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Chapter 696: The Hongmen Banquet

  After looking at the house, Li Dong accompanied Qin Yuhan around the Wudaokou for a while. The two of them didn't eat at noon and went to the dessert house to have a drink and eat some pastries to get the Chinese food. In the afternoon, because Qin Yuhan has a class, Li Dong had to send her back to school. After sending people back to the hotel, just at the entrance met Zhou Haidong and his group. Shen Xi said let him bring more people, that is not false words, originally Tan Yong side brought four bodyguards, plus Tan Yong himself is five people. As a result, Zhou Haidong came and brought a small team. Li Dong's security team is a group of five people, plus Zhou Haidong, Li Dong's bodyguards immediately rose to eleven people. Li Dong patted Zhou Haidong's shoulder and said somewhat helplessly, "Shen Xi told you to come, you really came, this is to prepare for war?" Zhou Haidong smiled nervously and said, "Chief Shen is for your safety, you just pretend that we do not exist on the line." "Six old men, can I pretend not to exist?" Li Dong grunted, then laughed: "If you're here, you're here, just in time for the night, go and rest, and accompany me on my trip tonight." Zhou Haidong hurriedly nodded, waved his hand and let his men go to rest, but he did not leave. Whisper and Tan Yong aside said a few words, wait for Li Dong into the room, two people will be outside the guard up. …… room, Li Dong made a few phone calls, and then began to rest. It was not until late afternoon that Li Dong washed up and walked out of the room. As soon as he went out, Zhou Haidong whispered, "Mr. Li, are you going out later?" "Well, you guys have something to eat first to fill your stomachs." "I've already eaten, Mr. Li, do you want to bring your stuff with you?" Li Dong glanced at him and said, "When did you learn this from Lao Tan?" Zhou Haidong laughed dryly and said, "Don't misunderstand, Mr. Li, it's not something illegal, it's just some regular protective gear." "Then bring it, don't bring anything else, the capital is not like Jiangbei." "Understood, don't worry, we won't cause any trouble for you." Zhou Haidong nodded hastily and whispered a few words into the headset. Li Dong while walking downstairs, while some curiosity: "What do you usually carry? I don't see you guys carrying anything in your arms, where are you hiding?" Zhou Haidong smiled and said, "Nothing else, the domestic control is too strict, the general things with the effect is not much. The main thing is some protective gear, plus a pair of shoes." "Shoes?" Li Dong just showed a puzzled look, Zhou Haidong suddenly kicked the wall next to the wall, Li Dong fixed his eyes to see, the wall more than a few centimeters deep small crater hole. Now Li Dong kind of understand what their weapons are, but soon black face said: "Who let you kick the wall at random, be seen how embarrassing!" Said Li Dong looked around for a moment, dry cough: "No monitoring, no monitoring, do not admit that we did, can not afford to lose this person." Zhou Haidong face embarrassed, did not dare to say anything. Li Dong also did not continue this stubble, went downstairs to the restaurant and ate something casual. After eating, the time is almost six o'clock. The people got into the car, Tan Yong said softly: "Mr. Li, where to go?" "That clubhouse last time remember?" "The Imperial Palace?" "Well, that's the one, someone invited me to dinner today, let's revisit the old place once." Tan Yong's face straightened and he nodded, "Okay, I know." …… emperor's palace. It's still the same alley. Last time Li Dong came, the door was closed, and no one welcomed him. But today, this time he came, the door of the thick mansion was cavernous. Wang Canghai, a fat man with a sweaty face, stood at the door and looked around. When he saw Li Dong and his group, Wang Canghai hurriedly went forward and said with a smile, "Mr. Li, it's been a long time, but I've missed you to death." After exchanging a few exaggerated pleasantries, Wang Canghai glanced at Tan Yong's group behind Li Dong, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly and lowered his voice, "I say, Mr. Li, it's not necessary to make such a big show, it's just a meal. And my old Wang at least in the capital also has a few thin face, this time you