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Chapter 721 - Used as a gun

  May 3rd. Li Dong, who had not appeared in public since his involvement in the murder case, finally showed up. Faraway Mansion. The media reporters came to many, about the ten billion billionaires bought murder, this kind of gossip news is the media's favorite. Li Dong has always kept his mouth shut, now finally decided to speak, the crowd naturally rushed over the first time. Originally, everyone felt that Li Dong came forward and said the same thing as the routine. Nothing more than and Tan Yong has nothing to do with this matter, he did not know, and then apologize to the public, disappointing everyone's hopes and other words. Although the crowd felt that it is still the same old story, but it is better to speak than not to speak to the strong. But I did not want to, Li Dong just sat down, the first sentence let everyone astonished. "Zhu Hongtao has been arrested!" "Zhu Hongtao was arrested?" "Mr. Li, can you repeat?" "How come, isn't Zhu Hongtao the plaintiff? How could he be arrested?" "This ……" The crowd was in shock, this reversal is too fast. There are countless people fighting for Zhu Hongtao, sympathy Zhu Hongtao encounter, the results of the work of the turn of the eye, Li Dong told them Zhu Hongtao arrested, which is too childish. The crowd asked a few questions, see Li Dong did not speak, finally someone asked: "Mr. Li, Zhu Hongtao was arrested in the name of what?" Li Dong said indifferently, "Gathering a crowd, extortion, organizing, leading and participating in organizations of a black athlete nature, in addition there may be involved in intentional injury and other charges, are these enough?" The crowd froze for a moment, some did not know what to ask. Li Dong said with a sneer on his face: "A black club actually caused such a big wave, you media is a great credit. What intentional murder, bullshit stuff. What, look at my money and want to come bite me? The country is still **lawful, justice is in the heart." The crowd fell silent for a moment, and someone immediately said, "Mr. Li, may I ask how did you know about this?" "I reported it, of course I know about it." "You reported it!" Everyone didn't expect Li Dong to bluntly say that he reported it, shouldn't he be more evasive at this point? Li Dong did not care about them, continued: "What official-business collusion words do not ask, not guilty. The evidence is clear, if you do not believe in yourself to check, this kind of people's reputation is notorious street, go to Yaohai District, just ask to know. Some people deliberately pretend not to know, want to drag me down, and do not look at their own virtues." Without waiting for others to ask, Li Dong said to himself, "In addition to Zhu Hongtao, Liu Ke of Tang Long Group, Yao Li of Munshen Real Estate were arrested. In addition to a number of other charges, I will additionally prosecute them for slander and disinformation, this incident was planned by these people. As for what they want to do, I am too lazy to guess. But because of them, they have caused significant economic losses to the Far Eastern Group, these people will face huge compensation, and I hope they can afford it." "In addition to these few people, there are also some people involved, but unfortunately I have no evidence, so I have to give up the prosecution. But if you are interested, you can go back and check it out, for example, the Tang Long Group and Mengshen Real Estate and which people are closely involved, of course, I just said it casually, what you think is your business." "The other thing is that Yuanfang City will recently shelve all the products of the Yurun series ……" Li Dong just finished saying that there are others involved in the first foot, the second foot turned to the shelving of Yurun products. This is now everyone again foolish also understand his meaning, immediately a reporter picked up: "General Li, you mean, Rain Rain is also the organizer of this time?" "I didn't say that, I just shelved their products. As for why the shelves, because recently there are distant customers said to eat each other's meat food appear ill food poisoning and other symptoms, of course, the specific reasons we are still investigating. But after all, it is a matter of food safety, even if we shelve each other's products in advance will face compensation, on this point I am not hesitant. After all, really want to eat dead, that is not responsible for everyone's safety. I heard that recently there are some unscrupulous businessmen, some sick and dead poultry will be processed to the market, we will definitely keep a strict quality barrier. For these unscrupulous businessmen, it is right to catch one and shoot one. Well, that's roughly it, but don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about Yurun, you guys don't report nonsense, I'm here but also recorded video." The corners of the mouth twitch, you have said so clearly, we still need to haphazardly report? Several senior executives in the distance are also chagrined, Li Dong too dare to say! This is a gathering of media from all over the country, you are not even insinuating, almost like naming and shouting. Yuan Chengdao sighed, it seems that the legal department will have to turn back to the tug of war. The good thing is that Li Dong is still restrained, not directly named, although it is almost, but at least there is a layer of shame, hope that the back of the legal department brothers can hold up. Just when everyone was digesting Li Dong's news, Li Dong did not panic and said, "There is still ……" "There is still!" People in the distance are green in the face, who else are you going to get in trouble? The reporters are also looking forward to it, hoping that Li Dong can explode more information.