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Chapter 692 - The difference between nationalities

  Li Dong accompanied Lan Xingguo a few people chatted for a while. All are strong business people, even the least talkative Wang Minghui, a few words also amused everyone haha straight. While several people were chatting, a few more bosses came to report one after another. Li Bai Group's boss Chen Kaixuan, the founder of the Red Dragonfly Qian Jinbo, Liu Wei, the boss of the country's Shi Tong Investment, Yang Shaopeng of Haifeng Holdings, Feng Dongming of Meike Investment …… without exception, Li Dong has almost heard of the name. Some groups, although not well-known, but the strength is not weak in the slightest. Like SITC Holdings, is the largest private shipping giant in China, heard the name of Yang Shaopeng may not be many people, does not mean that the other side is not strong. And Yang Shaopeng has previously participated in a period of CEIBS CEO class, this time again to participate in the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business CEO class, naturally not for a few short days of inspection. The bosses who come to CKGSB, ninety-nine percent of them hold a thought, spread the network of relationships. The name of an academy student, can be linked to not only their this period of students, including the previous period, the next period, and more business school students. This is a big network, including more than 90% of the domestic private giants' connections. In China, there are only a few people who can establish this net today. At least Li Dong is still very far from this step, he took great pains to establish the Jiangbei Mutual Aid Association, even half of the Jiangbei business community failed to take, let alone the whole of China. Because there are more and more people, Xiang Bing waited for a while and then said, "Gentlemen, why don't we have a meal together first, the notice about the trip will be sent to your email afterwards, and then we will talk slowly when the class officially starts?" The people naturally have no opinion, eat a meal to close the relationship is also the right thing to do. At this time, Zhang Lan, who was chatting with Wu Yajun, hurriedly said, "Dean, don't, didn't we agree before that I would be the host? I am an old student of the college, today we are not easy to get together, so how about a home-cooked meal on my side? The restaurant is downstairs, the grade may not be too high, but the taste and health is definitely not compromised." South Beauty has a store in Oriental Plaza, but the grade is indeed as Zhang Lan said, can only be considered average. If we didn't know each other normally, Zhang Lan would not have opened this mouth. But now at least they are classmates, plus she is also the eight sides of the wind, just a moment of kung fu has been mixed with other people a familiarity. In addition, she is also a veteran of the business school, this time to be the host, the probability of opposition is not high. As expected, when Xiang Bing asked everyone's opinion, the crowd did not object. Xiang Bing also slightly relieved to see this, these veterans are not like the ordinary class students, autonomy is very high. But Zhang Lan has known him for several years, and Xiang Bing also wanted to give himself to this favorite student to support the scene. Dozens of large groups of bosses to South Beauty dinner, to put it more deeply, that is the affirmation of South Beauty. If Zhang Lan will use this opportunity, the next South Beauty may be able to have a big development. Before Zhang Lan has been seeking financing, today there are several investment companies present, once you can take them, hundreds of millions of financing is not easy. …… South Beauty Oriental Plaza store is very close to the business school. A few minutes later, the crowd arrived at the hotel. Zhang Lan's secretary has long come over in advance to set up, the large hotel is surprisingly not a customer, apparently directly clear the field. The restaurant manager and waiters, divided into two columns stood at the door to welcome the crowd, face to give enough. Blue Xingguo, as the oldest student, saw the situation and smiled at Zhang Lan: "Zhang, too much. Just a meal, this is not delaying your business." Zhang Lan hurriedly laughed: "Brother Lan, let you laugh. In fact, this side of the store is usually not very good business, I just want to take you to play a sign, Brother Blue want to help my sister a hand, later together with a photo?" Lan Xingguo laughed and said, "I'm just an old man, what's the use of asking me to take a picture. Besides, in the capital, at the foot of the emperor, others know me as the onion. You have to find Xiao Li, who is a national celebrity." Li Dong, who was watching the show, hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Don't tease me, I'm not a celebrity. Besides, I'm not a looker, today I'm responsible for bringing a mouth, you can not ask me the rest." The crowd burst into laughter, but no one mentioned the matter of the photo. Not that we are not willing to meet this small request Zhang Lan, just catering is different from other. Into the mouth of things, food safety issues are still very serious. A few private enterprise bosses okay, like the blue Xingguo if they take a picture, once South Beauty outbreak of food safety accident problems, then they are not good enough to be held accountable. Even if the trouble is not big, it is still a trouble. After all, everyone met for the first time, at this time even the name is just known, who would like to do this kind of thing. Zhang Lan today is obviously a little anxious, if we mix a few days together, a photo is actually a small thing, the crowd will not care too much. But now only know an hour or less, we naturally do not give too much face. Seeing that people do not mention this stubble, Zhang Lan is not a fool, immediately realized that he was anxious, immediately turned the topic to welcome people with a smile: "Gentlemen, let's go in. Today you want to eat what you can order, do not look at us is the main Sichuan cuisine, in fact, all major dishes can do.