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Chapter 720 - Killing the chicken to make an examp

  Li Dong sleep solid, some people can not see solid. The first day, Li Dong just got up and received a call from Jia Wenhao. The next day, Li Dong just got up and received a call from Jia Wenhao. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Li Dong accompanied a few words of courtesy, hung up the phone and said to himself: "Old Jia heart is quite big." Five hundred million, to be honest, in the hands of anyone who would not be willing to give the person. Even Li Dong, he is now worth dozens of times five hundred million, but you let him give five hundred million to the person for no reason, he could not. Bias Jia Wenhao is really willing! Such people are not too treacherous, not too loyal, anyway, no matter how you look at it, Jia Wenhao is not good to mess with. Han Yu's money, the source is not necessarily legitimate. If something happens later, it is likely to implicate Jia Wenhao, but now the money from Han Yu hands to the hands of Li Dong, later even if someone attacked Jia Wenhao on the pretext of this, Jia Wenhao can also do a piece of leaf does not stain the body. There really must be that day, Li Dong must also be for him to cover the tank to do. After all, the money in the hands of Li Dong, it is difficult not to Li Dong a sentence I won the line? First of all, not to mention that others believe, even if they really believe, gambling money so large gambling, and still in the country, Li Dong can not help but drink a pot. So think about it, Li Dong think it is best not to mess with this guy. Jia Wenhao future how, Li Dong does not remember much. But a vague impression, because of the Suan New City, the old Jia later seems to have risen a step, but should not stay in Jiangbei, but went somewhere else. The next ten years, Jia Wenhao the name Li Dong also do not remember whether they have heard of it. In his previous life, he was an ordinary *** In addition to national leaders and some major leaders in Jiangbei, other places of officialdom he really did not have the heart to pay attention to. But Li Dong has not heard of the old Jia fell, he really should have fallen at this level, Li Dong should be impressed. Since there is no, this guy is so powerful, Li Dong think Jia Wenhao should be able to mix well in the future, at least should not be worse than Du Anmin to where. After thinking about it for a while, Li Dong didn't bother to think about it anymore. Jia Wenhao no matter how the future, as long as he wants to go to that high position, he will not have any out of the ordinary action to himself. This guy is obviously the kind of people who love rivers and mountains and not too much money, Li Dong on a businessman, there is no obstacle to his political future. Jia Wenhao as long as the brain is not too dizzy, there is no need for the case will not deliberately and Li Dong against. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. ……5 1st. The first anniversary of the launch of the Far Mall. On this day, the anniversary of the Yuanfang Mall officially began, a variety of promotional offers have caused huge waves. Along with Suning Electric, Five Star Electric, Zhongbai Department Store and several other retailers online in the mall, the influence of Far Eastern Mall expanded rapidly. On the same day, Wan Card, the exclusive payment method of Yuanfang, was officially launched. Last year's second-rate activity, which was a great success, was also opened again on this day. While the online activities were in full swing, offline Yuanfang Group was not idle either. All of Yuanfang's opened stores launched a big promotion campaign, with various advertisements covering the sky. Yuanfang Logistics also provided free home delivery service for shopping malls and supermarkets without any limit, which was the first time in China. The more successful Yuanfang was, the more attention Li Dong attracted. At this time, news came out that Yuanfang Sichuan Branch was negotiating with Sichuan Airlines for a stake in the company and that Yuanfang might take over the North Bay Logistics Park, causing waves again. Many people were outraged and felt their dignity was being trampled on. Li Dong continued to expand Far Eastern's business at this time, clearly not taking them seriously. The slogan "punish the executioner severely, boycott Yuanfang" was raised again. …… Yuanfang Building. Yuan Chengdao's senior executives were a bit worried. As the incident continued to brew, and with someone pushing the envelope, Li Dong himself also held a high-profile anniversary celebration at this time, the pressure on Far Eastern Group was getting bigger and bigger. After a moment of silence, Yuan Chengdao took the lead and said, "Mr. Li, why don't you explain to the media side and try to salvage Yuanfang's reputation." Zhang Mingduo also spoke up, "The slogan of boycotting Yuanfang is still just talk, but we can't just sit back and ignore it, or else it will really cause a large-scale boycott, and there will be big trouble." Li Dong smoked a cigarette and swept a glance at the crowd, and only after a while said, "Then you guys arrange it and take a time for me to exchange a few words with the media." Seeing that Li Dong agreed, the crowd was overjoyed. A few days ago, Li Dong had refused to show up to explain, everyone thought he had to resist, but now it seems that Li Dong finally compromised. When the time comes to take a stand in front of the media, apologize, and Tan Yong to clear the relationship, this matter even if the far side will still be affected, it will not be so big.