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Chapter 718 - The Wall Falls on the People

  Negative public opinion is still going on. Li Dong always does not appear, the outside world also followed the rumor more. By the end of April, even the government side, which originally stayed out of the matter, was also a bit restless. Lao Du and Qin Hanyuan did not look for Li Dong, Wu Changguo, these and Li Dong's close interaction with the senior officers are privately called to persuade Li Dong to come forward to explain a few words. According to everyone's ideas, this time to abandon the pawn to protect the car is the best choice. Li Dong as long as all the problems are thrown to Tan Yong's head, it is not a problem. After all, when Li Dong let Tan Yong do this, there is no written agreement, nor any recording material. The other things alone, want to take down Li Dong the ten billionaire, there is really nothing possible. Li Dong mouth should be, but no substantive action, still let the public opinion raging. …… Of course, Li Dong did not do nothing. At the end of April, the Yuanfang Charity Fund carried out the largest rescue operation since its inception. In March this year, North China and Northeast China were hit by a rare snowstorm and storm surge, causing widespread damage. Far Eastern Charity Foundation, through Far Eastern Supermarket and Far Eastern Logistics, invested more than 30 million RMB in post-disaster reconstruction aid for North China at the end of April. If this were done in normal times, it would be praised, but at this moment, many people did not buy it. Some people think that Li Dong is spending money to buy peace, while others think that Li Dong is hypocritical. Of course, not everyone thinks so, but this trend is taking over. There are also people who scold Li Dong for being stingy, being worth more than ten billion dollars, but only donating such a small amount of things. The company's main business is to promote the development of the company's products and services. In 2007, how many people in China could do this? Not to mention that this 30 million is only part of it, Li Dong personally donated 500 million at the beginning of the year, this is real money! Charity fund is not to say that a day to spend all the money, a snowstorm, the distant charity fund donated 30 million of materials, in the major domestic charities have been ranked first. Even the public charity, this donation is not more than Li Dong. …… Provincial Party Committee Compound. Li Dong leisurely sunbathing, next to Hu Xiaorui is indignant: "Li Dong, you are not angry at all? If I were you, I wouldn't even donate a dime! Spent 30 million, but the result is not even a sound, the two governments are also excessive to the extreme! You have paid so much this time, not even an official commendation, what kind of person!" Li Dong said carelessly: "If not, then not. Since we are doing charity, we don't need to care about this. Besides, if I donate to this private foundation, they won't get any benefit and look incompetent, plus now at this juncture, some face-saving work is naturally saved." "Then you are still rushing to donate money, you are stupid!" Hu Xiaorui said indignantly. Li Dong smiled lightly: "Don't be in a hurry, besides, it's not easy for the victims, it's a little help. When this matter has subsided, someone will naturally fight for me. How much aggravation I suffer now, when the time will be how much praise. Although the reputation of this thing is a fart when it comes to the key, but still a little useful. Do you really think I'll take 30 million and just smash it? I just choose to donate money at this time, let others go to anger, let them think I abominable, I just like to see everyone angry, but they can not help me, do you say cool?" Hu Xiaorui is difficult to understand his brain circuit, muttered a few times before saying, "Forget it, too lazy to talk about you. The movie box office statistics are out." Li Dong said carelessly, "How much?" "38 million." "Not bad!" Li Dong was a little surprised and said, "So high?" This is not the era of hundreds of millions of billions of box office later, 06 years mainland movie box office, the highest does not exceed 300 million. The box office is also difficult to say whether these box office is true or not, 38 million in last year can enter the annual top 20. 07 years in film and television development is not much, this year is probably about the same ranking. A niche movie, a new director, a group of actors who are not top stars, the result actually created 38 million box office, Li Dong is indeed a little surprised. He was surprised, but Hu Xiaorui was a little lost: "What high ah, the first 10 days are 20 million, the back 20 days together is not as high as the front, depressed to death." Li Dong rolled his eyes, just online and almost offline can be the same? Li Dong was actually very surprised that the latter could get 18 million at the box office. The 20 million in the front is also this silly girl took seriously, Li Dong and Hu Ming these people contributed at least 5 million box office. In other words, in fact, the first ten days box office is not as much as the back. Thinking about it, Li Dong asked: "The box office is not low, you increase publicity?" "No ah." Hu Xiaorui said casually: "At that time your far side is not an accident, plus your fame in those days, the cinema on the main hit your name lulled a little, the result is that the Jiangbei box office income is a lot." Li Dong corner of the mouth twitched a little, you guys really dare to do. He showed up in it, you also dare to take me to promote. Not thinking about it, Li Dong laughed: "So we can share the spoils?" 38 million is just box office income, in addition to other copyright income, plus some advertising and derivative products income, probably some money to take. If you put it all together, 50 million should be about right. Li Dong, as an investor, their share of the after-tax income of 15 million is certainly no problem. And Li Dong and Hu Xiaorui, the initial investment plus advertising, the total cost of about 10 million. The 50% profit ratio is relatively high, of course, this does not count the movie tickets that Li Dong and Hu Ming bought privately, otherwise it would be a capital preservation at best. Hu Xiaorui shrugged and said, "The money hasn't arrived yet, and even if it does, you don't have any money." "Why?" Li Dong said with some depression. "Didn't you say you would invest in my company? My company has been set up, but also Zhang Meng and Yang Si they are signed in, spent a lot of money, of course you have no money to share." Li Dong almost forgot this stubble, smiled and scratched his head: "Then even if, still need another investment?" "No need for the time being, when I get the company, to dig some stars if the lack of money and then find you." "How you like it yourself." Li Dong said and said: "Today is to talk to me about this?" Hu Xiaorui shook her head and said, "No, I mentioned it to you in passing. The main reason is to comfort you, after all, you feel quite poor these days, but it seems you are still in a good mood. In addition, I have prepared a party, ready to take you to take a break in the evening, go together tonight."