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Chapter 706: Xiao Li meets Lao Li

  This night, Li Dong and Shen Xi were not able to sleep peacefully.???? Fire Ranwen w?w?w?? The next day when he woke up, Li Dong always felt that his mental state was not there. Just as he was drowsy, Xiang Bing, who had disappeared for two days, suddenly came to the hotel. In the crowd dining time, Xiang Bing dusty rushed over, meet the tone of urgency: "Do not eat first, go back to the room to clean up, the change of clothes to change clothes, to organize the health of health. We will gather in the hall in ten minutes. Morning visit to the Yangtze Group, we dine there at noon!" A visit to the Yangtze Group, instantly let everyone understand the theme of today. Although some people have just arrived, the meal has not had time to eat, but once Xiang Bing finished, these people put down the dishes and hurried back to the room. Xiang Bing was slightly relieved, and when he saw that Li Dong was still leisurely eating his rice, he couldn't help but say, "Li Dong, aren't you nervous at all?" Li Dong swallowed the rice porridge in his mouth and nodded, "Nervous." "Then you still have the heart to eat?" Li Dong smiled bitterly and said, "Dean, I've been hungry all day, so I need to eat before I have the strength to go see the old man. Besides, I could eat at noon, now I don't have to pad my stomach, I must be hungry all day." Xiang Bing thought, seems to be so reasonable. Said to be dining together, in fact, which we have the heart to eat. But how he looked how to feel Li Dong this guy is still slow to eat, is feeling a little awkward. No time to continue to shout with him, Xiang Bing admonished: "Then you eat quickly, I go down first, you do not miss the time, Mr. Li time is very tight, miss this opportunity is your loss." Li Dong nodded and smiled: "Don't worry, Dean you busy with your work, will not miss it." "Good, then I'll leave first." When Xiang Bing hurriedly left, Li Dong shook his head and said, "Learned the art of literature and martial arts, sold with the emperor's family, the ancients did not deceive me!" Xiang Bing usually how confident a person, and Li Dong these people talk and laugh, never see him timid. But today, Xiang Bing Xiang big dean, nervous with a fledgling child like. Li riches in his heart, I'm afraid that the status is really unreachable. Of course, Li Dong also admitted that they are far from the achievements of that person, but Li Dong has always felt that others are others, they are themselves. Worship can have, humility is completely unnecessary. For example, he, he admired the old horse, but even if he was poor in his previous life, did not feel humble to where. Not to mention this life, he feels qualified to not have to be humble. …… Central. Cheung Kong Center Building. Cheung Kong Building is not the tallest building in Central, let alone the tallest building in Hong Kong. But here, whoever walks downstairs, subconsciously looks up to the topmost floor. There is a legend there, the light shines on the whole of Hong Kong and the world. One of the world's ten richest men, the richest man in Asia, the richest Chinese man, of course, he is not the richest man in the country, because the richest man Li is only Chinese, not a national. When Li Dong and his group arrived at the Cheung Kong Mansion, the usual laughing and talking bosses suddenly all humbled themselves. They said they were visiting the headquarters of Yangtze Group, but at this time, everyone was distracted. Seeing this appearance, Li Dong did not bother to chat with others and seriously followed the people sent by Yangtze River to visit various departments. Among the bosses present, Li Dong is probably the least knowledgeable. Others do not need to understand, Li Dong is still ready to see more, at least to have this opportunity to visit the headquarters of a world-renowned enterprises, is also an opportunity to open eyes. The more you look on, the more excited Li Dong becomes. Eye-opening! It's really an eye-opener! So this is the management mode of a world-renowned enterprise. Although only a simple turn, not much to see, not much to understand, but a glimpse of the panther, Li Dong still feel the gap between the two sides. Compared with Yangtze River, Far East is like a toddler. Here, one can clearly feel the passion of the employees, the pride of the employees, and the vigor on the employees' faces. Efficiency, execution, corporate culture! This is the biggest feeling of Li Dong. It is needless to say that the efficiency of Yangtze River is as if the wind is beneath the feet of these employees, and they are even faster than the people in the distance to take a document. Yangtze River's execution is the envy of Li Dong. In an office, Li Dong happened to meet a department in a meeting. The department manager had just announced the theme of the meeting, and in less than ten minutes, those who met had made a plan. It was not made haphazardly, but justifiably, with a clear division of labor in each department. Employee A is responsible for part A, that is really responsible for part A, not the slightest delay, and not the slightest other opinion in the field he is not good at. Proposal, summary, review, the plan was initially adopted …… all this happened under the eyes of Li Dong, all in the process of his visit ended. No one cared about their existence, the meeting of the crowd did not even look at them. Li Dong was really surprised beyond words! This is amazing, is this the Yangtze River? Hearsay is not enough to believe, but when he saw it all with his own eyes, the pride in his heart suddenly converged. Whether it's efficiency or execution, it can all be attributed to the corporate culture. This is a company with a deep corporate culture, this is the conclusion Li Dong came to. Not the corporate culture hanging on the mouth, not the corporate culture formulated by rules and regulations, but the actual feeling.