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Chapter 700 Official Opening of School

  The gambling game at the emperor's palace seemed to be really just a dream. The next day a multi-billion dollar gambling game seemed to be forgotten by everyone. Li Dong did not rush to accept shares, Chen Siping a few people also did not have any action, Han Yu shut himself in the study to read and practice, last night's party of other people one by one chose to keep their mouths shut. In this undulating atmosphere, Li Dong once again arrived at the business school. ……4 Month 1o. Oriental Plaza. Today the president class officially opened. Perhaps should not say the opening of the school, to the point that Li Dong these people, some theoretical knowledge is really not as useful to them as imagined. Since theoretical knowledge is not valued, the opening ceremony also becomes a social scene. The opening time of the business school is not in the morning, but at noon. After eating at the hotel, Li Dongcai leisurely paced towards the Oriental Plaza. The main purpose of his trip to Beijing this time was for the business school course, and the hotel he chose was naturally not far from the Oriental Plaza. Seven or eight minutes away, walking and looking, unknowingly business school will arrive. Before going upstairs, downstairs Li Dong met many students of the president class. The last time we had dinner together, for businessmen, having eaten, that is friends, nothing to be alienated. Once several people met, they immediately smiled and gathered together to chat. The crowd is not in a hurry to go upstairs, standing in the doorway chatting a few words, as one of the few female students in the class Wu Yajun mysteriously came up to Li Dong and said, "Dongzi, how about supporting sister a wave later?" Li Dong was a bit confused and said, "What?" "Stupid!" Wu Yajun is much older than Li Dong, plus being female, she has a natural advantage and is not as polite to Li Dong as others, but appears to be a bit more intimate. After laughing and cursing, Wu Yajun then said, "After all, it is a cadet class, there should always be class cadres, right? Later will definitely elect the class president, when you can canvass for sister, and when sister becomes the class president, later you go to the southwest piece, sister cover you." Li Dong lost his smile: "I said sister Wu, do not use it, what is the use of being a class president ……" Wu Yajun looked at him with an expression of you really stupid, for a long time before nudging: "You ah, or too young. It is true that the class president is not very useful, but hanging this name, the people in the class do not know others, at least know you, right? Three years later, five years later, everyone saw, an old class leader want to shout? And a little more practical, after we graduate, will certainly set up a reunion, I am the class president is not the natural reunion president? When the time comes, invite everyone to get together, this face must be given, right? Business to our step, some things are clear to everyone, investment who is not investment, as long as the project is suitable, there is money to be made, is it better to invest in strangers or to invest in me, the class president? In addition, your sister I also want to go to the Chinese reunion to mix a few, no identity heart is not bottom. Last year, there were a lot of strong people in that class, plus there are many capable people in Central Europe, my sister now goes, can only serve tea to others. But you say, if I grasp the resources of our second class, it is not the same?" Li Dong listened and suddenly woke up and said, "It's true, I said Sister Wu, enough meaning!" It's not that Li Dong hadn't thought about these things, but he hadn't thought about them too thoroughly before. He was actually prepared to come to mingle and make friends with some people he wanted to make friends with and that was enough. But as soon as Wu Yajun finished, Li Dong realized that the benefits of this class president seemed to be quite a lot. Fist rubbing is ready to say a few words, Wu Yajun as if he already knew what he was going to say, low laugh: "you do not compete, you guys are too young, and you do not need to grab sister rice bowl. The scale of Yuanfang is now one of the best among us, and in a few years, you Li Dong is destined to be a business celebrity. A class president for you, there is really nothing useful. Unlike my sister, I'll be in a small place for the rest of my life, so ah, help my sister, how about it?" Li Dong smiled and quickly boasted: "Sister Wu don't flatter me, besides Sister Wu is too modest, I've seen a few years Sister Wu's fame is definitely much bigger than mine." Wu Yajun suddenly laughed and shook her head: "Come on, you should not praise me." "No, absolutely sincere." Li Dong let out a laugh, and some embarrassment did: "That big brother Blue side ……" Blue Xingguo is the oldest, the identity is not low, in fact, in Li Dong seems Blue Xingguo is more suitable to become the class leader. In addition, yesterday Blue Xingguo helped himself, so Li Dong some hesitation. After all, Wu Yajun can see the benefits of it, being seen will also see. Li Dong side as Wu Yajun said, he does not have to fight, in a couple of years, when the far side is bigger and stronger, then it should be the classmates rushing to him, no need to deliberately pull together this relationship. But if Lan Xingguo also want to fight, it will be a bit of trouble. Wu Yajun is not worried at all, smiling: "Don't worry, Brother Blue and Old Wang they will not compete." "State enterprises have scruples?" "That's not true." Wu Yajun smiled smugly and said, "The key is that we have money!" When she said that, Li Dong suddenly lost his smile. This is really true, like they people dinner party or something, almost will not come to what aa system. Since this is the case, then someone has to treat it. Plus when the president of the reunion, more ready to entertain the coming and going students, the money is not a small amount. Several bosses of state-owned enterprises, although there is no shortage of money, but a long time down may not be able to afford it. And Li Dong they are not this concern, a year to spend a few million hospitality, really nothing. This is also the reason why Wu Yajun is sure that Lan Xingguo they will not participate, after all, we are not ordinary people, people a boss to your territory, you can not let others live a few hundred dollars hotel, eat a few hundred dollars meal it? Although many people do not care too much about the scene, but do not care, the country is not compared to foreign, even if the guests really do not care, you the host can not be taken seriously. Otherwise, several times down, others still think you look down on him, but instead of good intentions to do a bad thing. Thinking of this Li Dong nodded and said, "Cheng, that's no problem, I will definitely support you sister Wu!" Wu Yajun immediately smiled like a flower and said, "I knew Dongzi was open enough, next time I come to the mountain city, sister will definitely treat you well." "This is what Sister Wu said, don't let me really go back, you deliberately avoid me." Li Dong half-jokingly said a sentence. Wu Yajun hurriedly said, "Look at what you said, sister I am that kind of person?"