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Chapter 708: Prosperity falls

  The trip to Hong Kong was almost over when we returned from the Cheung Kong Mansion, and on April 14, we visited SPACE Business School. They listened to a lecture by one of the world's leading financial experts in the school, and the course in Xiangjiang officially came to an end. …… returned to the hotel, Li Dong was telling Chen Ke to pack their luggage and depart back tomorrow. The doorbell rang. Zhou Haidong went up and opened the door, and not long after Li Dong heard Chen Kaixuan's laughter. Li Dong put down what he was doing and welcomed him with a smile, "Brother Chen, you don't have to be so happy to go back to see your sister-in-law." Chen Kaixuan said with a smile, "What is there to be happy about when you're an old married couple? I am happy for you." "Me?" "Yes, are you free tonight?" "Yes, I'm going back tomorrow, there's nothing to do tonight, why?" Chen Kaixuan said mysteriously: "Accompany me to a reception tonight, to send you a surprise." "Reception ……" Li Dong cried and laughed: "This is what you are happy for me? What other reception is worth getting so excited about." "Old Yang's daughter heard that we are leaving tomorrow and invited us all to have a meal together. Others can refuse, you can't, you have to go this time, I'm rather looking forward to the two youngest big entrepreneurs in the country, what sparks can collide." He just started to say Lao Yang's daughter, Li Dong did not hear who it was. When the words came out later, Li Dong knew who he was talking about at once. Yang Huiyan! 07 years of the richest, the first hundred billion richest, the youngest richest, or a second generation of the richest …… this series of derogatory or positive name hanging on that head, Li Dong want not to know can not. At present, because the Bi Gui Yuan has not been listed, plus Hurun list has not been released, Yang Huiyan fame is not big, also some people in the industry know her. The three terms together, 26 years old, a woman, the richest ……, want not to fire can not. The other side knows Chen Kaixuan is not surprising, the two sides are headquartered in a city, and also are the head of large enterprises, usually have crossed very normal. But others and that is not too familiar, get a farewell party seems a little too attentive. Li Dong looked at Chen Kaixuan, Chen Kaixuan laughed: "Do not think too much, as a friend. In the business world, many friends have many roads, and besides, your business scope does not overlap, and you are not enemies, let's go together." "Where will the reception be held?" "On the peninsula, at 7:30 p.m., I'll call you then." Li Dong did not hesitate anymore and nodded, "That's fine, I will go there then." Chen Kaixuan did not say much because he had to inform the others, and after chatting a few words, he went to the next room. Seeing him busy, Li Dong touched his chin, old Chen so concerned about why? Li Dong did not think too nasty, the two sides are not so much that relationship, he just think this reception is not only to meet a few friends so simple, not another purpose, right? The day before yesterday, we just finished in the Yangtze River Building, the other side turned the other side to find the door, this time is really coincidental. …… No matter how Li Dong thinks, a cocktail party is just, and there are many people going, he is not worried about anything. 7:00 p.m…… The banquet hall. When Li Dong arrived, there were already a lot of people inside. Everyone was chatting around with a glass of wine, and when he saw Li Dong coming, Wu Yajun, who was talking to someone, came over with a glass of wine and smiled: "Dongzi, what do you think?" Li Dong laughed, "What do you think?" While speaking, Li Dong took the red wine handed over by the waiter next to him and asked, "Are they all from our class?" "There are some other people, in addition to some celebrities invited to help, you want to go to hook up with a few?" "Not interested." Li Dong shook his head, Wu Yajun also do not care, continued: "What do you say is the feeling, before the domestic young people you ranked first, but once the Bi Gui Yuan completed listing, it is not easy to say." Li Dong did not think: "I do not care, who wants this first take it is." Wu Yajun suddenly laughed: "Really don't mind at all?" Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "Sister Wu is forcing me to say a few words?" "Yes, just force you to say a few words, to say a few ambitious words, to see if you can inspire my sister's fighting spirit." "I a generation why to compare with the second generation." Li Dong dropped these words, turned around and went to find others to chat. Wu Yajun froze in place for a moment, and only after a while did she lose her smile and said, "This guy is really arrogant." Although Li Dong said wildly, but this is also the truth. The Yuanfang Group is a group that Li Dong built out single-handedly, plus the Yuanfang is not yet listed, and if it really is listed, the Beyoncé Garden is not necessarily comparable to the Yuanfang. And Yang Huiyan is only the second generation, Li Dong not to compare with her seems to be nothing wrong. Seeing that Li Dong has run away, Wu Yajun smiled and did not continue to go to him, and chatted with the next person. The reception is a social scene, the purpose of coming here is to meet more people, if you come to hide in the corner to enjoy themselves, it is better not to come. Since Li Dong came, did not pretend to be noble. And a few words with classmates, meet unknown, hand each other a business card, considered to know each other. Li Dong is also a domestic celebrity, know him a lot of people. He was busy socializing with people, and others were eager to get to know him. In a short time, Li Dong received more than ten business cards. These people are from the mainland and also from Hong Kong, and they are all the heads of various companies. Tonight Yang Huiyan made this reception specifications are not low, the weight of the people who came are also not light.