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Chapter 695 I have an oxymoron to say

  From the restaurant back to the hotel, not a moment's work Shen Xi called the phone. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. "Who?" Shen Xi asked a confused, obviously still do not know this matter. Li Dong knew that he thought too much, Shen Hang that kid only said a few words of face, he dared not really find Shen Xi to sue. This matter Shen Xi know, Li Dong probably nothing, the boy less a lecture. Since the mention, Li Dong did not hide, simply will just say a mouthful of things. Shen Xi listened to the depressed said: "This kid was not so muddy before, all right, I know this matter, I will call my uncle." "No need, right?" Li Dong was a little embarrassed, making it look like he was snitching. But Shen Xi said: "This matter can be big or small, so uncle has a number in mind. Besides, that boy Shen Hang, if you don't take care of him, he'll be in heaven soon, so you'd better take this opportunity to discipline him properly!" After saying this, Shen Xi did not mention this again, but asked, "Today you had dinner together, how do you feel?" "Not bad." Li Dong smiled and said, "We all came with the same idea, since we signed up for this class, the idea is similar. At this point in time, is anyone still taking the stand? All are not stupid, you are polite to me, I am more polite to you, better than imagined." "That's good, but you should not take it too seriously. Knowing people, you do not ……" Shen Xi rambled a few words, Li Dong some helpless, but obediently listened. When Chen Ke knocked on the door, indicating the document in his hand, Li Dong nodded and took a look at it. When finished reading the document, Shen Xi was still droning on, Li Dong hurriedly interrupted, "The academy's schedule is down!" "How is it arranged?" Shen Xi also forgot to continue talking about the matter and asked in a hurry. Li Dong slightly relieved and said: "1o the beginning of the school year, the 11th will depart for Xiangjiang, will stay there for about five days. When the trip to Xiangjiang is over, the first section will be over, and the second section will be in June, which means I will be able to return to Pingchuan before the 2o if everything goes well." "To Xiangjiang …… that you have to pay more attention to safety, remember to take Lao Tan and them all with you, I arranged for Lao Zhou to bring a few more people over in the afternoon, you must be careful ……," Shen Xi once again opened the The rambling mode, Li Dong cried and laughed, really can not hold slightly complained: "You are how uneasy I! I said Miss, I'm really not a child, you motherly love is also too flooded." Shen Xi froze for a moment, then said in a good mood: "Yes, yes, I'm menopausal, okay! Motherly love, then I also have to have children to do!" Dropping these words, Miss Shen directly hung up the phone. Li Dong hand movements slightly stagnant for a while, a while before slowly put down the phone. This period of time, Shen Xi is a little sensitive, or as she grows older, Shen Xi also followed the sensitive and impatient. Li Dong sighed gently, and suddenly lost interest in going out for a stroll. …… spent a day at the hotel. April 9, early in the morning Li Dong went to the Beijing University to pick up Qin Yuhan. In the car, Li Dong asked, "Has the house been renovated?" Last year to come to the imperial capital, although Li Dong left in a hurry, but did not forget to buy a house. But just after the house was bought, he went back to Pingchuan, and Qin Yuhan had been in charge of the decoration. Hearing Li Dong ask, Qin Yu Han speechlessly said: "I did not tell you on the phone last time, how you do not pay any attention. Spend so much money, I see you do not care at all, lack of heart!" The corners of Li Dong's mouth twitched for a while, my lack of heart? Rubbed her cheeks, Li Dong saw her beaming mouth staring at himself, then satisfied: "If I am lack of heart, then there are not many smart people in the world. Decoration is a small thing, I call this unconventional understand." Qin Yuhan gave him a blank look, but did not refute, but only slightly saddened: "I do not know how people think now, rich people are really a lot. At the end of last year when you bought a house, more than 20,000 a flat, I thought you were silly, but I now have more people who are more silly than you. This year just after the New Year, guess how much the house price has risen to?" "How much?" "Thirty-two thousand!" Qin Yuhan said while shaking his head: "OO year Huaqing Jiayuan just opened, only more than four thousand a flat. This is only a few years, up eight times, you say how black you real estate developers. So, the teacher of Beijing University said that you open real estate is a black-hearted businessman, is not wrong." Li Dong snickered: "This can also be blamed on us? You also said, the opening price is only more than four thousand, so this money is the opening businessman earned away? In fact, this money, the real big earner is the government, land prices are crazy, taxes are repeatedly collected, and in the end the big head is in their hands. If you have the ability to scold the government, scold our business, you say we are not wronged? Ren Cannon is now afraid to sulk in his heart, he thought, ah, when I sold more than 4,000 a flat, the result of your toss and turn to raise prices to tens of thousands, I did not earn a few money, people mentioned Huaqing Jiayuan high prices to scold the business, this grievance to find who to say? In the future, do not scold the business, your husband I open a few sets of houses is easy? In Pingchuan, I am a businessman of conscience, for this matter almost did not flip with the entire Jiangbei real estate developers. So ah, sometimes we have no choice, those teachers you have some words to listen to forget it, the effect of empty cannon is not much. If they can persuade the state to lower taxes, lower land prices, I immediately come to the capital to open a few large communities, housing prices to ensure that the lowest in the industry, the key is that they have the ability?" Qin Yuhan felt quite reasonable after hearing this, but quickly reacted and snapped, "Don't put gold on your own face, anyway, I know that the high price of housing is due to your real estate developers to inflate the price level. The company has a large number of vacancies in its hands, but each one of them is covering it up, is it easy for us ordinary people to earn some money?" Li Dong looked at her with some surprise and said, "What's wrong with you today, you want to fight with me, right? Don't forget, you are now also a bourgeoisie, an exploiting class layer. Silly girl, you have to learn to speak for yourself, to defend yourself, where to turn your arm."