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Chapter 707 - Gossip at a dinner party

  The amazing words are not. A simple opening statement, mixed with Cantonese Mandarin, but let everyone's blood surging. The old gentleman slowly and methodically a: "Today I have the honor to receive you all, the whole Yangtze River Group is enriched." The whole field instantly thunderous applause, one excited face red ears. No other reason, just excited. In the eyes of the crowd, the old man's words really gave face in place. The 35 bosses present, even if they all add up, the total market value of the company probably will not exceed the Yangtze Group. The two sides are not even an order of magnitude, but the old man is still so dignified, can not be excited? While applauding, Li Dong looked around at the crowd. Seeing that almost everyone was in a pilgrim mood, staring at that person with unblinking eyes, he suddenly felt a bit tasteless. Not jealous, nor do I think people should not be excited. But at the moment, Li Dong just feels a little boring, maybe it's because someone broke the myth of the old man in the latter days, or maybe it's because of the different wind direction from the internet later on, making Li Dong a little less devout compared to others. The opening speech is just, just polite words, to be excited like this? Perhaps he underestimated the status of the richest man in this era in the hearts of the crowd, the applause lasted a long time. Until the old man pressed his hand, everyone stopped. After saying his opening remarks, the old gentleman continued to laugh: "All of you are excellent entrepreneurs in the mainland, I should learn from you. Today we are simply chatting a few words, talking about family matters while we eat." The crowd nodded hastily and obediently picked up their bowls and chopsticks and began to eat. Before long, someone couldn't help himself and Ren Hongbing, who was sitting at table one, asked, "Mr. Li, what do you think about domestic enterprises going global?" Chief Li slowly put down his chopsticks and thought for a while before saying, "Domestic anti-dumping is not yet felt, and it will be a big problem in the future. Many European countries have a high unemployment rate, Chinese goods sold there at a good price and low price, the local people's careers are affected, people have antipathy is a matter of time. Domestic enterprises should come up with a solution themselves, the solution is not no, now the domestic manufacturing earn very little money, the money are let the middlemen earn away. There are many opportunities for companies in China, but to be a successful multinational enterprise, your market when you have to build up by yourself. I started my business in the 50s soon after I found foreign markets directly and got rid of agents, and now there are not too many domestic companies with their own markets, which is worth thinking about." The crowd all nodded hastily, digesting the old man's advice, and then another veteran at table one asked, "Mr. Li, what is the difference between the economic environment abroad and at home?" "There are too many opportunities in China, there are gold mines everywhere, Chinese entrepreneurs should seize these opportunities well, as for foreign ……" Li the richest man said a few more simple words about the foreign economic environment, and everyone nodded silently after listening to the comparison. Is the domestic economic environment good? Many people are complaining that the domestic economic environment is not as good as abroad, businessmen are subject to great restrictions, in fact, really wait to go abroad, you will understand that the moon abroad is not round than at home. Because there are too many people, it is impossible for everyone to have the opportunity to ask questions. A few bosses at table one, next asked two more questions, the time was up. Chief Li said hello to the people at table one, and then walked towards table two. Xiang Bing and professors from the college and a few assistants hurriedly moved over together. The crowd at table one stretched out their heads as if they wanted to ask more questions. Li Dong, these people hurriedly got up to greet the old man, and when he sat down, Wu Yajun was about to ask questions when one of the people next to him suddenly said excitedly: "Mr. Li, we all revere you very much. Both career-wise and family-wise, you have two sons, and I also have two sons, how do you manage them?" Chief Li thought about it and said, "We should let our children suffer some hardships, so that they know how the poor live." All the people nodded in a hurry, but Li Dong skipped a word. Chief Li seemed to have seen the scene and said with slight interest, "Li Dong, you don't agree?" The crowd hurriedly shifted their eyes to Li Dong's head, as if they could not believe that this guy actually had a different opinion. Li Dong also did not look at others, heard the old man asked, smiled and said: "Maybe I do not feel deeply, after all, I do not have children. But I also suffered a lot as a child, my biggest wish at that time was that my own children could receive the best education and live the best life in the future. I don't have a big problem with you saying that children should suffer a little. But I think suffering is not the purpose, if you can achieve this level of purpose without suffering, then the so-called suffering is naturally unnecessary." Chief Li did not refute, nodded slightly and smiled, "That makes sense, when you have children, you can try it. Some years later, I hope I have this opportunity to see your child grow up to be an excellent person like you." Li Dong hurriedly said, "With your good advice." Originally, Li Dong was not prepared to ask questions, but since he was talking about it, Li Dong did not mind asking more questions. After thinking about it, Li Dong asked, "Chairman Li, have you ever known anything about Far Far Away?" Chief Li smiled and said, "I know a little." "Then can you tell me what is the biggest drawback of Far Far Away now?" Li Dong was a bit expectant, he had actually asked this question to many people, but the answer everyone gave was not what he wanted. Like what the shortage of funds, talent shortage, these are actually not the fundamental problem. If you really want money, Li Dong casually split several industries for listing, financing is not difficult. The richest man may not know much about Far Far Away, but Li Dong still wanted to see if this legend of the Chinese business world could give a different answer. Without the perfunctory or shaking his head that Li Dong imagined, the richest man Li pondered slightly for a moment and then said, "The layout of the downstream industry is not enough." "Downstream industry ……" Li Dong pondered, and Li Shoufu nodded and said, "Because Mr. Fang and I are also friends, when you acquired Era, we talked privately about the far side." Li Dong was instantly surprised, "Mr. Fang talked to you about me?" Mr. Fang was naturally the original owner of Time, Fang Clang, and this person's status in Xiangjiang was not low, and it was not strange that he and Li Dong, the richest man, knew Li Dong. Only Li Dong did not expect that the two had actually talked about themselves. Li Shoufu laughed: "You are too young, someone will always be watching you." After a brief remark, the old man returned to the main topic and said, "Yuanfang Supermarket, you are doing very well now. But the supermarket is not just a place to provide stores to place items, but also an industrial connection point. The construction of your own brand and downstream additional industry of Yuanfang Supermarket, Yuanfang has not kept up. This also causes, you have a weak foundation and low core competitiveness. Once you encounter the impact, your kind of industry is most likely to become a casualty. To really let Far Far Away Supermarket go out, you need more than just expanding the number of stores, there are many things that need to be perfected step by step." Li Dong understood the meaning of these words, and his eyes flickered slightly as he said, "Does Chairman Li mean that we lack a completed industrial chain layout? For example, food, clothing, vegetable garden, these we should prepare to provide ourselves?" "Not exactly like that, but I hope you can get rid of your current predicament of relying too much on channel traders." Li Dong pondered for a moment, then he nodded and said, "Thank you, Chairman Li, for mentioning it!" This was not just about supermarkets, but included other industries in Far East as well. On the side of the real estate company, the supporting property and construction companies failed to keep up the pace, which caused the inefficiency of Dongyu Real Estate and the outflow of profits. These downstream industrial layout, Li Dong had considered before, but not too much attention. When the richest man Li solemnly said this point should care, Li Dong immediately realized that he was a little careless. Although the Yangtze Group is most famous for real estate, but they are also doing retail, and also with international standards. Since the richest man Li said his core competitiveness is low, it is certainly not nothing. Li Dong exhaled, today other than to say, just these few words, they did not come for nothing.