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Chapter 694 - Brother-in-law teaches his brother-i

  As soon as Lan Xingguo's words fell, the pigtail cursed and said: "Reason, what reason? Old man, you are looking for a fight, right? You have a lot of chairs, you are still blocking the way, let you move a few chairs what? Just because you're old, if a young man dared to talk to me like that, I would have slapped him!" Lan Xingguo smiled at his words and said, "So, I'm still getting a bargain?" "Humph! You say it!" The pigtail hummed, a face unhappy glare WwΔW. 'kge『ge. La blue Xingguo see this kid is not bad to home, which slightly slowed down the tone: "lazy with you guys, give me an apology, the chair to move themselves!" "What did you say?" The pigtail said incredulously, "You want me to apologize?" "What, you're not convinced? If not, let's practice?" Lan Xingguo rubbed his fists and laughed: "Old man, I have been a soldier for twenty years, and I have not used my hands for almost twenty years, so why don't we practice?" Xiang Bing people smiled and laughed at the words, standing next to Wu Yajun quickly advised: "Brother Lan, forget it, and what is your status, do not bother with them." Wu Yajun's words seemed to stir up a hornet's nest, a few young people who were standing next to each other before did not say anything, and then said angrily: "What's the matter, still look down on us, right?" "What is your status! Pretending to be garlic? I don't care about you because you're old and weak, but now you're talking out of your asses?" "A group of bumpkins from nowhere, what are you pretending to be?" "That's right, wearing a suit for a meal, showing off? In the capital, except for those who run sales, who dresses like you, crazy." "Haha, not to mention, look at these people, there are also wearing sweatshirts." "……" Several bosses named were speechless, especially the bosses of several southern provinces and a few state-owned enterprises head of the more so. Nuts, dirt bag, this is all talking about them. Plus they are older, the local accent is heavy, one can hear it is foreigners. But several people also did not say anything, really can not afford to lose this person. Lan Xingguo is older all right, plus the old man was originally a soldier, temper is also considered violent, he can be bothered with people, they can not. The only one on the field may be with them on the bar, probably also on Li Dong. After all, many people know that Li Dong this guy is also bad-tempered. And Li Dong, who was being chanted by the crowd, was helpless at this time. He was sitting at the bottom, with his back to the group of young people, and these people did not see him when they entered the door. Waiting and Lan Xingguo quarrel, because Wu Yajun in front of standing, the crowd also did not see him. But others could not see him, he was to see the people coming. He did not know the few people in the pigtails, but he knew the person who led the shouting before, Shen Hang! Shen Xi's cousin. This group of people cursing and swearing, Li Dong also heard. If you do not know, he did not care about this, let them curse, he did not care about the fight. Although the roots of Lan Xingguo is not in the capital, but he is a large state-owned enterprises, the head of the dinner was beaten, plus his background in the military, Shen Hang these people even far away in the capital, but also have to eat. But the Shen family side, and Li Dong, after all, there is no grudge, and Shen Xi and his relationship is not ordinary. Did not meet even if, met how can not watch them eat a big loss. Some headache stood up, Li Dong around Wu Yajun, see pigtail still cursing, no good slap to his head and said: "Shut up!" The pigtail was immediately confused, looking at Li Dong did not speak. Not far away, several other young people also look confused, obviously did not expect the other party really dare to make the first move. Li Dong did not care about them, see Shen Hang look at himself with a dumbfounded expression, frowned and said: "What are you looking at! How adult, head into the water? Your family does not have its own restaurant? If you don't go to your own house to eat, what are you doing here!" Shen Hang finally reacted at this time, and was immediately annoyed, "You care about me!" "I don't care about you! If it's for your sister's sake, I care about you to death! Get out of here right now, you hear me?" Li Dong's words were so nonchalant that Shen Hang's lungs exploded with anger. Seeing his brothers looking at him, Shen Hang was even more furious and said angrily: "Don't mention my sister, my sister is my sister, I am me, and you are not my person! What's wrong with me eating, you care where I eat!" Li Dong raised his eyebrows and glared, "Yo, you're still fighting with me, right?" Shen Hang said, "Don't be crazy, I'm not afraid of you! Besides, I eat my meal, you eat your meal, I did not provoke you, why do you drive me away!" This guy's mouth is unforgiving, but in fact, he is really afraid of Li Dong. Li Dong is a real ruthless person, the last time he came to the capital, said to beat Sun Manman on Sun Manman, said to beat Yu Le on Yu Le. And in the end, this guy did not matter, patting his butt back to Jiangbei. Sun family and Yu family is also hard to eat the loss, the fart did not put a. Although some things Shen Hang can not understand, does not mean he is stupid, do not know what it means. Plus his cousin is also obedient to Li Dong, before the end of the year, his aunt will enter the capital, at this time Shen Hang which dare to provoke Li Dong. But now his brothers are watching it, Li Dong told him to get lost, he can't really get lost. If Li Dong gave him a step down, he might really go. But Li Dong is not that kind of person, Li Dong heart also want ah, I am to help you understand! How many group bosses here? There is also the dean of the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, which is under the tutelage of the old Li. A few of you so far, and then we know your identity even if you do not bother with you, but the subconscious is still angry on the Shen. Shen is strong, but also strong so many groups, even if we do not do, sometimes meet, to give you some trouble or can. Not to mention that if you meet small-minded, yin you a few, you do not know how to lose here. Plus, Li Dong thinks he is the guy's brother-in-law, brother-in-law lessons brother-in-law still need a reason? Hearing Shen Hang scolded himself, Li Dong immediately blew his beard and glared: "OK, you have to fight with me? Okay, don't let Brother Lan do it, let's practice? If you beat me, forget I just said, or get the hell out of my way!" Shen Hang face suffocated, beat you! You think I'm like you, just know how to fight. I am a cultural person, who is so rough with you. Skimmed, glanced at a few stifled laughter brothers, Shen Hang depressed: "Boring! If you don't eat, you don't eat, but I tell you, Li Dong, I'm not afraid of you, I'm giving my sister face ……" "What a waste of words! Do not eat or get out!"