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Chapter 701 - Shen Xuehua

  After self-introduction, the next step is really to choose the class leader. Class number is not much, and are the bosses of various companies, Xiang Bing did not say much. A simple sentence you pick a leader, this matter is settled. Wu Yajun before the preparatory work done a lot, plus a few women among the most abundant assets, whether it does not care, or feel that the competition can not be her, soon everyone will cheerfully set her as the class leader. Several heads of state-owned enterprises have a frank face, this time they do not need to make the limelight. It was Lan Xingguo who made a joke to push Li Dong to be the class president, but Li Dong refused with a smile with his youth. Li Dong himself does not have this intention, the others naturally will not force. Each climbed for a while, the time has come to four o'clock. Xiang Bing finally reminded: "Everyone rest early tonight, don't forget the plane tomorrow morning, the college unified tickets, don't miss it." Just now Xiang Bing has explained the course arrangement of the president class, not the regular school learning, but around the world for inspection. The first stop is Xiangjiang, in order to meet the real boss of the Academy. Many people enrolled in this class for this opportunity as well. At this time, the fame of the one in Xiangjiang is not ordinary, like the old horse old Wang these people, in his eyes are small words, and even people do not necessarily know who you are. And that one, not only is the domestic celebrity, but also the world celebrity. Once Xiang Bing finished, many people showed excitement. To meet a Chinese legend, for them this opportunity is too rare. Because the plane is tomorrow morning, many people have to go back to prepare for the arrangements, the original prepared dinner will not end. Wu Yajun was a little disappointed, and Li Dong laughed at the situation: "A treat is not afraid of no opportunity? Besides, we are all tired of domestic food, when we arrive in Hong Kong, Sister Wu remember to treat us all to a meal, I heard that there are a lot of good things." Wu Yajun thought so, and quickly laughed: "Yes, let's talk about it when we arrive in Hong Kong. Right, Dongzi, why don't we get together tonight?" Li Dong looked at the time and shrugged, "Sister Wu, you better not hit me, I have to go see my girlfriend, before leaving without saying, I am afraid to turn back to their own head full of bags." Wu Yajun suddenly lost his smile, and did not force, nodded: "Then you go." Said the woman with an ambiguous face: "Save some energy at night, don't get up tomorrow." Li Dong face black line, but this kind of forty-year-old woman is most meat and vegetables, it is useless to break with her. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. …… Li Dong had just returned to the hotel when he saw Chen Ke waiting for him at the door. As soon as he saw Li Dong return, Chen Ke hurriedly went forward and said, "Mr. Li, someone is looking for you." "Who?" Li Dong casually asked, while walking towards the hotel lobby. Chen Ke whispered, "Mr. Shen's mother." "Who!" Li Dong suddenly stopped walking and said with some surprise, "Who did you just say was looking for me?" "Mr. Shen's mother, and Mr. Shen Jianmin, the president of Shen's, and also Mr. Shen's cousin is here." "I'll go!" Li Dong was a little nervous and said, "Why are they here?" Chen Ke said sarcastically, "Not quite sure, came for a while, I was going to call you, they said just wait." "Where is he now?" "Over at the cafe." Li Dong felt a little tricky, and straightened his collar and said, "Are your clothes messed up?" Chen Ke hurriedly shook his head, but still helped him rearrange it. Seeing Li Dong pacing in place, Chen Ke whispered, "Should I inform Mr. Shen?" "No, why tell her about this small matter." Li Dong rubbed his hands together and only after a while said, "Go over and see, what is Shen doing here looking for me at this time?" If Shen Xi's mother had come alone, then Li Dong would have thought more about it. But now including Shen's president, Shen Hang's father also came, Li Dong is a little unsure of what they want. Li Dong asked the question, asked also asked in vain, Chen Ke certainly do not know what they came to do. The two of them were talking while walking upstairs. The third floor of the hotel is the cafe, it is not far. A few minutes later, Li Dong met Shen's people in the coffee house. The first time he saw Shen Xi's mother, Li Dong felt that Shen Xi was really biological. Mother and daughter look very much alike, except for the age difference, I'm afraid Shen's mother was more alike when she was younger. This is the first thought, the second thought Li Dong is thankful. The good thing is that Shen Xi does not look like her father, the old Du that a country face if inherited to Shen Xi, that how to bury people. Just when he was thinking, Shen Hang saw him walking over and got up and said: "Li Dong, how come you just came back ……" before he finished his sentence, a middle-aged man sitting next to Shen Hang chided out: "How to speak It is only right that we have disturbed Mr. Li." Said the middle-aged man also rose and reached out his hand and smiled: "Mr. Li, I am Shen Jianmin, sorry to bother you." Li Dong hastily reached out and shook his hand, and said with a polite face, "What are you talking about, Mr. Shen, just call me Li Dong, don't be polite to me." A smile appeared on Shen Jianmin's face and he laughed lightly, "In that case, I'll be polite." While several people were exchanging pleasantries, Shen Xi's mother did not get up, sipping her coffee while looking Li Dong up and down. After being stared at by her for a while, Li Dong was a little uncomfortable and smiled dryly, "Auntie, hello, I am Li Dong." "I know." Shen Xuehua nodded gently and smiled lightly, "Have a seat." Seeing that she was staring at her, Li Dong coughed dryly and sat down one seat away from her. Shen Hang just wanted to say that the seat was his, then saw Li Dong glaring at him, suddenly sarcastically did not make a sound, in Shen Xuehua next to sit down. Sit down, but several people are not talking. Shen Jianmin face with a smile, a moment to look at Li Dong, a moment to look at Shen Xuehua, as if today is to see the show. Shen Xuehua looked at Li Dong for a while, and then drank his own coffee. Shen Hang wanted to talk, but saw his father smilingly looking at himself, immediately no voice, obediently sitting on the sofa to start dumb. Several people did not speak, Li Dong also did not rush to speak. At first he suddenly heard that Shen Xi's mother had come, his heart was still a little nervous, but now it is relaxed. When the coffee was served, Li Dong took a sip and Shen Jianmin laughed lightly and said, "Li Dong, although this is the first time we met, we should not be strangers. Xixi and Xiaohang have talked about it many times, so today is considered a visit by name." "Mr. Shen is laughing." Shen Jianmin continued, "I can't say that I'm laughing, but I'm here today to say thank you. Xiao Hang is young and uninformed and often causes me trouble. Last time, XiXi told me about the restaurant, so I have to thank you for taking care of this."