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Chapter 711: Market value exceeds 20 billion

  After talking with Shen Xuehua, Li Dong didn't go anywhere.? Fire Ran? Wen????? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The first time he arrived at the office, Yuan Chengdao came over and casually reported some problems. Seeing that he kept looking at himself, Li Dong knew what was on his mind and waved his hand, "I just came back to turn around, not to check the post. You continue to do your side, but the assessment can be over." Yuan Chengdao was slightly relieved in his heart, but smiled on his lips and said, "What are you talking about, Mr. Li, these things should have been reported to you. However, you were in Xiangjiang, so I was afraid of delaying your course, so I was going to wait for your return to report together." Li Dong glanced at him, smiled and didn't say anything. Yuan Chengdao was a little embarrassed, when Li Dong's cell phone rang. After looking at the number, Li Dong picked up and smiled, "Sister Wu, only a few days apart, miss me?" "Yes, my sister misses you, you cruel little guy did not say take the initiative to give my sister a call." Wu Yajun made a joke, then turned back to the topic and said, "Just now the Hong Kong stock market opened." Li Dong's eyes moved slightly and asked, "Listed?" "Well, it's listed." "How much did it open?" "Seven Hong Kong dollars." Li Dong made a slight calculation and then said, "So the market value is over 100 billion?" Wu Yajun some envy said: "more than 100 billion mark, the Yang family shares nearly 60%, Yang Huiyan the richest person is fixed, the value is now close to 70 billion Hong Kong dollars, today's closing I'm afraid will rise, I do not know when the end of the year personal value can be more than 100 billion." After a few words of emotion, Wu Yajun said: "This time Beyoncé Park financing more than ten billion, next I'm afraid there will be a wave of listing peak, Dongzi, we really just watch the hustle and bustle on the side?" Li Dong laughed: "If Sister Wu is really envious, then you are also ready to prepare. But when you are ready, probably next year, then you still want to be listed, it is difficult to say." Wu Yajun was a little surprised: "What?" "Nothing, I just think that the peak is bound to decline. Now the stock market speculation is too hot, this situation I think it is difficult to continue. We are now preparing, already a beat slower, panic, the final result may not be as good as imagined." Wu Yajun considered for a while and felt that it seemed to make sense. But when I think of the Beyoncé side, Wu Yajun still can't help but envy. Although Cinnamon Garden was good before, it was only somewhat famous in Guangdong Province, and the situation was very similar to that of Long Lake. Who knows that in the blink of an eye, the market value of others is more than 100 billion, want not to envy can not. The two talked for a few more minutes before Li Dong hung up the phone. Just after the phone hung up, Yuan Chengdao said, "The matter of the listing of Beyoncé Garden?" Li Dong nodded, Yuan Chengdao saw some expectations and said, "Mr. Li, in fact, we can spin off some of our industries to go public. Now the market is great, whether it is the supermarket part or the real estate part, I think there are conditions for listing. Especially the supermarket, if we go public now, it is not impossible for us to raise ten billion. In terms of real estate, Dongyu real estate may not be too mature, the establishment time is too short, but that part of Greenland can still meet the conditions. When the time comes ……" "Let's talk about it." Li Dong interrupted his words and smiled, "There is no rush to list, the layout of the Yuanfang supermarket has just begun, at this time the listing will not get the maximum benefit." "Then we can split the times to go public!" Yuan Chengdao said hurriedly. Li Dong glanced at him, it seems that this guy is also moved. In fact, this time in the previous life, the times did go public, with the size of the times at that time, the financing is nearly 1 billion. Now the times into the far side of the banner, and late investment, this time if listed, should be more popular than the previous life, financing a dozen or two billion should not be difficult. However, Li Dong is now gradually fusing the times and Far Eastern supermarkets into one, this time split out, the front work will be all in vain. Besides, Li Dong did not think about the listing. Seeing Yuan Chengdao full of expectations, Li Dong shook his head and said: "No hurry, let's talk about this later. When the time comes to go public, you don't have to say, I will mention it myself." Yuan Chengdao smiled a little disappointed, but did not persuade, nodded and left first. Once he left, Li Dong picked up the landline and made a call out. …… ten minutes later. Liu Hongmei into the office, Li Dong beckoned her to sit down, straightforward: "Give me the recent financial situation, the general description of the line." Liu Hongmei also did not ask other, directly report up. At the end of last year, Far Eastern Group's market value was about 15 billion, with liabilities of 6 billion and net assets of about 9 billion. Now it is the end of April, half a year, Far Eastern Group profit almost 2 billion, mainly the supermarket and real estate part. Li Dong personally injected 2 billion, and the total assets almost reached 20 billion at this time. Later on, the loan from CCB and the corporate bonds, which amounted to 4 billion, almost broke even because of debt repayment, and the market value of Yuanfang did not change much in this regard. But the late Far Eastern holding Pengfei real estate and Beichuan real estate, especially the Beichuan piece of land rose frighteningly, this piece of Li Dong is afraid to earn billions of dollars.