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Chapter 715 - The more you calculate the more anno

  The meal was a bit boring. Shen Xi did not speak, Du Anmin did not speak, Li Dong naturally nothing to say. The three people finished their lunch in silence, because Du Anmin was at home, Li Dong also did not have the heart to continue to pester. After dawdling for a while, seeing that both father and daughter have no intention of staying, Li Dong was a bit helpless and had to say goodbye. In the past, Li Dong to go, Shen Xi will also send a ride. Today, Shen Xi also did not send, he said to go, Shen Xi as if he did not hear. When he said he wanted to go two or three times, Du Anmin cried and laughed and said, "How about I send you out?" Li Dong said with an embarrassed face, "No, no, Secretary, you are welcome, I can go out by myself." After saying that, Li Dong coughed lightly and said to Shen Xi, "Shen Xi, I still have some business matters to talk to you, go out together?" "I took a leave of absence, you go to Liu Hong if you have something." Shen Xi didn't have a good mood and said. Li Dong now really helpless, see Du Anmin smilingly looking at himself, rubbed a few times finally left the villa alone. When he left, Shen Xi also put down the matter in hand, sullenly sitting down on the sand. Du Anmin smiled at the situation and said, "Having trouble?" "No." "Then is he bullying you?" "No." "Then what is this, something to talk to Dad, Dad give you ideas." Shen Xi held her chin and looked at her dad, and only after a while said, "He had a board meeting today." Du Anmin did not make a sound, but waited for the follow-up. "Then he said to transfer 2o% of the Far Eastern Group's equity to me." Du Anmin frowned slightly and thought for a moment, "The equity cannot be wanted." "Well, that's what I said, but Mom's side ……" "Your mother ……" Du Anmin slightly hesitated A moment, finally said: "Your mother some advice I agree with, some things to listen to on the line. But even if you do not go to perform, you do not have to refute. You don't need to get involved in the things that are mixed with interests, Li Dong himself is not a fool, he will handle it. But emotionally, Dad still think that when the break is made, you have to think about your future." "I know." Shen Xi sullenly returned a sentence, got up and said, "Then I'm going to my room." "Go on." Du Anmin responded, waiting for his daughter to go upstairs, before shaking his head slightly. …… The next day. When Li Dong saw Shen Xi again, Shen Xi was already back to normal. Without waiting for Li Dong to open his mouth, Shen Xi frowned and said, "Don't talk to me about that name, besides I don't want to talk about my feelings right now, you don't make me angry. All right, that's it, the rest you want to do what you want." Li Dong was confused, what the hell does this mean? What do you mean he can do whatever he wants? Just when he was puzzled, Shen Xi already drove away in the car. Li Dong also hurriedly got into the car and said to Tan Yong: "Go to the company." After dropping these words, Li Dong stroked his chin and pondered, whether he had agreed or not? He was thinking, Tan Yong some can not hold back said: "Mr. Li, I think it is not good to always talk about this in front of Mr. Shen. I think, Shen is actually quite generous, you pretend not to have this, she does not have to take it up with you, but you always mention, replace me I also want to get angry." "Is that so?" Li Dong looked at him, half a long time before saying: "Tan, you did not lie to me?" Tan Yong had a bitter smile on his face, he really couldn't help himself before he said these few words. He was really fed up with Li Dong, you keep asking a woman, do you mind if I find another one, people can't help but be good-tempered. In exchange for him is Shen Xi, Tan Yong I'm afraid that already a big mouth to draw over. Also Shen Xi connotation good, otherwise Li Dong this emotional intelligence, has been beaten full of flowers. Tan Yong did not say anything, Li Dong also did not ask questions. When the car arrived at the downstairs of the company, Li Dong was about to get off, Tan Yong thought about it or said: "General Li, Zhu Hongtao again sued me." "Hmm?" Li Dong immediately put down the matter of Shen Xi, and hurriedly said, "When? Why didn't you tell me?" "I also only received the court summons yesterday, the court has decided to reopen the case. Mr. Li, what do you think I should do next?" Tan Yong said somewhat sullenly, "I should have known that I should have just put him ……" "Ahem ……" Li Dong coughed lightly A sound interrupted his words, thought: "Later you go to the Chen consultant, it will be fine. In the beginning it was an accident, you also went in for a period of time, this matter should have been over a long time ago. Don't worry, I won't let you go in again. Their purpose is not you either, I've seen a few days I'm afraid it's going to be all over town." Li Dong's eyes narrowed, the prosecution of Tan Yong is just the beginning. Next, if there is no accident, probably the media reports. Li Dong's driver involved in the murder, and the murder of the object and Li Dong had a dispute, a little rendering, I'm afraid it is a big furore. They do not need to name, people look at the report, will immediately think that Li Dong directed. The other side does not directly prosecute Li Dong, it is because this matter is not easy to find evidence, the court may not be accepted, and expect this to pull Li Dong down hope is not much.