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Chapter 689 - Plain is also a kind of enjoyment

  Beijing University. The day 『』籁小说WwW.⒉3TXT.COMWei Ming Lake. Although not the first time to Beijing University, not the first time to see the unnamed lake, but every time to Beijing University Li Dong have a different feeling. Obviously the same lake, not even seen more beautiful than the Swan Lake in Pingchuan, but how to see how to feel the unnamed lake than the Tianhe Lake a few more charm. Wandering in the Wei Ming Lake, Li Dong holding Qin Yu Han's hand, squinting to enjoy the warm daylight. After the rain, the early spring sun makes people lazy. After walking for a while, Qin Yuhan opened her mouth and asked, "How long will you stay in the capital this time?" "It's not easy to say." Li Dong shook his head and yawned, "Let's see how the college arranges it, the schedule hasn't come to me yet, so I'll ask when I go to report tomorrow." Qin Yuhan nodded, did not continue to ask these. Li Dong also did not say much about this, staring at the students and tourists coming and going for a while, after a while Li Dong tsked: "Cultural holy land is extraordinary." Qin Yuhan glanced at him suspiciously, apparently did not understand what caused his emotion again. Li Dong smilingly said, "Just now I found something quite interesting." Qin Yuhan said curiously, "What?" "There are many people who come to Beijing University, there are students from our university, there are students from other universities. There are domestic tourists, there are foreign tourists." "This point is not much different from other scenic spots, but don't you find a strange place?" Qin Yuhan smiled and looked at the crowd coming and going for a while, and only after a while was she uncertain: "Are there more men than women?" Li Dong suddenly a black line, speechless said: "What is thinking in your head." Qin Yuhan angrily said, "Then you quickly say ah, always sell off, are anxious to die." Li Dong saw her reveal a small daughter-like delicate attitude, could not help but happy, "Then tell you a few words." "Just walked all the way, I found that there are not many garbage cans in Beijing University, and there are not many cleaners. All the way here, I didn't see any cleaners. But look at the ground, clean, right? I watched for a while, the pedestrians and tourists who come and go here seem to pay special attention to this. Not that I'm belittling the nation, but over the years with the rapid economic development, our spiritual education has not been able to upgrade to the material level. Littering, spitting, not to say that you can see everywhere, but this kind of thing is not uncommon. However, at the Beijing University, I observed for a while that no matter if it was an outside person or a student of the University, no matter if it was a rich or poor person, everyone seemed to be particularly concerned about this. Everyone enters the University with a pilgrimage mentality, where personal qualities are infinitely enhanced. I'm thinking about a very profound question." Qin Yuhan laughed: "What's the problem?" Li Dong pretended to be deep in thought and said, "You said, if the whole of China can achieve this, then is it the so-called commonwealth society?" Qin Yuhan lost her smile and said, "What are you thinking in your head all day long. It is inevitable that the quality of individuals will improve. As the domestic economic development tends to stabilize, spiritual education will sooner or later follow. There is no doubt about it, compared to the previous years, we have changed a lot. And the commonwealth society, that is not only the quality and connotation of the individual, as well as some only exist in the ideal social system. Besides, even if there really is a commonwealth society, I don't think it's as good as I imagined." Li Dong cheerfully said, "That's true, not to mention that if there really is a commonwealth society, the first group of people to suffer will definitely be us. Whether it's the Pax Romana or Utopia, both are built on a system that eliminates private ownership, so if that day really comes, won't we, the exploiting class, be the first to go?" Qin Yuhan rolled her eyes and said with amusement, "Worrying about the sky, now you start studying philosophical issues?" "No, why study that stuff." Li Dong laughed: "I mainly want to say, Beijing University is awesome, can subconsciously change a person." "Well, I can't deny that Jingda is great." Qin Yuhan said with a slight smile, and then shook his head, "But it would be wrong to mythologize Peking University. In Beijing University, the teachers often hang on the words is to identify themselves." "The school is just a place to teach and educate people, it doesn't represent anything." "If we indulge ourselves in this complacency, after a number of years, there will be no more Jingda." Li Dong raised his eyebrows and said, "Recognize yourself, that's spot on. But how many people can really do this, I'm afraid that some teachers of the Beijing University themselves can not do it." In this life, the most difficult thing to do is to recognize oneself. Qin Yuhan also does not refute, smiling: "Can recognize themselves, it does not matter. What is important is that it is enough for us to have this awareness." "That makes sense, a talented woman is a talented woman, I can't even refute what she said." Li Dong smilingly met with a smile.