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Chapter 712 Equity Transfer

  Office. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services. Shen Xi is low office, heard the door open, did not raise his head said: "how have time to come over today?" "Look at what you're saying." Li Dong laughed and said, "I'm a big boss, I came over to inspect whether my employees are lazy, do I need a reason?" Shen Xi laughed and looked up at him, "Now that you've finished your inspection, do you see my diligence? The employees are working so hard, and the boss doesn't have any benefits?" Li Dong nodded and said, "Of course there are benefits." "What? It's not a warehouse of carrots, right?" Shen Xi joked. Li Dong laughed lightly and said, "Am I that stingy? We'll postpone the welfare matter, the day after tomorrow, you remember to come to the board meeting, and we'll give you benefits then." Hearing Li Dong say this, Shen Xi froze for a moment and said with a straight face, "A board meeting, are you serious?" The board of directors of Far Eastern is different from other companies, Sun Tao and Qin Hai are all big officials sitting on one side. If there is no particularly important matter, Yuanfang almost does not open a board meeting. Once a board meeting is held, it means something big is going to happen. The previous board meeting was when Yuanfang was facing a debt crisis, and after that, whether it was the Beijing-Tianjin development plan, or the China-Baxter cooperation plan, these are considered big events, but Li Dong did not convene a board meeting. Now suddenly said to meet, Shen Xi naturally some surprise. Li Dong did not rush to reply, walked to the window and looked downstairs and said, "How did you move down?" "You are not in the company, I do not bother to run up and down the trouble. Let's not talk about that, you haven't said what the board meeting is for." "Your side of the environment downstairs is not very good, turn around and let people plant some flowers and plants down there, it also looks good to the eyes." Shen Xi rolled her eyes and said, "I asked you a question, what do you care about these chores." Li Dong laughed: "A good office environment is also a means of retaining people, I'm not afraid you'll run away, I have to find a way to keep you." Shen Xi heard this immediately frowned, for a while before saying, "Did you hear any bad news?" Li Dong shook his head, looking for a cushioned chair to sit down, turned around a few circles before saying: "Not to hear the wind, is that I am a little worried, your old Du to leave, if you follow the run, then I what to do? You are now my military adviser, far away from you, so I have to think of ways to make you like far away." Shen Xi once again rolled her eyes and said, "Boring! Besides, Yuanfang can't leave me, can you?" She thought that Li Dong would change the subject again, but he nodded and said, "I can't leave you either." Shen Xi froze for a moment and went forward to touch his forehead for a while before she laughed and said, "Fever today?" Li Dong let her drum on his head, with a smile on his face said: "No fever, honestly. Although I'm tired of seeing you every day, but suddenly I think you have to leave, but still quite reluctant. I thought and thought, I think you still stay better …… "Shen Xi is angry and laugh, this guy is always like this. Obviously good words, to his mouth is to make people feel do not know whether to be angry or should be happy to be good. She also understands his character and knows that it is not easy for him to say these words. Gently rubbed on his head, Shen Xi laughed: "Do not worry, do not listen to others nonsense, I will not leave. It's hard to watch you and Yuanfang go so far, I still want to see the scenery of Yuanfang in the next ten years, and you reign in the business world in the next twenty years, at this time I go, it's not a big loss." "That's good, at night I think I can get a good night's sleep." Li Dong gave a laugh, closed his eyes and stopped talking. Shen Xi looked at him with some suspicion and thought for a moment: "Wan cartoon side ……" Li Dong waved his hand and said: "Do not talk about work, accompany me to talk about gossip." Shen Xi helplessly said: "Chat whenever you want, Wan Cartoon side will soon be online, I have some questions ……" "This matter to Yuan Chengdao go, do not ask me. All said not to talk about work, accompany me to sit with." See Li Dong insisted, Shen Xi had to stop mentioning the work, moved a chair and sat down beside him. The two did not say too much, said also Shen Xi is talking, Li Dong is listening. After an unknown period of time, Shen Xi glanced at Li Dong, this guy has slightly snored, apparently really asleep. Seeing this scene, Shen Xi could not help but smile. ……4 On the 22nd of April, Yuanfang held a board meeting. Several board members were actually a bit puzzled, wondering what Li Dong was doing in another meeting for a good reason. Since the establishment of the board of directors, the number of meetings is very few. Before the general meeting, there will be a charter, and we all generally understand what to say at the meeting, but this time everyone is full of confusion, only know to meet, but do not know what to meet. When Sun Tao and others entered the conference room, Liu Qi had already arrived. As the secretary of the company, Li Dong's beloved, even Yuan Chengdao is very polite to Liu Qi. The people exchanged a few pleasantries, and when they saw that Liu Hongmei and the chief counsel of the legal department were also there, Sun Tao and several others looked suspicious. Liu Qi saw the situation and explained, "Mr. Li informed, this time, Mr. Liu and Mr. Chen were present at the meeting." Sun Tao nodded, but his heart became more and more suspicious. The legal department and the director of the finance department are present at the meeting, could it be that the announcement made by Mr. Li today is related to these two people? Or maybe it has to do with money and the law, so what exactly is it going to say? Doubt is doubt, no one asked questions at this time. Everyone found their own position to sit down and talk to each other. Liu Qi sat at the end, watching the crowd talking, silently watching. It is said that the onlooker is clear, Liu Qi at this moment is very clear to see something. There are a total of eight people on the floor plus herself, the two directors, not to mention the six directors, in addition to the titular director of the union, and she, the other four people seem to be talking happily, but in fact clearly divided into two factions. Shen Xi and Yuan Chengdao needless to say, schoolmates, Yuan Chengdao or Shen Xi's friend. Qin Hai and Sun Tao, because of Yang Yun's relationship, personal relationship is also good. This is the private side, in public affairs, because Yuan Chengdao beheaded a large number of old employees, Sun Tao and his relationship has long been cold down. And Qin Hai side, also Shen Xi is not too deal with, although the two do not have any verbal conflict, but almost will not communicate with each other. And Yuan Chengdao and Qin Hai, although there is little dispute, but because of Sun Tao's relationship, but also some do not deal with. Of course, this is the idea in Liu Qi's mind, in fact, several people together are talking and laughing, do not look carefully and analysis, outsiders will not notice this. When Liu Qi was thinking, the conference room door opened. Li Dong entered and said with a smile, "Sorry, sorry, I met Mr. Wu downstairs, pulling me hard not to give me go, talk for a few more minutes, delaying everyone." The crowd hurriedly said nothing, Li Dong found his own position to sit down, smiled and said, "Well, gossip first, now the meeting." The crowd suddenly quieted down, Li Dong lightly coughed and said, "Today there are a few things to inform the main, everyone listen to, or put forward some comments." Yuan Chengdao smiled and asked, "Mr. Li, what is the main topic about?" Like this kind of board of directors without prior whistle, without stating the theme of the meeting, only Li Dong can do it. If there was another company, they would have been scolded by the directors. Li Dong laughed: "It's just some miscellaneous things, I was too lazy to get the plan before, so I didn't whistle, so don't blame me." The crowd is speechless to the extreme! This statement, lazy to get a plan?