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Chapter 713 Don't be shameless

  Outside the meeting room.???? ??w??w??w?? Qin Hai stopped Li Dong, the two looked at each other for a moment, Qin Hai said in a deep voice: "1 billion investment is true?" Li Dong laughed: "This can still be false, Uncle Qin still does not know my situation? Every time the far side is short of money, it is difficult for me to turn out money, some money in order to maintain the mystery, did not disclose the source, in fact, are Shen Xi's money." Qin Hai sniffed silent for a while, finally nodded and turned away. Li Dong stood in place for a while, did not linger, and went straight out. …… downstairs. Li Dong just downstairs, Shen Xi said with a stern face: "Follow me!" Li Dong touched his nose, helplessly said: "so serious why." Shen Xi ignored him and went directly outside. After walking a cut, see no one around, Shen Xi frowned and said, "What are you fooling around!" "I'm not fooling around ……" "Still not fooling around!" Shen Xi said angrily: "Who told you to equity? Who told you to make up your own mind? What do you mean? Are you trying to kick me out?" "I don't mean that." Li Dong said slightly tired: "I just don't want you to leave, so I transferred the equity to you." Shen Xi was a bit annoyed and said, "Have you grown a brain? If you do this now, you are still forcing me to leave!" "Transferring 20% of the equity to me, you think there is an impermeable wall? If you do this, how will others look at me? And how much money I have can be said to come, but originally Shen's side is far away from Jiangbei, even if people know there is nothing to say, because this is my grandfather left me. But once I became a shareholder in the far side, even if the money comes clean, others will chew the tongue, do you understand!" After saying this, Shen Xi said with a black face: "Besides, I lend you money to support your development, you now give me equity, I became a robbery while the fire! You and I are so clearly divided, what do you mean? Li Dong, do you think that I, Shen Xi, love money more than anything?" Li Dong said accusingly, "I didn't think so." "Then why did you do that!" Said Shen Xi suddenly frowned and asked, "Did my mother look for you?" "No ……" "Don't lie!" Shen Xi drank: "What my mother said does not mean what I said, have you grown a brain? Also, you think I'm happy that you gave me shares?" "I'm telling you, I'm not happy, not happy at all!" Shen Xi said grunting, "I'd rather you and Qin Yuhan see a few less than these shares." Li Dong looked embarrassed, Shen Xi said in a good mood: "Again! What, you think you can get rid of this by taking out some shares, since you want me to make it clear, then I'll make it clear to you! I don't want the shares, if you feel uncomfortable with the money I borrowed from you, you can pay me back when you have money. I don't want to continue to pull the money thing, I'll ask you, Qin Yuhan and I how do you choose?" "Ahem ……" "Do not pretend, today is you forced me, if you do not give me a ready answer, I will really go!" Li Dong pretended to be pitiful: "I have a headache and want to go back and rest." "No headache!" Shen Xi is also furious today, grabbed him and said in annoyance: "If you dare to run try, you run, I will turn around and go to the capital and people dating!" "So cruel?" Li Dong's face became a bitter melon face, for a long time before saying, "All choose." "What?" "I want them all." Shen Xi looked at him with a surprised face for a while before she said, "You've become bold." "You guys forced me." "Where's your face?" Shen Xi laughed in anger and said, "We forced you? We forced you to have three wives and four concubines, didn't we? "No more shame." "You ……" Shen Xi by his words froze do not know what to say, only after a while to come back to his senses, turn his head and leave. Li Dong hurriedly went up and pulled her and said, "Xi Xi, I really can't do it ……" "Go away!" "No go!" Shen Xi stopped and glared at him, "You bother me less, I don't want to talk to you now!" Li Dong pitifully said, "Missy, don't be like this. Before is not quite good ……" "Good my ass!" Shen Xi could not help but burst a foul mouth, annoyed: "That is good? I don't want to bother with you about this, and I think you have been separated for so long after all, we are getting along, sooner or later you will score yourself, I didn't expect you to be so thick-skinned, still want to embrace the right and left, go to hell you!" Scolded, Shen Xi threw away Li Dong's hand to go. Li Dong refused to let go of his hand and continued to play pitiful: "Miss, you have to give me some time to think about it, I really can't make up my mind now." "Less of this, your little mind do not want to hide from me! Waiting for two years, think I am old, when you can not leave you, right? Dream on, even if I am 40, I can still marry a 20 year old boy!"