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Chapter 697 - The Only Fool

  After the crowd signed, the gambling game was considered to have started. Li Dong, however, pressed his hand and laughed: "Wait a little longer." Han Yu a few people frowned at him, Li Dong lightly laughed and said, "I am alone and timid, invited a few friends over to accompany me, should soon arrive." Several people frowned and did not say anything, obviously did not expect Li Dong and such a play. Sure enough, not long after, Wang Canghai hurriedly entered the door and said, "Mr. Li, you have a few friends waiting for you outside ……" "Please let them in, Mr. Wang, thank you very much." Wang Canghai saw the situation without saying anything else and hurried out to pick up the people. The room remained quiet, about a few minutes later, someone outside the door laughed and said, "Li Lao-di, how do you want to invite me to dinner tonight?" As the words fell, Lan Xingguo walked in laughingly. Seeing a lot of people in the room, Lan Xingguo was a little surprised and said, "So many people, old brother Li, you didn't say that before." Li Dong got up and laughed: "Brother Lan sit down first, the meal will be eaten later. When my card game is over, we can eat whatever we want." Lan Xingguo is not a fool, Li Dong invited him to eat, but also continue the card game, he immediately realized that there is something wrong. Looking at the other people on the field, especially seeing Han Yu on the card table, Lan Xingguo's pupils shrank slightly, then he smiled and said, "Okay, let's eat after you finish." Lan Xingguo entered the door not long after a lightly dressed Zhou also followed in. Unlike Lan Xingguo's doubts, Zhou nodded towards Li Dong and sat down at the side. Han Yu and Chen Siping a few people's faces changed again and again, this is not the end, soon another person walked in. Xiang Bing saw everyone looking at him, some helplessly said: "I just came to eat a meal, in addition to go out I am not the president of the College, do not look at me, I and Mr. Li is only subordinate, would not dare to give big brother embarrassment." The Mr. Li in his mouth is naturally not Li Dong, but the one in Xiangjiang. Han Yu's face changed completely. Li Dong was prepared for this! Even say he had expected it! Lan Xingguo, the head of state-owned enterprises, with a military backstage, even in the capital, there are people who know him. Zhou, the authentic red offspring, especially the old man of their family is still around, that is more afraid, even Han Yu a few people do not dare to underestimate her as a student. Xiang Bing, it seems that the status is not much, no money, no power, on a literati. But do not forget, he is the dean of the Yangtze River Business School, in the capital on behalf of some people's face. Li Dong invited these three people over at once, the first point shows that he has strong connections, the second point shows that this guy is much deeper than imagined. First, let Yu Le Wei Hengzhi these people sign witness, the situation is almost set. Now find these people to sit, some things that became a real fight, and then want to make what small tricks, it also depends on whether others agree. The scene again fell into silence, and Li Dong said to Wang Canghai at the door: "Wang, if you don't mind, get a deck of cards to play, I don't like to play old cards." Wang Canghai looked at the crowd, nodded and went down to get the cards. In less than three minutes, Wang Canghai came back. Li Dong took the playing cards and smiled, "A few people, is it time to start?" Han Yu a few people's faces did not have the previous smile, but still all nodded. Shuffle the cards, grab the cards …… first game, Han Yu landlord. Not surprisingly, Han Yu won, Li Dong left 12 cards, the field appeared six bomb. According to Li Dong 100,000 bottom, doubled six times, a game lost more than seventy million. When the accounting is over, Li Dong signed a letter, which is considered a voucher. At this time the later Lan Xingguo a few people always know what happened, a few people's faces can not help but emerge a little sweat. Others, not to mention, each is full of sweat. More than seventy million! This is not even the landlord, only 12 cards left. If Li Dong landlord, that means a loss of more than two hundred million in one game. This kind of gambling game, to be honest, not to mention seen never seen, never heard. Don't look at the TV staged billions of billions of gambling, that are fake, even the king of gambling, a lifetime of hundreds of millions of poker game dare not say never seen, I'm afraid there will not be more. Han Yu a few people pressure is not small, each like a relief. Li Dong is indifferent, laughing: "Continue, finish before it's too late, I still have to invite Brother Lan to dinner." The corners of Lan Xingguo's mouth twitched and he hurriedly laughed dryly, "Older brother Li, you take it easy, there is no rush to eat." "Don't worry, there is no delay in eating." Li Dong said the second game began. Still