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Chapter 688 - I am old when you are born

  (Thanks to the half-immortal alliance bounty) Hang up Zhang Jindong's phone, Li Dong snickered. Don't look at the two brothers brother called, really when it comes to the interests of the brothers also have to clear accounts. The old Zhang bullied himself out of money, probably because he felt that the far side can not be separated from Suning, everywhere want to take advantage. Li Dong is not willing to eat this stifling loss, so today, is completely picking out the powerful. Zhang Jindong did not say anything on the phone, about the extra expenses he did not mention, it seems to be not ready to share contacts with the far side. He mainly talked about the general direction of this call, hoping that Li Dong can reconsider. Both sides will invest in one hundred stores in the Beijing-Tianjin region this time, and Suning side has largely determined the overall layout. Li Dong today crossed out six or seven stores at once, the capital side has not yet settled, according to Li Dong's mind, when the two sides may have even greater differences exist. Than the problem on the accounts, this is actually the focus. The top of the money, and then how to burnt get, that also has a bottom, the two sides and not no one, falsification will soon be able to find out, Suning is not prepared to falsify on this. The first phase does not let the far side into the station, just afraid that the far side interferes with their system. Since Li Dong is not willing, then stationed, there is nothing to say. But the store location, this is a big deal. Home appliances and supermarkets, targeting the same population in general, but the positioning is still slightly different. Once these differences are magnified, the overall layout will be a radical change, so that in the end the two sides are likely to disagree. Zhang Jindong and Li Dong are not idiots, are aware of this aspect if we can not reach a consensus, then the follow-up will be a lot of changes. During the phone call, Zhang Jindong mainly talked about this. Old Zhang said a lot of polite words, mainly to tell Li Dong, before it is not their side dictatorial, but the far side has not been able to give a program, in order to seize the time, Suning can only do their own positioning. As for the far side, Zhang Jindong also said that he could make concessions in the capital. Li Dong did not answer, but also did not refuse, but said to wait for the far side of the program down and then talk. But Li Dong approved those stores, but can be laid. This point is also no problem for both sides, at least the general objective of both sides is still the same. As for some small differences, the next can slowly talk. After chatting with Zhang Jindong, the time was almost ten o'clock. Li Dong saw that the time is too late, thought about it or not to go to the University of Beijing, say this time to the University of Beijing may not be able to find Qin Yuhan. …… The next day, Li Dong got up early. Qi Yunna is already waiting outside the door, see Li Dong go out, Qi Yunna hurriedly said: "Mr. Li, bother you." Li Dong was speechless: "You're not sleeping at home or going to the company in the morning, why are you coming to the hotel? Didn't I tell you that you are mainly responsible for this side of Beijing and Tianjin, and you can find me again if you can't solve the problem." Qi Yunna awkwardly laughed, and only after a while said, "Mr. Li, there are still a few small issues that I want to consult your opinion." "Well, go ahead, I have to go out later, let's make it quick." He did not speak too politely to Qi Yunna, from Qingyang, Qi Yunna has been following him to do, counting down for several years. In these years, Qi Yunna is doing quite well, Li Dong is still very optimistic about her, so there is less raw points. Qi Yunna also did not take offense, followed Li Dong and said: "Mr. Li, I just want to ask, are you going to put me here all the time, or over a period of time?" Seeing her direct question, Li Dong thought about it and said, "What do you think of yourself?" Qi Yunna said with some hesitation, "I'll listen to you, Mr. Li." Li Dong pondered for a while and said, "Actually, I still want you to go back to Jiangbei to sit in town, after all, Jiangbei is where our foundation is. But to be honest, continue to stay in Jiangbei, you will be limited. Jiangbei has now reached a bottleneck, you want to make any achievements is not easy, it is easy to fall into a deadlock. Beijing and Tianjin is different, this side of the market is now completely blank, the opportunity to build a great career. Once you do a good job, to Beijing and Tianjin to lay the foundation, then you are a great credit. But there are also risks, I do not need to say, you understand yourself. On the one hand, I worry that you can not withstand the pressure, on the other hand, I think you are a woman alone outside, not quite appropriate. You are not young, I heard that your husband is very dissatisfied with you running around these years, even have a child are not time. I should not have been concerned about my private life, but according to this situation, I also have to think about whether you should continue to stay in the capital, after all, family matters can sometimes affect the mood and state. Anyway, I am now a little hesitant, so it depends on how you think. If you want to go back to Jiangbei, I will not refuse. Although Jiangbei side is not easy to achieve, but the victory in a safe. You stay in Jiangbei for a few years, there are still opportunities ……" Li Dong said openly and honestly a lot, Qi Yunna face constantly changing.