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Chapter 699 - Brother-in-law teaches brother-in-la

  A gambling game, a dream. r?a??nw?en?w?w?w?.??? In the car, Li Dong still closed his eyes, thinking about the reaction of each person on the gambling game, as well as the deeper meaning it may contain. This world, fools are after all a minority. A few years of practice, Li Dong know, never easily underestimate any person. The voice of Shen Hang chattering by the ear still continues. Until the vehicle in front of the hotel slowly stopped, Li Dong abruptly opened his eyes and said: "A big man, too much nonsense! Time is late, get out while you can." Shen Hang's face changed again and again, and finally became irritated and said, "Li Dong! You think I want to control you? I'm doing this for my sister's sake, otherwise I would care about you!" Although the heart does not want to admit, also do not want to admit, but have to say, under the subtle influence, Shen Hang really a little bit of the other party as his brother-in-law meaning. And sometimes think deeply, if this guy really became his brother-in-law, it seems to feel good. Li Dong's temper stinks, but it is precisely this point to Shen Hang's appetite. Li Dong is really a soft persimmon, obsequious, Shen Hang also do not see eye. But he is not, any time you see Li Dong, he is so strong and domineering. Like tonight's party, whether Han Yu or Chen Siping they, that are Shen Hang usually pleasing object. But when Li Dong came, it was clearly a passive situation, but finally became completely in control of him, the hearts of people are changing with him. Chen Siping these people even in the capital, that is also a resounding figure. However, when Li Dong arrived, even if Li Dong is much smaller than them, but naturally, everyone has become in his eyes to act. He said how much to bet, that is how much, he said how to play, that is how to play. Chen Siping a few people themselves are afraid that they do not realize this, perhaps not even think about it. But if you think about it, these people came before they thought it would be three games to determine the winner? Want to think so quickly to the bottom card lost all? I'm afraid I never thought about it. Seemingly inevitable, in fact, the situation on the field has long been controlled by Li Dong. This point Shen Hang actually did not think, anyway, he just think Li Dong is quite powerful. At least before Li Dong came, Sun Manman Yu Le, these people are still clamoring to make him look good. As a result, Li Dong really came, these people do not even dare to put a fart. Sun Manman finally more mouth, Li Dong said a word not even dare to voice out, usually Shen Hang which has seen this scene? Sun Manman relies on the Sun family's old man, usually in the capital is not the usual arrogance. Shen Hang dare to look down on Yu Le, but also dare not look down on Sun Manman, even Han Yu a few people even if they do not see Sun Manman, but also will not look down on her. As a result, such a much-loved little princess, to the front of Li Dong but not even dare to say a word of rebuttal. Such a character, really want to become their brother-in-law, think about Shen Hang feel quite dignified. Of course, this guy's mouth is not so smelly on the good, not moving to let people get out. Shen Hang was thinking nonsense, Li Dong lightly smiled and said, "You are idle, I need you to teach?" Shen Hang glared at him in annoyance and said, "Then you say, how to wrap up this matter?" Li Dong ignored him and got out of the car and prepared to go back to the hotel. Shen Hang saw the situation and hurried to follow: "Are you listening to me or not? I told you, Ping and the others are very difficult, even if you get the shares, you can not change the money, it is useless." "I'm not prepared to liquidate." "Then why do you need these shares! Instead, you're offending people for no reason!" "Kid, what do you know." Li Dong let out a laugh, but did not continue to drive people away. The first time he met Shen Hang, this guy was so arrogant that Li Dong didn't really see eye to eye. But after several contacts, Li Dong found that he is not really bad, just a spoiled child. In the hotel that time, Shen Hang seems to be bullying, but in fact did not do anything to bully others. Before not knowing the identity of the Blue Xingguo people, the old man Blue Xingguo lectured and said to practice, Shen Hang people in addition to the mouth does not admit weakness, in fact, did not put the old man what. Even his little brother in and blue Xingguo fight, Shen Hang these people did not intervene, just silently watching from the sidelines. Now this guy talk a little more, but can also be seen as concerned about Li Dong. In fact, think about it, Shen Hang to really bad pus, Shen Xi can look at this cousin? Shen family is a large family, Shen Hang this generation is not him alone, brother and sister, brother and sister, Shen Hang have, neither the largest, nor the smallest. Shen Xi is partial to this cousin on the eye, see this guy or on Shen Xi's appetite. Seeing Shen Hang pestering himself, Li Dong lightly laughed and said, "Let me ask you first, that Chen Siping, and that other guy named Hu Zongqiang, how is the reputation in the capital?" Shen Hang heard him ask about this, scratched his head and said, "It's not bad, but even if the reputation is good, that is after all five hundred million ……" "Five hundred million?" Li Dong smiled and said, "Do you think they really lost five hundred million?"