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Chapter 691 - Cattlemen from the four corners of t

  When Li Dong and Zhang Lan entered the door, the dean's office was already occupied. Private training institutions, not compared to the country's official institutional schools. In the institutional school, the president's office is no longer large, but also not too luxurious high-end. But the Cheung Kong Business School, that is the richest man in China to create the college, naturally is a wealthy and generous. Said office, in fact, and some of the top hotel conference room is not much different. Li Dong two people into the door, a thirty-something professional woman immediately welcomed over and smiled: "Mr. Li, Zhang Lan sister, hello, the dean is chatting with Mr. Chen, if you two do not mind, move over together to listen to how?" As she said this, a middle-aged man not far away stood up and greeted, "Li Dong, Zhang Lan, come over and have a chat together!" The other party was not rusty to Li Dong, calling him by his first name, not only did not make people feel offended, but also felt very cordial. Zhang Lan saw this and whispered, "The one speaking is Dean Xiang." Li Dong had a number in his heart, then he nodded towards that side and followed Zhang Lan with a smile. …… Xiang Bing's waiting room is not a big place. It's not exactly neat and tidy, a few single sofas are twisted in a circle, although messy, but more than a cordial, there are already a few people seated at this time. As soon as the two Li Dong arrived, Xiang Bing, who spoke before, laughed and said, "Just talking about the distant Li Dong, Li Dong, you arrived, it's really true to the saying, saying Cao Cao Cao will arrive!" While saying that, Xiang Bing got up and shook hands with Li Dong. Li Dong shook his hand and said with a smile on his face, "Dean Xiang, you old-timers are not bad-mouthing me, are you?" "Hahahaha ……" Xiang Bing burst out laughing, and the other three men and women present also laughed in unison. Together with Xiang Bing, and Li Dong and Zhang Lan two, at this time the waiting room is a total of six people. Among the other three, two men and one woman, except one of them is older, the other two are in their forties. As the host, Xiang Bing naturally helped to introduce: "This is Li Dong, you must not be unfamiliar with it? He is also the youngest of the current cohort, so we must take care of him in the future." As soon as he said that, the only woman among the three said with a smile on her face, "Look at what the president said, Mr. Li still needs our care? We should take care of us." Xiang Bing smiled and pressed his hand: "The guest is at your disposal, today is my home field, do not call Mr. Li, call Li Dong! It's just a young man, we all have to take care of as a brother, Zhang Lan, your son is probably not younger than Li Dong, right?" Zhang Lan laughed bitterly: "More than not smaller than him, my son is four years older than Li Dong." "When I think of Li Dong, and then look at our little bastard, I really want to let him go back to the furnace to rebuild." The crowd laughed again, and the woman who spoke earlier also smiled and said, "Then listen to the dean, Li Dong, Sister Zhang Lan, all sit down and chat." Li Dong saw that they are very familiar, some helplessly said: "This sister, before sitting down, you do not introduce yourselves a few sentences, I have two eyes confused, all do not know it." The crowd did not laugh at him, the woman who just spoke got up and reached out and said, "Meet me, my name is Wu Yajun, Long Lake Real Estate." When Li Dong heard this, he said, "So it's Sister Wu! I've heard a lot about Long Lake Real Estate, but I didn't expect to meet you here, nice to meet you." Li Dong was not being polite this time, he had really heard of Wu Yajun. Long Lake Real Estate is one of the first real estate companies to develop shopping centers in China. And for several years in a row, it was one of the top 100 companies in the real estate industry, and even Wu Yajun herself was later awarded as the richest woman in China who started with nothing. Of course, the current Wu Yajun has not yet reached that status. 05 years Long Lake Real Estate only restructured into a private enterprise, but because the bottom there, Long Lake Real Estate is expanding quickly. At the end of last year, Longhu has gone out of the mountain city and started to march to Sichuan and Shu. The reason why Li Dong knows her, and this point is not unrelated, including Wang Pengfei have mentioned this woman, is a character. Li Dong's mind while recalling the other party's information, while smiling: "Sister Wu know Wang Pengfei Wang general?" "General Manager Wang of Pengfei Real Estate?" "Mm." Wu Yajun laughed: "I've heard of it, but I haven't been able to meet, I heard that Mr. Wang went to Jiangbei to develop, and as a result, even lost his family fortune to you, Li Dong. Our counterparts in Shancheng and Sichuan have been laughing for a while, so you must tell me the inside story later." "Sure, sure." As the two were exchanging pleasantries, the older man next to him, probably in his fifties, laughed and said, "I say, Wu, it's almost time for your side, isn't it time to play the style of respecting the old and loving the young and let me say a few words too?" Wu Yajun immediately lost his smile and said, "OK, OK, big brother blue, you say, I do not say it OK." The man who was called Brother Blue then pretended to be satisfied and said, "This is more or less the same, I am an old man and your generation gap is too big, originally you are more than ten years younger than me, I was muttering in my heart, suddenly came a younger young people several times younger than me, I am now beginning to regret the registration. I'm holding my anger because you won't let me introduce you first."