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Chapter 702 - The Night of the Procession

  What does Shen want Sentai shares for? This doubt Li Dong temporarily no answer, and no one will give him the answer. But there are only so many possibilities. Either to enter the circle of the Sentai system, or to please some people. Sentai 10% of the shares, in fact, how much money is worth is not the most important. It is a sign, a sign of the top circle. The two meetings are over, some people go up, some people go down. Those who go down want to give up these shares, those who go up, want to enter the circle, but for the time being is the lack of an opportunity. If this time Shen led, pulling in some people, that will soon be able to form a new alliance of interests. Although not everyone is willing to enter this alliance, but the interests of the people, there will always be willing to accept their good intentions, this is a very important bargaining chip. In addition, or Shen's purpose is to Chen and Hu several families. The tiger fell majestic in, Chen, Hu several families even if this time to go through a generational crisis, but the power does not dare to underestimate, at least not weaker than the current Sun family. And Jia family is flourishing, in Li Dong's view, Han Yu does not represent Jia family, but does not mean that in the eyes of all people are so. Shen may feel that a gift in the snow is an opportunity, which makes sense. Li Dong walked while thinking about these things. Then he thought of Shen Xuehua. This woman is not simple, among the women Li Dong has seen, Shen Xuehua and Shen Xi is actually not very similar, but some like Han Yu. And more than Han Yu, Shen Xuehua advantage more. Not only is her husband's family strong, her mother's family is also a prestigious family. Han Yu's father is just a department official of the Ministry of Culture, than capital, than contacts, than influence, and the Shen family is not a concept. And Shen Xuehua in the Shen as general manager of the post, moreover, her influence in the Shen. This woman is not lacking in capital, not lacking in sleight of hand, not lacking in ability, and likewise not lacking in ambition. Of course, like many people Li Dong has met, Shen Xuehua also does not lack arrogance. A few brief exchanges with Li Dong, this woman was trying to master sovereignty from beginning to end. When she felt that Li Dong was oily and could not be suppressed with her status and feelings, Shen Xuehua chose to pull back. The two sides did not tear their faces, Li Dong in restraint, Shen Xuehua also in restraint. She was still calling herself auntie when she left, so it was easy to see through this. She wants to use Du Anmin and Shen Xi as a bargaining chip to overwhelm Li Dong, which is actually correct. Even if Li Dong thinks the Du family is the Du family and the Shen family is the Shen family, he can't ignore the fact that the other party is Du Anmin's wife and Shen Xi's mother. Can Sentai shares be transferred? In fact, Sentai shares in the hands of Li Dong, the use is not as great as imagined, except for disgusting some people, he has not been able to use these shares to make any articles for the time being. It is reasonable to say that the transfer to Shen is actually a way out. But really to think deeply, once Li Dong really transferred, it is to the detriment of others. If Shen's take these shares, to some Chen Siping they do not want to hand to the people, or use these shares and Chen, Hu several family reached some deal, the final loss is actually only Li Dong. Shen does not care about Li Dong's interests, they will only calculate their own interests to gain or lose. Not to mention, these shares are actually mixed with many people's inclination and meaning. Including Zhou's family, including Wei Hengzhi these people, and even including Jia Wenhao, Chen Siping these people's own meaning. In their eyes, the shares in the hands of Li Dong, and shares in the hands of Shen, that is not a concept. If you really want to give Shen, it is not necessary to come to this encounter. Some people are interested in Li Dong's potential, some people are to resolve grudges, and others are for investment. The investment is not only Li Dong, in addition to Du Anmin. Li Dong may not represent Du Anmin, but Shen even less. This kind of representative is not purely on the relationship, or interests, including many potential things, including the location of the Yuanfang Group, the time to develop up. To a certain extent, Li Dong is actually more representative than Shen. Shen is Shen, in the end, can not be mixed up. This kind of gain and loss, Li Dong quickly thought through, so he did not avoid the truth and rejected Shen Xuehua face to face. Shen Xuehua dissatisfied with him also can not help, with the interests of the distant, with their own interests, in exchange for Shen Xuehua's impressed, Li Dong does not need. Not to mention, even if he really agreed, Shen Xuehua will not necessarily be impressed with him, perhaps behind the scenes will also scold a "fool!" …… evening. Dong Yu Dessert House. Hearing that Li Dong will have to rush to Xiangjiang tomorrow morning, Qin Yuhan some reluctantly said: "Then will still return to the capital?" Li Dong scratched his head and said, "It's hard to say, but I'll try to come back. If there is no big deal in Jiangbei, I will stay for a few more days."