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Chapter 709 - Return to Jiangbei

  On April 15, Li Dong embarked on the return flight. In the capital was stranded for two days, the 18th Li Dong and non-stop rush to Pingchuan. Because of going back or driving, it was already four o'clock in the afternoon when he arrived in Pingchuan. The accompanying personnel settled down, Li Dong back to the provincial party committee compound when it was more than five o'clock. …… small courtyard. The two children in the courtyard are playing, and so hear the sound of the door opening, once you see Li Dong, the two quickly jumped up. Li Dong will be chubby little stone picked up a few kisses, and touched Tian Xiaoyu's head and laughed: "Uncle is not at home, are you all good?" The two little ones nodded their heads, at this time the nanny also heard the commotion, came out and saw that it was Li Dong, and quickly said respectfully, "Mr. Li is back, do you want to eat something tonight?" "Just make something." Li Dong returned a sentence full of care, and played with the two children in the courtyard for a moment. Less than half an hour later, Shen Xi rushed over. Li Dong's schedule may be a secret to others, but not to her. Seeing that Li Dong was playing with the two children, Shen Xi came over and asked, "Did the journey go well?" "Everything went well." "How did you feel about the trip to Xiangjiang?" Li Dong laughed: "Not bad, to gain insight and see the world. As for studying or something, don't ask, it's useless to ask, anyway, I don't know what the professor is actually talking about." Shen Xi smiled and talked to Li Dong about the journey. Li Dong did not hide anything, and probably told the process of this trip out. From the 6th out of Pingchuan, to today's return, more than ten days, is probably the longest Li Dong left Pingchuan in these years. After talking about himself, Li Dong asked, "How is the company?" When it comes to the company, Shen Xi slightly hesitated before saying: "Brother Cheng Dao is doing quite well, is ……" her words did not go on, Li Dong is not in a hurry, while rubbing the little stone's face, while lightly smiled: "Say it. Yuan Chengdao did not call me, I think it is not a big deal." When Shen Xi heard him say that, she thought about it and said, "Fang Hao left his job, in addition to Zhang Qi and Hu Qing." Li Dong's eyebrows twitched slightly, and after a pause asked, "What's the reason?" "I don't know." "Don't know?" Shen Xi sighed: "They all left of their own accord, before leaving senior brother Cheng Dao and they had a long talk for a while, after which they left. The reason I did not ask, but it should be related to the assessment." "Yuan Chengdao this butcher's knife has not been put down?" Li Dong raised his eyebrows and sighed softly: "When the Dongping store's patriarch left almost, right, you turn around and let him stop, last time Sun was angry, now get three more at once, he is too busy for me is it?" Fang Hao several people are the first employees of Dongping store, Zhang Qi and Hu Qing Li Dong is only familiar, Fang Hao is the company's senior. The first day the Dongping store opened, this guy cheated for his mother and won the prize. From that time onwards Li Dong remembered him, although at first not a good impression of him, but then Fang Hao conscientious, but also considered diligent. The far side continues to expand, Fang Hao also rose to the top of the boat. Three months ago, Fang Hao has been appointed as the city manager of Pingchuan, according to the trend, in a year or two Fang Hao is likely to be promoted to the provincial branch president. At that step, it is the real top of the group. At the beginning from the Dongping store out of the original is not many people, to this step is even less and less. In addition to Yang Yun, who has already left, and Sun Tao, who is sitting in Sunan, probably belongs to Fang Hao mixed the best, did not expect that now Fang Hao also left. Sun Tao did not call Li Dong, Li Dong is not strange, because Sun Tao and Fang Hao is not too deal with. At the beginning because of cheating, Sun Tao once thought of firing Fang Hao. Even later, the expansion of the far side, Dongping store no one in charge, Sun Tao hard not to choose Fang Hao, but chose the then still financial Yang Yun become acting store manager. Two people are not considered to deal with, Sun Tao and not the kind of surface set of people, not to call Li Dong to plead for mercy is natural. Yuan Chengdao did not call him, Li Dong is not surprised, after all, less than the director level, Yuan Chengdao to deal with other people do not need to report to him on everything. But Fang Hao was chopped off the horse, but let Li Dong realized that can not continue. Now has been chopped to the level of Dongping store, and then continue, who else can be chopped? Yuan Chengdao is now a shortage of people, Yuan Chengdao again, some of the old staff's heart will be scattered. Rubbing his temples, Li Dong said softly: "Did anyone object when leaving?" "There is." Shen Xi face some serious: "Fang Hao left, Song Jie several directors have been sent to the park door, many people within the group are very sympathetic to them. There are even some not-so-good rumors coming out, saying that the reason for dealing with them at this time is for the second half of the welfare program. Since the beginning of the year, one after another has gone more than a dozen management, and according to them, a simple departure can save us millions of dollars in expenses." Li Dong laughed at himself, "I hadn't thought about it, but it does seem to be the case. At this time to reveal the old staff to chop off the horse, indeed for me to save a lot." Finished laughing at himself, Li Dong exhaled again and said, "Forget it, just pass it on, mouth on the mouth of others. But Yuan Cheng Dao side recently do not rectify again, this guy has to go against them why? Others I do not know, but Fang Hao even if greedy, it is also a little cheap, the water is clear, he does not understand this point?