do not make me embarrassed." Li Dong laughed lightly and said, "Don't misunderstand, Mr. Wang, there has been some unrest recently, I am not targeting anyone. It's not easy to make a living, I'm still young, I don't want to be in a situation." Wang Canghai nodded his head to show his understanding, but still advised: "Businessmen take peace as precious, how about this, I'll take care of these brothers, I promise not to treat them badly. Mr. Li go in and have a meal by yourself, I Wang Canghai guarantee my reputation, Mr. Li, if you lose a head of silk, demolish my fat meat." Li Dong smiled and said, "Can I not give Mr. Wang's face? Besides, I also trust Mr. Wang. Old Tan, old Zhou, you guys go in with me, others wait at the door." Tan Yong and Zhou Haidong walked behind Li Dong in silence, the others also did not speak, but each found a position in the courtyard and stood down. Looking at their well-trained appearance, Wang Canghai was speechless. This master really think that the war? But not to mention, Wang Canghai really saw something. Li Dong's bodyguards, ninety-nine percent of them are soldiers, especially the two behind Li Dong. Although older, Wang Canghai is sure that these two people are 100% from the special forces. The specific origin of what he does not know, but look at the appearance of Li Dong, obviously trust these two people. The two of them are the only two left, Wang Canghai did not say anything more, and smilingly led Li Dong to go inside. Li Dong walked slowly and carelessly as he walked, "Mr. Wang, who are the people here?" "There are quite a few people, in fact, according to my intention, we do not have any deep hatred, so we can forget about it once we meet. Mr. Li, your business is much bigger than mine, theoretically I am not qualified to teach you how to do, but after all, Yuanfang wants to come to the capital to develop, so you should let them get by a little. I'm not urging you to bow down or anything, everyone is actually looking at a scene. You give them three points of face, they are not ignorant people, and will naturally return the favor. Hello, I'm good, we are good, you say is not this reason? To be honest, I still admire you, Mr. Li, but inside the head are not small, the big trouble is not good for anyone. This is also the reason why everyone chose me here today, you put a hundred heart, what happened here today, to ensure that there will be no outside …… "Wang Canghai while wiping sweat, while bitterly persuaded a few words. Li Dong face with a smile, but did not say back. Wang Canghai is not a fool, see the situation the corners of the eyes moved slightly, the next did not speak again. Walking along, the crowd soon arrived at the last box. Standing at the door of the box, Li Dong suddenly said, "Are Yu Le and Sun Manman here?" "Yes." "Oh, a bit interesting, where to fall down and get up?" Li Dong let out a laugh and directly pushed the door and walked in. There were many people in the …… private room. Unlike last time when it was dark, today the private room was extra bright. Li Dong briefly swept a circle, men and women about fifteen or sixteen. Some were singing, some were eating, some were playing cards, and some were dancing. As the club's largest and most luxurious box, nothing to say, at least the place is big enough. Li Dong also saw a lot of acquaintances, Yu Le, Sun Manman, Chen Rui, as well as Wei Henzhi and Shen Hang, the other side is playing cards a few people, Li Dong also saw Han Yu, the woman saw Li Dong look over, looked up and smiled at him. As soon as Li Dong entered, Wei Hengzhi welcomed him and smiled, "Li Dong, here you are, find a place to sit." Li Dong was a bit curious, "Old Wei, you are also involved in this matter?" Wei Henzhi is different from others, he is a person in the system. Tonight is obviously aimed at Li Dong's Hongmen Banquet, Wei Henzhi appeared here, Li Dong felt not quite right. Wei Hengzhi laughed and lowered his voice: "I'll be a middleman, old Li, later to eliminate the fire, we do not mean anything else." Li Dong raised his eyebrows and was about to speak when Han Yu, who was playing cards not far away, got up and laughed, "Li Dong, you come and play, I've been playing all afternoon, my eyes are blurry." Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "I don't really like gambling. Didn't you say dinner? No more food?"