not Li Dong landlord, but Chen Siping. The result is still similar to just now, Chen Siping won again. Next to Shen Hang some can not hold back said: "Sister Yu, just Li Dong out of three 2 you also fried, this is not a little too much." Han Yu glanced at him and said with a faint smile, "Hangzi, watching chess is not a word, do you understand this?" Shen Hang was about to continue when Li Dong waved his hand and said, "Children don't care about adults' business, just watch." This game Li Dong lost more than 50 million again, has more than 100 million out, Shen Hang heard muttered: "Fool!" The eyes of the people, no, as long as the eyes are not blind, can see that these three people three to one, in Shen Hang's opinion Li Dong in addition to what can be a fool. Li Dong also ignored him and continued the third game. After grabbing a few cards, Li Dong said to the people behind him, "You're blocking the light, let's give way, at least give me a breather after losing money." A few people standing behind him hesitated and finally gave way. Li Dong slightly whistled, craned his neck and asked with a smile, "This always can not catch the landlord, play is not interesting, or we add some material?" Han Yu smiled and asked, "How do you think to add?" "How about grabbing cards? The base is doubled." Han Yu looked at each other, and after a while Chen Siping nodded and said, "Yes, but the cards must be open, it's the same rule!" "The open card is not interesting, how about this, let's play dark, how about doubling again?" Several people's faces finally changed, this guy is crazy! If you double your cards, that's a base of 200,000, and if you double your cards, that's 400,000. A card 400,000, and then a four or five explosions, a card will be tens of millions. If the bomb is more, a card is several tens of millions, now even the spectator's heart is about to jump out. After a slight hesitation, Chen Siping gasped and said, "Is Mr. Li serious?" "Of course, you guys think I would joke?" "Okay then, let's do it!" Chen Siping gritted his teeth and sort of agreed. Han Yu and the two of them hesitated slightly and also nodded their heads one after another. Li Dong gave a laugh, and when the landlord card was caught by Han Yu again, Li Dong said somewhat helplessly, "This is no longer interesting, come on, everyone don't fight with me, it's okay for me to grab the card, right?" Several people looked at each other, Han Yu laughed and said, "Do not wait to finish catching before deciding?" "No, it's exciting when you don't finish, don't you think?" "That's up to you, but Mr. Li should take it easy." "Anyway, it's all three to one, eight more cards, whatever." The corners of several people's mouths twitched, but they didn't say a word. When the card grabbing was over, Li Dong directly grabbed the landlord card back home. After a few moments of dawdling, Li Dong said, "Holy shit, this is a big game! A few people, no bombs in your house, right?" "Oh ……" several people laughed and did not say anything, after a while, seeing that Li Dong was still managing his cards, Han Yu could not help but say, "Mr. Li, let's play your cards." "Don't rush, this card is too bad, wait a little longer." After another two or three minutes, Han Yu could not hold it any longer and said with some annoyance, "Mr. Li, if it doesn't work, you should choose more, at least you can lose less." Li Dong glanced at her and said, "It looks like your family is bombing a lot, but you are my top, it's useless to bomb more." As he spoke, a card suddenly fell from Li Dong's hand. The people took a look and were a bit speechless. Han Yu also frowned and said, "Mr. Li, fall down even if it is out, you play the big king?" Li Dong laughed bitterly and said, "There is no such rule, my first card is the king, my problem ah." Chen Siping shook his head and said, "Mr. Li, this is really the rule, if your cards fall on the floor, not to say, just fell in the middle of the table, it is really counted as you out." "So you guys are bullying me for not knowing the rules, right?" "This is not the reason, if Mr. Li does not believe, you can ask Hangzi." Shen Hang hurriedly said, "The rules are the rules, but Li Dong first time to play ……" "Come on, the rules on the rules, the king you want?" Li Dong waved his hand, some depressed said. Han Yu a few people looked at each other, after a while Han Yu said directly: "Four 3 stay useless, fried." Li Dong glanced at her and said, "You're a ruthless woman, this is the rhythm that I can't get a single one, right?" The first landlord card does not count, this is also the rule. The first card of the landlord is not counted, this is also the rule. Han Yu smiled and said: "Mr. Li, you are the king, of course I have to blow up the four 3s." "Then I four 4 just pipe on." The people all frowned slightly, this time the two bomb, Li Dong card face in the end how? Chen Siping hesitated and said, "Four sixes!" "Four eights!" When Li Dong threw out the second bomb, Chen Siping felt a little shaken by him at this time.