting, I have a customer to meet at night. " Li Dong glanced at the person speaking over there, did not say anything, continued: "mainly some questions want to consult the Suning side, after all, the early Beijing-Tianjin has been in charge of Qi, some things I do not know too well, ask a general situation, the heart also have some numbers." Bai Zhijie waited for him to finish, and immediately said, "I should, I should, Li always have any doubts, just ask, we know everything." "That's good." Li Dong closed the folder and lazily leaned back in his chair and said, "Actually, the two sides are cooperating, so there are just a few things to ask. I will not be polite with you, Mr. Bai, if there is anything wrong, Mr. Bai remember to remind me." Bai Zhijie hurriedly laughed and said, "No, I won't, Mr. Li, you'd better talk about your doubts first." "Well, then I'll ask the question I want to know the most right now. How much was allocated for the first phase on Suning's side? How much has been used? How much money is left on the books now?" "This ……" Bai Zhijie was a bit hesitant, Li Dong smiled and said, "What, is this question difficult to answer?" Bai Zhijie shook his head and said, "No, no, it's just that the finance is on a business trip today, and there are some situations I don't understand very well, so I can't give Mr. Li an accurate answer at the moment ……" "Oh, so it's on a business trip. It's okay, small problem. Can your finance come back tomorrow?" Bai Zhijie laughed dryly: "This …… will probably take a few days ……" Li Dong said with a smile: "After a few days, after a few days I will probably not be in the capital . Let's do this, Mr. Qi, tomorrow you arrange for the financial team from the far side to be stationed in the Suning branch, and by the way, give me a clear accounting." "How irresponsible you say you are!" "Both sides are cooperating, and you don't care about the financial issues, how can I give you the management of Yuanfang's business in Beijing and Tianjin? Do I need to remind you of this? Billions of dollars are not just a few dollars, you are playing house!" "Mr. Qi, did you hear me?" Qi Yunna forced a smile and said, "Yes, Mr. Li, I will arrange it right away." "Well, that's good." As the two spoke, Bai Zhijie said with some hesitation, "Mr. Li, don't you want me to ask headquarters for instructions ……" Li Dong's eyes glared at the road, "Instructions? Ask for what? This is a small matter do not need to ask for permission? I say you Suning this bureaucracy is too heavy, right, I use my own money, of course, how do I still have to ask for permission?" The corners of Bai Zhijie's mouth twitched, but he didn't know how to refute. Li Dong's words were hard to hear, but they were not unreasonably hard. It is reasonable to say that the distant side carries out financial supervision, which is necessary. But the early Suning side bullying Qi Yunna weak, plus also do not want to be distant interference with their operations, so they pretend not to mention this matter. Now Li Dong brought up, then they can no longer play dumb. Bai Zhijie laughed dryly and said: "Don't misunderstand, Mr. Li, it's just a process. Let's do this, tomorrow the financial team of Yuanfang can be stationed in the Suning branch, but ……" "But what?" Bai Zhijie smilingly said: "Nothing, I just hope that the two sides can get along well, after all, Suning side of the financial are professional, but also experienced Suning listed, the accounting statements of this piece may be a little different from some companies that are not listed ……" Li Dong narrowed his eyes The company's financial services are also professional. We do the market, that is a penny have to count, you use a penny more or less, our financial can be calculated for you. And I purposely selected a group of backbone strength this time, just to make everyone feel at ease." Bai Zhijie was a little embarrassed, but did not say anything back. Li Dong also ignored him and continued, "Another is the project part, I heard that Suning side is already setting the site, and the Jinmen side is almost set?" Bai Zhijie nodded and said: "Well, after the comprehensive inspection of our project department and marketing department, we have decided 27 sites on the Jinmen side ……" He had not finished, Li Dong asked: "This has been decided 27 sites? General Bai, have you received these information from the far side?" Bai Zhijie hurriedly said, "We have sent it to the far side, Mr. Qi should know." Li Dong Yunna said, "Yunna, you received it?" Qi Yunna took out a planning book from the folder in front of her and a map and handed it to Li Dong Dong, "I received it, I was about to report it to you before, because time was too tight, I didn't have time." Li Dong picked up the planning book and the map simply, after a while, Li Dong waved his big hand, five or six of them were directly red crossed by him. Li Dong threw the planning book on the table and said, "Generally speaking, it's okay, but these few places where I drew a fork are open to question, turn around and change." Bai Zhijie finally frowned this time, slightly dissatisfied said, "Mr. Li, this is after our project department and strategic planning department and the marketing department several departments multi-faceted assessment of the address, absolutely in line with our strategic objectives ……"