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Chapter 693 - The idea of taking a stake in Sichua

  Li Dong and Yang Shaopeng talking about the difference between private and state-run, at first it was just two people chatting, and later others have also participated. The field is not only private entrepreneurs, like Wang Minghui, including Lan Xingguo are state-run entrepreneurs. Although the current private entrepreneurs dominate, Wang Minghui is not afraid. When Yang Shaopeng once again showed an attitude of envy of state entrepreneurs, Wang Minghui joked: "Lao Yang brother, you say this word is not a loss of heart? What do you mean we are comfortable and envious of us. It's not like you haven't been a state-run hand yourself, don't you know what it's like?" "Private enterprises are difficult, but the state is constantly regulating these years, the state retreats into the mainstream." "You big bosses, free and easy, how to do what you want to do, want to open who opened who opened, earned money that is also their own." "We can compare with you guys? Let's say Brother Blue, Chuan Hang has money, look at what Brother Blue smokes, what you guys smoke. We smoke a cigarette, there are a large number of people behind us to stare at us, you say, we in the end who envy who?" The crowd laughed loudly, Yang Shaopeng is not willing to show weakness: "That is not the same, our money that is also a minute to spend. The money we use is also our own, you use not their own. Look at Lao Chen, at least he is the boss of a multi-billion dollar group, how pathetic, he doesn't even have clothes to wear, he comes to dinner in a sweatshirt, unlike you guys, all dressed in suits." The named Libai boss laughed bitterly: "Lao Yang, how to talk about my head, I am not wrong." As a southerner, it has long been over 20 degrees in Guangdong Province. Chen Kaixuan thought that this time only to register, also did not wear too formal, although not as Yang Shaopeng said to wear sweatshirt, but also just wore a not new shirt. As the head of a large state-run enterprise, whether it is Wang Minghui or Lan Xingguo are all in a standard suit. Even if the meal is a little hot, the two did not take off. The state-run side still pays more attention to some facade issues, unlike others on the field, including Li Dong also just wore a casual suit. Once again, the crowd lost their laughter, but it was a good-natured laugh. To be honest, to their point, there is no need to care too much about these dress code issues. Some formal occasions even, in private, such as dinner and this kind of thing, that is how comfortable how to come, do not need to look at other people's eyes. The crowd was joking around when a buzz came from the doorway. Because this time there are a lot of students in the class, we are too stuffy box, plus Zhang Lan to clear the field, the crowd in the hall to spell up the table. Before because in the door hanging a suspended closed sign, but also no one to disturb. But the wave of guests just came do not know is not pay attention to see the sign, or did not care about the sign, anyway, directly broke in. The restaurant manager is explaining, but the guests just came to ignore, the noise is getting louder and louder. Zhang Lan, who was chatting with everyone, saw the situation and apologized, "Gentlemen, I'm really sorry, I'll go handle it." Lan Xingguo smiled and said, "It's okay, Zhang, just let them come in and eat. Anyway, we are about to break up, don't let us spoil the reputation of your restaurant." Zhang Lan hurriedly answered, but did not dare to take it seriously. The field of 20 to 30 billion wealthy, although we all say it does not matter, do not care, but the crowd chatting about something is still not good to be heard by others. The bosses of private enterprises are better, the bosses of state-owned enterprises on this side if they are recognized, when the time will be a lot of trouble. Since Zhang Lan cleared the field, and will not be halfway, otherwise would not let everyone underestimate her. Waiting for her to handle the past, everyone did not take it seriously and continued to talk about their own. Li Dong and Yang Shaopeng chatted a lot, both do transport, although a sea transport, a land transport, but still some common ground. And there is no business conflict between the two, that's better. Haifeng mainly do large transport, do is also a group of companies, Far Eastern is small express, do are private, the two sides do not compete, but also counted peers, chat naturally more excited. As they chatted, Lan Xingguo also poked fun and said: "You two chatted without me? You have a sea transport, a land transport, plus me and an air transport, this is not the three armies together." Li Dong and Yang Shaopeng burst into laughter and pulled Lan Xingguo to sit down next to them. After chatting for a few minutes, when Lan Xingguo talked about the restructuring of Sichuan Airlines this year, Li Dong suddenly asked, "Brother Lan, so, Sichuan Airlines is now accepting shares from private companies?" Blue Xingguo laughed: "Not now, but the beginning of the establishment of Sichuan Airlines, in fact, is a national joint venture. But the previous Gingko restaurant recently I'm afraid that it is ready to withdraw its capital, we are negotiating with other groups to enter the stock." Li Dong some itching said, "Big brother, take me to play a how?" Lan Xingguo looked at him, and only after a while shook his head and said, "Li, not without you, but I can't make the decision. And your far side is not Sichuan Shu enterprises, it is difficult to enter, I think you should not think about it. And to tell you a thorough word, even if you can share, at most a few points of the shares.