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Chapter 698 I have special powers!

  (Thanks to the Dragon Wolf brothers alliance bounty! Outside the door of the clubhouse. Xiang Bing several people were about to speak when Shen Hang hurriedly caught up. After sweeping a glance behind, Shen Hang hurriedly said: "Li Dong, did you just cheat? I can't, let's return the money, if they find out, then ……" Li Dong glared at him, no good: "Fuck off! I won the money with strength, why should I pay back!" "But ……" Shen Hang anxious, scratching his ears, "Then I'll call my sister, Ping and Six are not ordinary people, you won their things, it is not easy to walk out of the capital. " Li Dong snickered: "Young man, you think too much." Said Li Dong looked at Xiang Bing a few smiled: "President Xiang, Zhou Yue, this time give you trouble." Zhou Yue smiled and said softly: "Nothing, just come to see the show, if there is nothing I will go back first." "Stay and have a meal together." "No, there is still an experiment to be done, I have to work overtime." "Okay, I don't need to say more polite words, anyway, this favor I Li Dong remembered." Zhou Yue smiled lightly and said, "Don't be polite, Yuhan and I are sisters. All right, I'm leaving then." Zhou Yue came silently and left without moving. Xiang Bing looked at her, raised his eyebrows and laughed: "Li Dong, you can!" Li Dong smiled and said, "It's not because the dean gave face, otherwise I wouldn't dare to come." "You ah!" Xiang Bing laughed: "Since you are from the business school, then we are family. Besides, it's just a small matter, I'll be a witness, who can say anything wrong? You are my student, students invite teachers to dinner, it is only natural." "Anyway, a special thanks to the dean. Also on Mr. Li's side, I will personally pay my respects when the time comes." "Don't be polite, Big Brother actually doesn't care about that. The academy is a platform, since you have become students of the academy, too many things we may not be able to help, this little thing is still no problem." Li Dong polite a few more words, Xiang Bing gasped and said, "Today is long knowledge, come on, I also do not stay long, now eating can not eat. You can invite me back later, I'll go back first to press the shock." "Then Dean go slowly, I will invite you later." Xiang Bing waved his hand and smilingly got into his car. When they both left, Li Dong looked at Lan Xingguo and said with a dry smile, "Brother Lan, this time it's my fault, give my little brother to support the scene, I'm sorry." Blue Xingguo cried and laughed and said, "You at least mention a word, just almost did not scare me to death." "Sorry sorry sorry, really sorry ……" "Forget it." Lan Xingguo waved his hand and said, "I'm an old man who has nothing to do with himself and has to find you a drink. You simply pushed the boat along and got my old bones to come too, right?" Li Dong looked embarrassed and said, "Brother Lan, I didn't think it would be like this at first. I thought we'd have a meal and eventually we might have to make a move, you have a high prestige, with you watching, these people wouldn't dare to do anything to me, right?" "And do it?" Lan Xingguo helplessly said, "What do you think, these people will do something with you?" "Forget it, let's not talk about this, Li, just this kid just said bad, but I think it's better to back off. It's better to settle the score, and to be honest, this money is the heart of anyone. But still the old saying, peace and prosperity, such a large amount of money, too dangerous. Chen Siping guy actually I know, not ordinary people, be careful. Money back, the Chen family read your love, maybe not as much as this money, but the harvest is not the same, their own peace of mind. As for the refund or not, it is still up to you. Older brother leaning on the old man to say a few words, the little old brother do not laugh. But no matter how, personal safety above they still have a measure, I'm afraid that later some joints can not be played." Li Dong said with a grateful face: "Thank you, Brother Blue, I will master the proportion." "Well, that's good. Come on, I also do not stay long, now the back is still wet, go back to take a shower, go to bed early at night to press the shock, this can not be spread, or I'm afraid tomorrow can be sensational." Blue Xingguo laughed, did not continue to say more, stepping gradually away. Li Dong saw him go, his heart sighed with relief. Xiang Bing and Zhou Yue were indeed invited by him, and he also said beforehand to help press the scene, the two are no problem. The other side of Lan Xingguo, Li Dong did not say too much. In fact, Li Dong also has a little thought in it, this time pulling Lan Xingguo in, if he does not mind, that Lan Xingguo this person is atmospheric enough, but also enough pain. If he minds, then Li Dong will generally understand how to get along in the future. The good thing is that Lan Xingguo this person is worthy of the military origin, do things to speak are open. The last caution, that he did not do Li Dong calculate his matter at ease. This thing is Li Dong himself sorry for others, it seems that in the future will have to make more efforts to do. Three people have gone, Li Dong also directly to the car. There Shen Hang while making a phone call, while drilling to Li Dong's car. Li Dong saw the situation and said: "Why are you still following me!" "Li Dong ……" Shen Hang said a sentence, see Li Dong glared at himself, plus the phone is still playing, and quickly piled on a smile: "Li, Li, let me get in the car, I really have something to say to you. " "Then get in the car!" Shen Hang hurriedly sat down, then took the phone and asked Li Dong Dong: "My sister's, do you want to talk to her a few times?" Li Dong glared at him, picked up the phone then said, "Do not listen to this kid bullshit, do not worry, I have a number in mind." "……" "It's okay, I owe a few favors to return it later." "……" "Don't worry, you don't have to come, I'll take care of it myself. Well, the Zhou girl helped a favor, I remember this, I will find the opportunity to pay my respects." "……" "Well, that's it, hang up." When Li Dong hung up the phone, Shen Hang hurriedly said, "Brother Li, what did my sister say?" Li Dong skimmed his lips and said, "Say what, what do you want her to say?" Shen Hang said impatiently: "But you really played a big game, I have been in the capital for so many years, I understand their power than you. Also, if the evidence of your cheating is found, it will be a big deal." "Who cheated?" Li Dong glared at him and said, "If you talk nonsense again, be careful I beat you up!" "If you did not cheat, the cards can be so good?" Shen Hang said with some disbelief. Li Dong speechlessly said: "Must be cheating to be good at cards? Besides, I am not a professional playing this, how to cheat." "Then you ……" "I just have some supernormal capabilities, can see through, know what cards they catch just. Plus the ability to see through the bottom card, I know that card I have a good deck, of course, to grab the landlord." Shen Hang a black line, this guy is at least ten billionaires, can not talk reliable!