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Chapter 704: First Arrival in Hong Kong

  Heung Kong International Airport. Yangtze Group sent someone to pick them up. There is no imaginary luxury car team, two buses will send the crowd. The 35 students, more than ninety-nine percent are rich generation, who have not suffered a little. Not to mention sending a car, or not sending a car, walking they also have no problem. But the number of buses, only two! The field plus bodyguards and secretaries, more than a hundred people! The two buses are not big, the seats are obviously not enough, and among the people present, Li Dong and Yang Shaopeng brought the most people. Yang Shaopeng exhaled slightly and stood in front of the car for a while before he said to Xiang Bing: "Dean, why don't I go over there with my brother Li by myself, let's contact each other by phone later." Xiang Bing is also a bit embarrassed at this time, this trip to Xiangjiang can be said to have a lot of conditions. The original Yangtze Group does not make such mistakes, but Xiang Bing also do not know what happened, before coming to clearly arranged, he also deliberately said more people, but the result is still only two buses. 35 students plus a few professors, the two cars naturally more than enough. But what about the others? Many of them are coming to Hong Kong for the first time, do they have to rush there by themselves? It is reasonable to say that even if the academy does not bring these bodyguards and assistants, people have nothing to say. The Academy serves only the students, not the others. But if everything can be completely in accordance with the rules, then what business school, simply open the law school forget. Yang Shaopeng took the initiative to stay, Xiang Bing slightly hesitated, at this time Li Dong also lightly smiled and said, "Dean, you guys go over first, we'll be there afterwards." Seeing that both of them said so, plus it was indeed impossible to sit, it was too late to send a car at this time, Xiang Bing thought about it and said, "Then I'll let Old Zhang and the others accompany everyone to the hotel, and I'll join you." Before Li Dong could say anything, Yang Shaopeng refused with a smile, "Thank you, Dean, but you should go with everyone, I come to Xiangjiang at least a dozen times a year, the place is familiar." Hearing his refusal, Xiang Bing could not say anything else at this time, and nodded silently. When the people have gotten into the car, the position is barely enough. Wu Yajun see Li Dong they are standing below, from the car window out of the head said: "Dongzi, is there no place to sit? Why don't I come down and accompany you, I'm quite familiar with this side." Li Dong shook his head with a smile and said, "No, I'm fine with Brother Yang. You guys go ahead, my side is a bit crowded, I still have to make some arrangements." Wu Yajun didn't say anything more and nodded, "Then you guys take care on the way, we'll wait for you at the hotel." "Good." The people exchanged a few pleasantries, and Xiang Bing gave a few more instructions before the bus slowly drove away. As soon as the bus left, Yang Shaopeng said, "The people of Hong Kong and the British a virtue! Meticulous, afraid to spend a penny more! I am too lazy to say anything, set aside in the country, I …… "Li Dong slightly shook his head and said:" are domestic, brother Yang don't count. Besides, everyone has everyone's way of doing business, we feel suitable, others do not necessarily recognize." The matter of sending cars this time is obviously very different from the mainland style of doing things. In the mainland, even to support the scene, even if you do not send any luxury cars, at least do not count to two cars to save. Whether there was any misunderstanding in the middle is not easy to say, but the two feel that the large Cheung Kong Group is not so big as to make such a small mistake, that is, two Chinese buses are indeed the established number. Just the first day in Xiangjiang, Li Dong felt that he had learned something. The two stood outside the airport for a moment, Li Dong smiled and said, "Brother Yang, take a taxi or the subway?" "What taxi, wait." Yang Shaopeng smiled and said, "It's not easy for my brother to come to Xiangjiang, I can let you take a taxi, it's too much to look down on my brother. SITC's Xiangjiang branch was established 15 years ago, even this little thing still can not handle that I also mixed for nothing. Before thinking that the guest as the host, the result is that the master did not take us seriously, then the old brother today to be the master." While talking, Yang Shaopeng's secretary had finished making the call. Seeing this, Li Dong did not dwell on this, and Yang Shaopeng stood at the door and began to chat. The two men brought a total of more than 20 people, not a small number, plus Zhou Haidong and most of Yang Shaopeng's people are dressed in black suits, causing many people to look at. However, in the Hong Kong International Airport, anyone can meet anyone, everyone will just pay a little attention, but no one is too surprised. After talking for about less than 20 minutes, the car came! Or rather, the convoy came! A Rolls-Royce in the lead, followed by seven or eight Mercedes. Li Dong looked at Yang Shaopeng with some surprise, not to question his strength, but just think that this is a branch office in Xiangjiang after all, SITC has a fleet of such a team here is a waste. Yang Shaopeng also did not explain, beckoning Li Dong into the front of the Rolls-Royce. Waiting for others to get into the car, Yang Shaopeng said with a smile: "out and about, the scene still has to be prepared. These days, even the hotel pick-up vehicles are Rolls-Royce fleet, we do business, can not be a hotel too much pressure." Li Dong knew he was talking about the Peninsula, the Peninsula's Rolls-Royce fleet has caused quite a stir. As it happens, Li Dong and his group stayed at the Peninsula Hotel this time. Yang Shaopeng continued: "Don't see what pragmatism is being advertised on the Xiangjiang side, in fact, who really believes, who is really stupid. Doing business, no matter where you go, you have to let people see your strength to do. Especially this side of the British influence is very deep, very concerned about the status and appearance, here we have to be more open than the mainland to do." Li Dong nodded in agreement and said, "That's not wrong." Pragmatic, that is relative. When others know you, when you wear sweatshirt pants others can recognize you, then you can condescendingly say that I am pragmatic. But you a nobody, to talk business wearing a sweatshirt big pants. A little stricter rules of the business, you can not even enter the door! And then encounter a little bit of old-fashioned, I'm afraid the first impression will turn sharply down, not to mention talk business, what you say others are not willing to listen. …… two people chatting all the way, the Peninsula Hotel will soon arrive. The two of them have been chatting all the way to the Peninsula Hotel. Once selected as one of the world's top ten famous hotels, received the President of the United States, the Queen of England and a series of movie stars ball players. This time the crowd came to Hong Kong, the Peninsula Hotel is the first choice of most people. Of course, the cost is self-supporting.