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Chapter 717: Charity in one hand, butcher's knife

  Li Dong's legendary empire has not yet been built successfully, the rivers and lakes once again set off a fishy storm. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. "Ten billionaire rich involved in murder case!" "The real face of the big domestic philanthropist!" "A butcher's knife in one hand, charity in the other, on the two faces of humanity!" "Business legend, facing murder charges!" "……" Public opinion was in an uproar, the crowd was outraged, countless onlookers whistled "severely punish the executioner!" In just one day, the Internet, newspapers, the streets and alleys are all talking about Li Dong. This post-80s mega-rich, domestic philanthropist, grassroots legend …… This series of fame has made Li Dong unwittingly a celebrity, the object of envy and jealousy of countless people. When Li Dong is still a legend, everyone is jealous again, can only be jealous. But when the legend is tainted, this stain will be infinitely magnified. As for who is Tan Yong? No one cares! Even if the other party accused not Li Dong, everyone selectively ignored. Especially when the name charity everyone hanging on Li Dong's head, many people feel extra harsh and ironic. At this time, the crowd also forgot about the initial awe, the initial praise. People are forgetful, as in the future Mengniu, when the outbreak of the triclopyr incident, even if the other party was only affected by the fish, others do not mind falling into the well. The old cattle donated shares at the time, but was hailed as a god and Buddha-like figure. But an implication let the old cattle lost all the honor, had to be a low voice to help others, if not a critical moment of human support, the old cattle can not survive this hurdle is not certain. Li Dong is almost the same, hanging on the name of charity, when there is nothing, the crowd is very high for you very high. When something happens, these people will treat you with harsh moral standards to ask you, hate to step on you at once. Of course, all this Li Dong does not care. …… Far Far Away Building. Countless reporters and media blocked the entrance. When Li Dong's car drove in, even if the security dead blocked the crowd, but also can not stop the clamor of questioning sound. Li Dong inside the car never came down. The reporters outside shouted: "Mr. Li! Please give the public an explanation? As a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist in China, how do you feel about this matter?" "Mr. Li, as a public figure, don't you want to give an explanation to the public?" "Mr. Li, on the case of Zhu Hongtao accusing your driver of murder, can you reveal some details?" "Will you be present when the trial starts?" "I heard that your driver is still driving for you, and you have not chosen to dismiss or avoid suspicion, does that mean you have a good chance of winning?" "Mr. Li ……" Just as the group was raging, the security from afar finally demonstrated its strength. Dozens of security personnel, carrying plastic rods to form a human wall, blocking the media and onlookers to the periphery. Only then did Li Dong's car start again and slowly drive into the park. Outside the noise Li Dong deaf to, still closed his eyes to rest. Tan Yong did not have his calm, waiting for the car to stop, Tan Yong some fatigue said: "Mr. Li, I ……" "Relax, do not pay attention to these people, see the wind is rain, a group of people follow to find the existence of just. Continue to drive your car, if really tired, rest a few days, when the court you do not have to say anything, the far side raised a legal department, is still afraid of not winning the case!" Li Dong comforted two sentences, and finally patted Tan Yong's shoulder and got out of the car and walked towards the building. Along the way, many employees hastened to stop and greet Li Dong when they saw him, and some couldn't help but steal a glance. In just two days, this legendary boss of theirs was caught in the limelight. Especially in Jiangbei, in Pingchuan, in the distant rise of the place, Li Dong instructed people to murder is becoming a hot spot after tea and dinner. At this point in time, you just go out and ask someone, nine out of ten will know about Li Dong. In the eyes of Jiangbei people, Li Dong is their pride, their role model. But when the news of Li Dong's involvement in the murder came out, it was probably the people of Jiangbei who hated him the most. Now many people are waiting for Li Dong to come out and explain his response, but Li Dong did not say a word, as if by default. This immediately let a lot of young people who still have some expectations for him also disappointed up. When Li Dong was put on the altar of God is the work of these people, but see Li Dong is about to everyone shouting beatings, but also these people are the most aggressive clamor. All of this Li Dong knew, but he just did not show up. When Li Dong walked to the office door, Shen Xi was talking with Chen Ke, and when she saw him coming, Shen Xi said with a worried face, "Just downstairs did not encounter trouble, right?" "It's fine." Li Dong shook his head and said as he entered the office. Shen Xi hurriedly followed in and said at the door: "Come out and explain, if this goes on, it will have too much impact on your reputation. Zhu Hongtao they have no evidence, really have, already accused you. Now they accuse only Lao Tan, you better avoid some with Lao Tan at this time. I may not be too nice, but when it comes to the necessary juncture, I hope you can put aside these personal feelings and take the big picture as the priority." Li Dong glared at her and said with a frown, "You want me to abandon the pawn and protect the car? I did it once in the beginning, and I won't do it again now! What's more, I won't just compromise, plotting and scheming over and over again, I, Li Dong, am that easy to bully? This time you do not care, and do not get involved, you get involved in more trouble, your identity is different. Don't worry, I will take care of it, public opinion is now also I am letting go. I just want to make a big deal out of this, and when it's so big that the whole country knows about it, so big that everyone's focus is here, I'll fight back!" Shen Xi smiled and quickly said, "You have a countermeasure?" Li Dong sneered: "A wounding case a few years ago, and it was originally an accident, how much more concocted, there will not be anything more. The only thing they can point to me is to spend money to get Lao Tan out, but no matter what for, they do not dare to lift the lid! Spending money to fish out people is not me Li Dong alone in doing, do you know how many people are affected by this? Once this lid is lifted, Zhu Hongtao those people without my hand on someone will kill them. So the lid is not lifted, they can help me what? Let them continue to bounce for a few days, the higher the bounce the more painful the fall, I would like to see how they end up!" "But after all, the impact on you is not small ……" "Okay, do not talk about this, I came to the company today is not for this." Li Dong interrupted her words and changed the subject: "The shares really do not want?" Shen Xi rolled her eyes and said, "No!"