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Chapter 710 - Goodbye Shen Xuehua

  The next day, Li Dong did not go to the company. The day of the novel Ww『W.W.⒉3TXT.COM Yuan Chengdao side Li Dong now temporarily do not care about him, now a short time can not see what. But three or five months later, Yuan Chengdao in the end there is no ability, that will be able to see clearly. Now the company has so many things, the requirements of the helmsman is not low. Expansion in all directions, the lack of people around, Li Dong would like to see Yuan Chengdao in the end can not be arranged, then if not done well, do not blame Li Dong to take him civilian anger. …… teahouse. Xu Shengzhe tsk mouth: "A few days without seeing, feel the temperament are different. Yangtze River Business School seems to teach a good ah, or I go back to try?" "I'm afraid you can't get in." Li Dong took a sip of tea and despised a sentence. Xu Shengzhe grunted: "You still do not provoke me, is not just a matter of spending money? Since the academy is open, I really don't believe they won't accept me." "Then you'll know if you try." "Come on, too lazy to talk to you about this. There is something to discuss with you, this time you have to give me this face." "Say." Xu Shengzhe coughed lightly and said, "Here's the thing, Lanshan Manor is ready to expand, the second phase of opening. It just so happens that the land near our manor was taken by you, I think this land is not too useful to you, you transfer to me how? Don't worry, I won't take advantage of you, the price is not lower than the market price." "You mean the land in the west downtown area?" Li Dong smiled and said. Xu Shengzhe said without moving his voice: "It's that piece of land, how about it, think about it?" "Get lost!" Xu Shengzhe said with some annoyance, "What's your attitude, I'm talking to you about business." "Get lost!" "You!" Xu Shengzhe said with some anger: "What's your attitude, I'm talking business with you properly, if you curse again I'll turn my face!" Li Dong grunted: "Then you flip your face." "I ……" Xu Shengzhe said angrily: "I do not see eye to eye with you, do not talk about these useless, the land matter you consider, the far side is now short of money, if not for our relationship, you think I will rush to you I think I will rush to you?" Li Dong said: "You kid still calculate me, go back to practice a few years before! The land to you, you think I'm an idiot! Ten billion, take it if you want it, or don't bother!" The land in the west downtown area is the only card Li Dong has now. This piece of land he is prepared to use in exchange for development funds, and now the high-tech zone has almost settled down to prepare for the opening of the matter. Plus the new bridge airport program is almost passed, this time Li Dong is waiting to receive money. The result Xu Shengzhe this guy also came to play his time difference, is not a dream is what. "Ten billion, do you think I'm stupid or are you crazy?" Xu Shengzhe speechless: "I knew you guys must have received the news, and so it is! But even if the high-tech zone to open, this piece of land rose not so much, about 1.5 billion I think it's about the same. To be honest, I do not take advantage of you, how about 1.5 billion? This piece of land in your hands is also this value, let me, I useful." "Ten billion, no second price." Li Dong bristled and said, "I spent more than one billion before and after to get this piece of land. Now you ask me to give you 1.5 billion, do you think I'm stupid?" Xu Shengzhe was not impressed: "I know how much you spent, but 1.2 billion, the work of changing hands has earned several hundred million, and you are still not satisfied?" "30,000 mu of land, I took 8ooo mu of the central area. Even at 1,000,000 mu, that's still 800 million, so you should stop dreaming." "1oo,000,000 mu? Do you think I'm stupid, or do you think the government is stupid. Believe it or not, when your land is really expropriated, I'll lose if I can compensate you 30 million per mu!" Li Dong did not think: "That is also more than two billion, and now is now, the key I do not agree, they can still force me to do." "Then the high-tech zone simply change the place!" "Let him go to change it, the new bridge airport program will soon come down, I am not in a hurry. At that time, the new bridge airport can not also move it, if so I have nothing to say. New bridge airport set down, I this piece of land how to say 5o million an acre is also worth it, 400 million is about the same, my heart is not greedy." "The new bridge airport!" Xu Shengzhe eyes flickered, staring at him for a while before saying, "You guys are not kidding?" Li Dong snickered: "You think I look like a joke? But don't get any ideas, the government won't sell out those lands on the periphery now, if you have the ability to get through, forget I said that." "Bastard, you picked up a bargain again!" Xu Shengzhe also did not doubt the truth of his news, just some envy and jealousy. Once the new bridge airport program really passed, even if the high-tech zone no longer open this piece of land, this piece of land is not cheap. Li Dong said 5o million a mu, the possibility of almost up to 90%. When the time comes, casually transfer a hand, this guy is two or three billion to hand, this money is really faster than robbing banks. Li Dong does not mind, lazily said: "There are other things? If you don't have anything else to do, you can go away and think about getting a bargain from me all day long, so don't waste your time. It's good that I don't calculate you, be contented, understand?"