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Chapter 690 - Celebrities of the Business School

  After a cozy day, on April 8, Li Dong rushed to the business school to report. Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, located in the commercial center of the capital, Oriental Plaza. The name Oriental Plaza is actually very bad, Dongping also has an Oriental Plaza. But compared to the capital, the two are naturally not the same. Parked the car, Li Dong stopped downstairs for a moment. Once again back to the campus, although not really a campus, can have a different taste. Li Dong enrolled in business school, to be honest, the desire to learn the skills to learn knowledge is not much, and he enrolled in the CEO class, the real purpose or to make some contacts. Although the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business CEO class was held only one, but last year's issue is indeed enough attention. Ma Yun, Niu Gensheng, Guo Guangchang, Feng Lun, Jiangnan Chun, Wu Ying …… these are the big names in the future, in addition to these people, there are many people in the next ten years also in the mall to reign supreme. Huiyuan Zhu Xinli, Yinlian Wan Jianhua, Chint Nan Cunhui, Liu Yi, Dingtian Wang Bing, Meters Zhou Chengjian …… just to count the names of the characters, two hands can not count. The CEO class only recruits 35 people per period, which shows how sufficient the gold content. The next few issues are not easy to say, at least the first few, CKGSB is not looking for money, but social status. The enrollment in the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, at first, in fact, Li Dong did not realize what, until later he learned that the first three CEO training courses simply do not accept active registration. The reason he didn't feel this is because when he enrolled, the distant Li Dong was also considered a number in the country. So he easily enrolled, after all, the country's youngest ten billionaire is not a vaunted name. …… stepped into the Oriental Plaza, Li Dong before he could enter the elevator, someone next to him said slightly hesitantly, "Mr. Li of the Far Side?" Li Dong glanced sideways, and there were two women standing beside him. These years of experience, let Li Dong quickly saw that, among the two women, the younger one should be a secretary or assistant or other staff, the real master should be the older one. The one who just shouted at him was also this slightly older female, probably in her forties. Li Dong swept a glance and found that he didn't recognize her, but still politely said, "Hello, I'm Li Dong, and you are?" "Hello, Mr. Li. Hello!" As soon as the middle-aged woman heard Li Dong admit it, she hastily reached out and shook Li Dong's hand. Li Dong also did not refuse, in fact, even if he did not know, he knew that this was probably also a trainee who came to report. As expected, the other party immediately introduced herself: "I'm Zhang Lan, a student of EMBA six of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, and now I'm a CEO class two student. I heard from Dean Xiang Bing before that Mr. Li also enrolled, I still couldn't believe it, but I didn't expect such a coincidence that I met him on the first day." "Zhang Lan ……" Li Dong whispered to himself, feeling as if he had heard of this name in general. After a few glances at Zhang Lan, Li Dong suddenly remembered where he had heard of this name! The chairman of South Beauty! No wonder it sounded familiar, the reason he knew Zhang Lan is not because he knew people in this life, in fact, the size of South Beauty at this time is not large, at least and the far side is not an equivalent. Li Dong still heard of this person in his last life, of course, in his last life he cared not about this one, but her daughter-in-law. Back then, Xiao Qian, but Li Dong fantasized for a long time the dream girl. Usually on the Internet, Li Dong also often see the reports of this family. In his previous life, they are such people, Li Dong is very difficult to see, and even if you see, people are afraid not to look at him with a straight face. I never thought that on the first day of the academy, before the official entrance, I met a not-so-little celebrity, and the other party's attitude is still so respectful and polite. But now Li Dong was used to it and shook hands with the other party and said politely, "I didn't expect to meet Mr. Zhang here, in that case, Mr. Zhang and I will be classmates in the future?" Zhang Lan immediately laughed and said, "Yes, yes, from now on, Mr. Li and I will be classmates. It's the first time for Mr. Li to come to the academy, right? I'm familiar with this place, why don't I lead Mr. Li to report together?" She was an old student of the EMBA class, in fact she had already graduated at this time. But it was just near the start of the second CEO class, and more than Li Dong, Zhang Lan understood what the CEO class represented. Last year at this time, she was actually ready to enroll. Unfortunately, she was not qualified enough at that time, although she found the dean of the college to enroll, but unfortunately was politely rejected. This year it was easy to catch the opportunity, hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition fees she certainly did not care, and was all set to squeeze into this class. Now it seems that she made the right choice. The first day of the report, before entering the door to meet the distant Li Dong, Zhang Lan's heart is still relatively excited at this moment. Don't look at Li Dong's current reputation in the country is not too big, but Li Dong, who is worth more than ten billion dollars, has a reputation in the business world that is not weak at all. The company's reputation in the business world is not at all weak. By virtue of the relationship with her classmates, she was able to get to know a wealthy man with more than ten billion dollars so quickly. Seeing that she was so polite, plus he was indeed not too familiar with her, Li Dong nodded and smiled, "Then I'll trouble Mr. Zhang."