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Chapter 716 - Militarism

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this. If Yuan Chengdao can be beneficial to the group and bring tangible benefits to the group, Li Dong does not mind tolerating some shortcomings. But if you wait a few more months, Yuan Chengdao is still tossing around these trivial matters, then Li Dong will not be polite. No longer have the heart to mention these, Li Dong face impatient said: "the shares of the matter you do not worry about, the next company things a lot, in addition to the existing expansion tasks, I have a few things to talk to you." "First, Sichuan Airlines is now facing restructuring, ready to introduce some powerful enterprises into. The government of Sichuan Province has set a goal to build Sichuan Province into a western logistics base, in addition to Shudu's fifth air traffic rights will soon be opened. Once the fifth air traffic rights are opened, Shudu, as an important transit point for Eurasian aviation logistics, has obvious regional advantages and will usher in a new opportunity for development. Also, the current nine domestic airline groups, Sichuan Airlines is the weakest, and is the only airline that has the opportunity for private enterprises to take a stake. Far Eastern Logistics is still mainly 6 transport, but the future trend of development, shipping will definitely occupy an important position ……" Li Dong said a bunch, Yuan Chengdao also understood his meaning, frowned slightly: "You mean, let us fight for this opportunity? " Li Dong nodded and said, "Right!" "Now the opportunity is rare, it just so happens that the chairman of Sichuan Airlines and I are business school classmates, and he is by no means less prestigious within Sichuan Airlines than I am on the far side." "Mr. Lan has promised to get this opportunity for me, and I think there is a lot of hope." "Once we can take a stake in Sichuan Airlines, Far Eastern Logistics' influence will immediately increase by a large margin, and it will also lay the foundation for us to enter the southwest." "Time is very tight now, and I've already asked someone to set up the Sichuan branch. Your side is mainly to do a good job in logistics, in addition you set up a team to go to negotiate with Sichuan Provincial Government and Sichuan Airlines Group before the end of the month. I've done all the work for you, you must take the shares of Sichuan Airlines! If necessary, I will personally go to Sichuan to supervise the battle, can not afford to lose!" Li Dong's tone was firm, Yuan Chengdao pondered for a moment and said, "Then Mr. Li's goal is just to take a share?" "Well, don't think about holding, we don't have the strength and power at the moment. In addition, the Sichuan government will not let Sichuan Airlines become our subsidiary, but even if we can't take a controlling stake, the more shares we take, the better!" Yuan Chengdao did not know much about Sichuan Airlines, thought about it and asked, "Then how much does Mr. Li plan to invest? How many shares?" "Sichuan Airlines currently has a total of 37 Airbus 32o series aircraft, plus other infrastructure projects, the value of the assessment is probably between 400 million to 500 million. This restructuring and reorganization, the goal of the Chuanshu State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission is not to lose its controlling interest. That is to say, the most will be financed 4o billion to 500 million dollars, occupying about half of the equity, but according to Mr. Blue, Sichuan Airlines has set Sinotrans Air Transport Group into the. Sinotrans side of the investment how much is not easy to say, my goal is the share ratio is best to reach about 2o%." "2o% ……" Yuan Chengdao thought about it and said, "The restructured Sichuan Airlines is aiming for 10 billion, that means if we want to reach this ratio, let alone whether other conditions can be reached, if so, we need to inject more than 200 billion into Sichuan Airlines?" Li Dong nodded and said, "Yes." Yuan Chengdao looked at him and said after a while, "Mr. Li, does this have to be done?" "Yuanfang Logistics wants to develop and grow, this opportunity is not to be missed." Li Dong understood his meaning and said seriously, "Mall + logistics + city + real estate, this is a complete industrial chain. Whether online or offline, if we can develop all four lines, then the Yuanfang Group will be as stable as a mountain! Once the logistics aspect is restricted, we will be constrained in the general direction. So into the Sichuan Airlines, hard neck also have to go on!" "We can wait, now the domestic policy has opened up a lot, Sichuan Airlines is the product of breaking the monopoly, we can completely wait a few years to apply for their own routes to establish a shipping company ……" "You think too much! " Li Dong unrelentingly said: "Even if the restrictions are liberalized, the nine major airlines will not sit back and watch. What's more, this so-called liberalization of restrictions a talk is just painting the pie, within ten years, want to set up their own shipping company almost no hope. Ultimately, it will still be restricted, and since they are all restricted, it is better to start from zero than to take a stake in Sichuan Airlines, which already has a foundation now." "I know all this." Yuan Chengdao really can't hold back a bit, full of fatigue said: "But have you considered the pressure of the group?" "From the second half of o6, the pace of expansion of Yuanfang is getting faster day by day, the total investment before and after has been over 1oo billion, and the planned investment is nearly 1oo billion! In the next year, our scale will expand several times!" "At this time you also want to take a stake in Sichuan Airlines, costing as much as 200 billion!" "Your so-called complete industrial chain, let alone whether it is proven, is not the most suitable direction for the group's development. Even if it is, there should be a control of the multi-headed parallel!" "Where does the money come from? Mr. Li, to put it in a way you don't like to hear, on the one hand you refuse foreign capital to enter the group, and on the other hand you are militarizing, you don't really think Yuanfang is a bank, do you?" "According to the original expansion plan, the capital shortage of Yuanfang Group has reached 800 million in the second half of the year, and you also promised Mr. Wu that your investment in Dongyu Real Estate will not be less than 300 million before the end of the year. Now you also want to take a stake in Sichuan Airlines, another 200 million to start with, a 1.3 billion capital shortfall! Far side of the second half of the profit, even if you add the repurchase of the property of Dongyu, will not be more than 500o billion …… "He had not finished, Li Dong frowned: "And the land in the western downtown area!" Yuan Chengdao exhaled and said, "Well, even with that land, but the current value of that land will not be more than 300o billion ……" "When the new bridge airport program is passed, the value of this land will not be less than 500o billion! " Li Dong corrected. Yuan Chengdao some headache said: "Well, even if the new bridge airport program can be passed! But when exactly, how long will it take you know? The new bridge airport program has been applied for a year or two, has not been able to determine, you can give me an accurate time? Once this year this program did not pass, dragged to the next year what?" "Just this year!" Li Dong saw that he still had to speak, pressed his hand and said, "When I say this year, I mean this year, with this piece of land, we will have money." Yuan Chengdao gasped: "But that's not entirely ours, even if it's worth 500o million, what we can share is less than 300o million, the funding gap is still as high as 500o million!" Li Dong gently knocked on the table, thought about it and said, "All difficulties can be overcome, 500 million of the funding gap, although a little too much, but not impossible to complete. If you don't push yourself, how do you know you can't finish it? Last year, the bottom of the far side is so weak, did not also achieve a lot of things you think impossible to do?