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Chapter 703 - Departure

  April 11. r?a??nw?en? w? w? w?.? Capital Airport. When Li Dong arrived, many people had already arrived. The college side Xiang Bing personally led the team, in addition to three or four professors and a few college staff. Seeing Li Dong arrive, and also the front and back, Wu Yajun smiled and flirted: "Dongzi, you are different in this prestige, want to lend a few people to sister to support the scene?" Li Dong laughed bitterly: "Sister Wu, you do not sarcasm me. I have little guts, I can't help it. Last night the dean even scolded me a few times, saying that I took advantage of the college, and I still haven't gotten over it." Xiang Bing, who was talking to the others, turned his head and said, "Li Dong, don't accuse me, when did I scold you? But not to mention, because of you, the college originally chartered a small airliner is not enough to sit, deliberately changed to a medium-sized airliner, the cost is not you reimbursed?" Li Dong he laughed: "Dean, that's not possible. We agreed to pay for the college, how can we pay for ourselves, this is not a slap in your face. Besides, I can't be blamed for this, look, Brother Yang's side also brought a large number of people." Yang Shaopeng, who was affected, said speechlessly, "I say, old brother Li, you're not good. I'm trying to avoid the dean's eyes and ears, and you have to pull me out, is there any comradeship left?" The others laughed. But everyone is also joking, bring people that is normal. Li Dong side, not to mention others, even the bosses of state-owned enterprises, not to mention bodyguards, a secretary or assistant must be brought. These people are used to the front and back, but also used to some things to let others handle for them. This time to go to Hong Kong, but also to visit some enterprises, can not let these old bosses themselves bored to write reports. Even if there are individuals who did not bring people, that is only an exception. But then again, among all the people probably Li Dong brought the most people, plus himself and Chen Ke, a full 13 people. Li Dong actually had no choice, he did not want to bring so many people over, originally he thought four or five people would be enough. But Zhou Haidong is the mission to come, very clearly told Li Dong, Xiangjiang definitely want to go, even if Li Dong do not take him, he will go back to do their own visa to bring people over. Li Dong could not resist him, plus Shen Xi also rambled on and on, and finally reported all the people up. Anyway, one class is going, two classes are also going, might as well save some trouble and move together. The Yangtze River Business School has a lot of energy, and there is no shortage of money, Xiang Bing was just joking before. Not to mention the cost of chartering a plane, in fact, if you want, their private planes to get a few over is not a big problem, just do not have to bother with this matter. A few people laughed and chatted for a while, and in a short time began to prepare for boarding. When Zhou Haidong went through the security check, Li Dong was curious and said, "Changed your shoes?" Zhou Haidong thought he was worried and quickly said, "Mr. Li, don't worry, when we go to Xiangjiang, we will soon have all the equipment ready." "I'm not worried, I'm afraid you can't pass the security check." Li Dong gave him a white glance, and gave a few more instructions to the people and followed the large group in front. …… on the plane, because it is a chartered plane, the seat is random, nothing rigid requirements. But since it is a plane, the difference is always a bit. Just like first class, there are so many positions, and the students will be more than thirty people, who sits first class, who sits business class this is a problem. Originally, the college also made arrangements for women and a few older bosses to sit in first class. Last year at this time, they are so arranged, the atmosphere is quite cordial. But Xiang Bing they obviously overlooked one thing, that is, this year's slightly older business leaders, almost all of them are state-owned enterprises head. At first it was not obvious, when the two sides separated, Xiang Bing several people, including those old bosses felt the problem at once. Several private enterprise bosses, the face immediately collapsed. This difference is too big, right! Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, not to mention that we are originally the best in their respective fields. The dispute between the state and private sector did not start with them, but had a dispute long ago. The usual joking and laughing will be fine, if the college is properly arranged, this problem will not be highlighted. But a seating arrangement, instantly brought this problem to the fore. Xiang Bing a few people instantly realized that the arrangement is not proper, but what can be done at this time, can not kick people out, then the trouble is bigger. Li Dong originally was not prepared to meddle, but wait to see Xiang Bing face difficult, and thought of the other side helped himself before, Li Dong did not wait for the others into the first class cabin and laughed: "Blue brother, where are you going! Not agreed that we sit together to play cards? When you leave, you are ready to renege, right?" Lan Xingguo was confused for a moment, then he reacted and laughed: "What are you sure you can beat me? I'm just going to go to the bathroom, forget it, since you're so arrogant, then the bathroom also do not go, Lao Wang, you also come, we join forces to win this kid a deal!"