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Chapter 714 - North Bay Logistics Park

  Villa 7. The day of the novel Ww『W.'⒉3TXT.COM Li Dong knocked on the door for a long time, but no one came to open the door. After dawdling at the door for a while, Li Dong looked around and saw that no one noticed this side, and shouted at the door, "Shen Xi, open the door, I have something to see you." There was no sound from the door, but Li Dong knew that Shen Xi must be there. Otherwise, even if Shen Xi did not open the door, the nanny should also come to open the door. After knocking a few more times, seeing no sound inside, Li Dong shouted again, "I really need to see you, if you don't open the door, I'll shout!" "Then you shout!" Shen Xi in the house no good back, she did not believe that Li Dong really dare to shout. This is the inner courtyard of the provincial party committee, and all the people who come and go are dignified people. Li Dong unless really shameless, or make a big noise, others will not laugh at him. She just thought so, heard a loud shout from outside the door: "Shen Xi, open the door, the courier has arrived!" Even through the door, Shen Xi also felt a piercing gaze from all sides. I dare not continue to let this guy embarrassed, Shen Xi hurriedly opened the door, a hand will continue to shout Li Dong pulled in. Li Dong looked at her with a slight smile: "I said I shouted, you still do not believe, if you do not open the door again ……" said half of the words, Li Dong suddenly stuck, eyes a little straight. Shen Xi but did not notice, some annoyance said: "You do not face is your business, can not be here to shame, be heard, I still have to face!" The corners of Li Dong's mouth twitched and he said dryly, "Secretary Du, you are at home." Shen Xi's face stiffened and she turned her head to see Du Anmin and another person standing at the door of the study looking at them. After greeting Du Anmin, Li Dong smiled stiffly and said, "Governor Qin, you are also here." Qin Hanyuan nodded with a smile on his face and looked at the two without speaking. Du Anmin's eyebrows throbbed, swept his daughter, and then looked at Li Dong, for a while before saying in a muffled voice: "Li Dong, just ready to find you, into the study!" Dropping these words, Du Anmin and Qin Hanyuan once again entered the study. When the two went in, Li Dong said with a bitter face, "Your father and Governor Qin are in, why don't you say so." Shen Xi also blushed a little, braced herself and hummed: "I just let them see your scoundrel's face, what's wrong!" In fact, she really did not know that her dad and Governor Qin were at home, before the nanny had the chance to speak, she was beaten away. If not for the two coming out of the study, Shen Xi thought there was no one else at home except the nanny. Seeing Li Dong's depressed face, Shen Xi was suddenly in a much better mood, humming: "You're not shameless, but still afraid of what shame." Li Dong depressed said: "I was in front of you shameless, but really can not a little face." "Pfft!" Shen Xi really did not hold back, laughed a little and felt a little inappropriate, said with a stern face: "less scoundrel, go inside, do you still let the governor Qin wait for you!" "Then I went in, your father that careful, later may not know how to give me wear small shoes. Hey, poor ah, in order to give his daughter to the air, I am planted this time …… "Li Dong rambling a few words, Shen Xi no good: "This you go in and say it!" "Ahem, even if I don't want to face, small life still want." Li Dong laughed dryly, and did not dare to make the two inside wait long, while walking said: "Do not be angry, you see, this time I lost a lot of shame, if you are still angry, tomorrow I will publish a newspaper to apologize, that really lost to the country." "Nuts!" Shen Xi scolded, but really afraid that this guy to go to the newspaper. Other people say this she does not necessarily believe, but Li Dong this guy did not one or two confused things, really want to publish in the newspaper, that even if not lost all over the country is almost. Li Dong sniffed and whispered: "Still angry?" "Quickly go inside, are you annoyed!" "You said you're not angry anymore, or I'm not going in." Shen Xi stared at him for a while, and only after a long time gritted her teeth and said, "You love to enter or not, I'm too lazy to accompany you crazy!" Dropping these words, Shen Xi turned around and left. Li Dong a sarcastic face, it seems that this trick is not very good ah. Of course, said not to go in, that is deliberately scare Shen Xi words, Li Dong which can not really go in, offend two officers at once, looking for death is not so playful. …… study. Du Anmin and Qin Hanyuan are sitting opposite each other. Seeing Li Dong enter, Du Anmin did not pay attention to him, Qin Hanyuan smiled slightly and said, "Mr. Li, come in and sit down." Li Dong hurriedly said, "Secretary Du, Governor Qin, you don't need to mind me, I'll just stand here and listen." Du Anmin glanced at him and paused for a moment before saying, "Sit down and talk." Li Dong sat down with a dry smile, and when he sat down, the two ignored him and continued to talk about their own business. Li Dong listened for a while, not any big secret, the two talked about flood control. The rainy season is almost here, as the river along the Huaihuai Jiangbei, every year to the rainy season is a battle to defend. This year, the weather is a bit abnormal, there is a high probability of flooding, the two people are talking about this matter. This kind of thing Li Dong also can not intervene, but he also knows that this year the flooding hazard is still not small, but the Jiangbei side of the problem is not big, there is no danger, and do not worry too much. After talking for about two or three minutes, the two men ended the topic. Forgive Li Dong a moment is enough, Du Anmin will not really let him to play the sauce. Li Dong is at least the leader of private entrepreneurs in Jiangbei, if not for a somewhat complicated relationship with his daughter, Du Anmin will not deliberately treat him slowly. After talking about flood control, Du Anmin looked at Li Dong: "The expansion of Yuanfang this year is a bit fast, so it's best to slow down a bit, it's most important to establish a solid foundation." Li Dong hurriedly nodded and said, "Yes, Secretary Du don't worry, I won't mess around." Du Anmin nodded and said nothing more, next to Qin Hanyuan waited for the two to finish before speaking, "Mr. Li, we just met today, before I was going to find time to talk to you alone for a few minutes." Li Dong immediately said, "It's my turn to visit the governor, but I'm afraid the governor is too busy, and I haven't dared to bother him." Qin Hanyuan laughed and did not care about the truth of this statement, after a pause said, "I just talked with Secretary Du is the matter of the North Bay Logistics Park, just also talked about the Yuanfang Express. This year Xu Lai Yuanfang Express exhibition rapid, plus the Yuanfang distribution center, your scale in this area is not small ……" Qin Hanyuan said a while, Li Dong listen carefully. When he finished, Li Dong knew what these two wanted to do to find themselves.