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Chapter 705 - The mean and ungrateful Li Dong

  Hotel lobby. Said afternoon tea, in fact, Li Dong people drink or coffee. Peninsula afternoon tea is a Western-style tea, the British black tea we do not like, and finally chose the coffee. Peninsula also has a special feature, tableware are pure silver to create. There is no imagination and the legendary bright and shiny, silver cutlery, how to maintain with a period of time also looks a little blunt. Wu Yajun while sipping coffee, while elegantly said, "This is the best dance floor in all of Xiangjiang." Li Dong did not understand, Yang Shaopeng is heard. Seeing that Li Dong did not take it seriously, Yang Shaopeng laughed: "I said Yajun, you should not pretend. Pretending to be elegant can't hide the sloppiness in your bones, and memorizing lines, I'm ashamed for you." Wu Yajun also does not mind, lazy casual said: "I call this into the countryside and follow the customs, when I was young, I especially like Zhang Eiling's books, every time I read on can not help but cry. Bai Liusu and Fan Liuyuan's love, I have fantasized for many years, just a few sentiments." Li Dong now understood, lightly laughed: "I did not expect that Sister Wu is still a sentimental person." Wu Yajun smiled and did not make a sound, continued to hold the coffee slowly taste. The hall sounded an unknown music, low saxophone melody shocked people's heart can not help but beat with it. …… at 8:00 pm. The illusion of the colorful Winged River began. Peninsula as a participant in the show, a waiter came to inform before the time arrived. Wu Yajun several people invited Li Dong to watch on the cruise ship, Li Dong refused. He is not very fond of giving others trouble, and getting on the boat is not a wise choice for him. Timid or not, too much trouble or not, being followed by Zhou Haidong these guys every inch, Li Dong did not want to bother too much. In his room, Li Dong admired the famous illusionary Winged River. I don't know if it's because of being in this mountain or because of something else, Li Dong always felt that some of the name is too much, the transformation of the light is not as shocking as he thought. Simply look for a while, Li Dong leaned on the sofa by the window and took a nap. This time to Hong Kong, his purpose is not complicated. First, to meet the mythical figure. 35 students, in addition to him there are 34 people, Li Dong can not go one by one to make friends, he needs to do is to capture part of the people can do. The second point, so far, is still successful. Wu Yajun, Lan Xingguo, Yang Shaopeng, Wang Minghui …… these people whether they want to make friends with him from the heart, or purely business friends, at least we can now count friends. This is enough, expect just a few days to become a friend of life and death, Li Dong himself do not believe. Next, Li Dong came to Hong Kong only one purpose, to see that. Not worship and admiration, motivate yourself, give yourself a little motivation, meet a real business predator, it is enough. Expect three or two words from others to learn what the truth, that is to comfort yourself. People have to rely on themselves, and you are not his grandson, he has no right to teach you how to do business by hand. Just in Li Dong half asleep, Wu Yajun crowd back. In the evening we did not go out again, are not young, running around for half a day, we are also tired. Originally there were several men proposed to go to Lan Kwai Fong to play a trip, but should be very few people. The bosses of state-owned enterprises do not want to go, several women do not want to go, plus others are not young, the first time to Xiangjiang, we do not want to be too tired, and finally naturally did not go into. …… the next day. In the hotel after breakfast, the crowd will be accompanied by three or two to play. Li Dong this time did not do not get together, but accompanied Zhang Lan, Wu Yajun a few people to go shopping together. Women, no matter how old they are, no matter what their status, are always so full of enthusiasm for shopping. Store after store, buy one piece of clothing after another, Li Dong is difficult to understand, some clothes bought obviously will not wear, buy this thing why. The woman is a big figure, Li Dong also can not give any good advice, and several other men will act as a picker. Walk to buy, eat and drink, and the day passed. In the evening back to the hotel, Li Dong received a phone call from Jiang Bei. The call was from Shen Xi, who told him that Happy Farm had finished development and was now entering the internal testing phase. Because Li Dong has always attached great importance to this small game, Shen Xi will be the first time to tell him the news. Hearing this news, the excitement in Li Dong's eyes immediately flashed. Happy Farm, in the eyes of Shen Xi and their eyes may only be an insignificant small game, but in the eyes of Li Dong, this is a big killer that can affect the next ten years of planning of the Far Eastern Mall! Whether it is Renren or Tencent, with this small game to circle money countless. Li Dong's purpose is not to make money, but to lay the foundation for Yuanfang Mall and PP and Weibo. If you can use this game to bring tens of millions of users to Yuanfang, then the road to the mall will be much better next. Whether it is social software, or online shopping mall, the most important thing is the user base. No users, you get the software is good, the mall is developed perfectly, it is also a mirror. Once there is a stable customer base, that is the core competitiveness of the Internet business. Hang up the phone with Shen Xi, Li Dong some impatience. The real business is a road, the Internet is also a road. Do not put eggs in one basket, this saying is worth learning at all times. On the eve of the smartphone era, if Far Eastern Mall can be one of the best in the industry on the PC side, then when the smartphone era comes, Far Eastern Internet piece, can completely kill. …… Just when Li Dong was so excited that he could hardly sleep. Jiangbei, Pingchuan. Provincial Party Committee Compound. Shen Xi planted a few radishes and looked at the bland page with a face full of helplessness. This was the farm that Li Dong was extremely looking forward to? This is the core game that he thinks will bring tens of millions of users to Far Far Away? This is the God in the second half of the Far Far Away Mall God-making plan? Holding her chin and waiting for the radish to ripen, Shen Xi felt more and more bored. At this time, a knock came at the door. Shen Xi got up and opened the door, saw her mother coming in with milk, hastily took it and asked, "Mom, you're still awake?" Shen Xuehua smiled lazily and said, "Aren't you still awake? Still busy with the company?" "Yeah." Shen Xuehua looked at Shen Xi's computer and saw that there was only a small black square on the page, so she didn't pay much attention to it.