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Chapter 719 - A happy day

  Liu Ke came quickly. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services. He came for Li Dong, and did not do any cover up. When Liu Ke walked over with a smile on his face, others have quieted down. Just scolded the fierce, that is because Liu Ke is not in. But as Chang Qiqi's husband, father-in-law is a provincial party committee member, his own family also has a large business, the crowd can not really be afraid of him. Others are afraid of him, Hu Xiaorui is not afraid. Once you see him coming, Hu Xiaorui immediately realized that it must be his side of the people revealed the wind. After a glance at the crowd, Hu Xiaorui's face carried a touch of annoyance, then she stood up and glared at Liu Ke and said, "Liu, you are not welcome here!" Liu Ke smiled and said, "Miss Hu, I just came over to say hello to Mr. Li, no need to be like this, right?" "Get out of here, don't be smiling in front of me, don't act like a smiling tiger! You are far worse than Xu Shengzhe, your smile is disgusting!" As soon as Hu Xiaorui's words fell, Liu Ke's face tensed up. After giving her an annoyed look, Liu Ke looked at Li Dong Dong: "Mr. Li, is this your way of treating guests?" Li Dong took a glass of beer and smiled lightly, "When friends come, there is wine, when wolves come, there is a hunting rifle, isn't this the way of hospitality?" "You!" Liu Ke didn't expect Li Dong to say that, his face was slightly red, then he said with some annoyance, "Mr. Li still has time to drink and amuse himself here now, his heart is quite big!" Li Dong snickered: "You're not here for just a few words, are you? Kids, if you can't afford to play, don't play, just your character, if not for the face of your old man, I'd be too dirty to step on you." "Li Dong!" Liu Ke grimly grunted: "You do not say others, if not that one is still around, step on you I also too dirty!" Li Dong burst into laughter, laughing at the crowd's bewilderment, laughing at Liu Ke's annoyance to the extreme. Liu Ke did not come alone, followed by him there are several people, see Li Dong laughing, standing behind him a young man grunted: "Is it so ridiculous? Poked a sore spot, feel embarrassed? Li Dong, don't blame us for not giving you face, just return my sister's things, and we'll settle this matter!" Li Dong stopped laughing for a while and said carelessly, "Your name? Which one is your sister?" The other party as if poked a sore spot, some shy annoyed said: "My name is Han Feng, my sister Han Yu!" "Han Yu …… hahaha ……" Li Dong laughed again, and waited for Han Feng to look annoyed before Li Dong shook his head and said, "Is your sister's brain in water? ? She did not come out herself, looking for you such a two-hundred-fifty to come to me? Five hundred million I dare to give, do you dare to take it?" Upon hearing the five hundred million, the others held their breath and did not dare to say another word. Involved in such a large amount of money, although they do not know because of what, but at this time everyone is not stupid, which does not understand this guy called Han Feng is not small. Seeing that Li Dong looked down on him, Han Feng angrily said, "Then see if I dare to ask for it!" Li Dong glanced at him and said, "It's useless to talk tough, how about this, you go back first, within three days I will personally come to your door and send you 500 million, what do you think!" "You didn't lie to me?" Han Feng frowned a little, looked at him some disbelief. Li Dong smiled lightly and said, "If I say something, not to mention 500 million, even if it is doubled ten times, it will not be a lie." "Good!" Han Feng said with some excitement: "Then I'll stay here for three more days, I'd like to see if you can do what you say! I promise, as long as you pay back the money, I will absolutely not be involved in this matter anymore!" Liu Ke frowned at his words and wanted to say something, but Han Feng simply ignored him and said with excitement on his face, "I'll go first, Li Dong, I'll wait for you for three days!" "I won't see you." Li Dong smilingly glanced at him, Han Feng was looked at a little uncomfortable. But the thought that he had actually done such a big thing, or excited hard to own, and could not care less about why Li Dong was so nice, turned his head and left. This guy is also a straight temper, even asked Liu Ke did not ask a question. When he left, Liu Ke's eyes instantly showed a touch of shame. After glancing at Li Dong, Liu Ke coldly snorted: "Li Dong, we'll see! The shame you gave me, I will definitely return it a hundred times! Don't think that it will be okay if you bow down to the Han family, just wait!" "I'll wait for you, but I'm afraid you won't be able to wait for that time." Li Dong let out a laugh and added, "Little friend, you didn't say hello to your parents this time, right?" "You!" "Don't get angry, I guess it should be no whistle, if your parents are also so stupid, then how comfortable I am, hey, light long not long brain ……" "Li Dong!" Liu Ke was once again furious, he thought he was this time to taunt Li Dong as the victor, certainly can export the gas. The result is that Li Dong did not lose his soul as he thought, and even looks like this guy is in a good mood. Three words will stimulate him to beat this bastard! Li Dong said carelessly: "What? Want to hit me? Come on, I don't fight back, you hit me, I've been a little itchy lately, come on, give me a punch." "Don't dare to do it?" "Hey, it is said that there is courage and no strategy, really this is also OK, at least there is an advantage. The result is no brain, not to mention, even a little blood is not, do not know you such a waste of food to waste alive." "Waste is waste, wide eyes looking at me why? I have said, I do not fight back, you hit me ah!" "……" Li Dong flirted with a few words, Liu Ke several times impulsive really want to go up to beat people, but were a few people behind him to stop. Just kidding, scolding a few questions is not a big deal, you have to really hit Li Dong, then the trouble is big. The other party is the leader of the business community in Jiangbei, or the provincial government's side of the red man, in East China's influence are not small. If Liu Ke really beat the other side out of the problem, then wait for the end of it. Really want to beat Li Dong, that also has to wait for his reputation completely stink the street, no one dares to shelter him, then the well to give him a hard time is not a big problem. But the current hands, that is their own handle to send over. Said and said but Li Dong, people can not fight, Liu Ke half dead of anger, and finally glared at him fiercely turned around and left. When he left, Li Dong could not help but shake his head and said: "How there are such idiots, sent to the door looking for anger." The first time I saw Liu Ke, although he did not think he was capable, but Li Dong felt a little shrewd. But after several contacts, he found that this guy is a real idiot.