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Chapter 722 Li Dong "conceded"

  Only then did Li Dong notice that more than Tang Long's group was pushing the envelope. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Tang Long what background they are, Li Dong can still not clear? Although the other side did not end up well, but this time can not Li Dong can provoke. It is enough to fight the other side in the business, really involved in a deep-level encounter, he Li Dong may end up as a discard, which is not the result he wants. After a few moments of contemplation, Li Dong made a few phone calls. After a while, Yuan Chengdao a few people walked in. As soon as they entered, Shen Xi frowned and said, "Things have gone too far." "I know, but it has nothing to do with me, I was pitted." Shen Xi glared at him, was pitted? You are not being pitted, you are willingly jumping into the pit yourself! Not to dwell on these, Shen Xi thought about it and said: "shares in Sichuan Airlines is probably hanging, in addition to Sichuan Shu investment plan suspended. The words of the Sunan side, let Sun try to calm things down, really can not, Sunan we shrink camp, first renewed it." Yuan Chengdao understand some of the internal situation is not two deep, but he also knows that this is not so simple. Hearing Shen Xi's words, Yuan Chengdao nodded and said, "Sichuan Shu investment we must all stop, this time to go in, it is likely that the blood money will not return." Li Dong gently knocked on the table, and only after a while said, "The Sunan side according to your words, try to contract the camp. Sichuan Shu side ……" "Follow the plan!" Several people frowned, at this time to expand to Sichuan Shu, is this necessary? Once those people are not overturned by this storm, designated to hold a grudge against Li Dong. This time the far side is not in the other side of the eye, that is not a big problem, but you find the door, is not looking for death is what. Li Dong saw several people themselves, said in a deep voice: "Tomorrow the group first cloth announcement, just say that everything on the network has nothing to do with us. Anyway, you guys first take us off before you say ……" "Can others believe it?" "Whether they believe it or not, that's it. Of course, this alone will certainly not work, we have to take a stand, have to bow down. The matter of the mall is the matter of the mall, the rest we do not participate. In addition I'm going to let the Yuanfang Fund into Sichuan, the next year to start 500 million in Sichuan education poverty alleviation program! In this way, we can also be their determination and attitude. As long as the attitude is made clear, it is difficult for them to really want to get me killed? And I did not take the initiative to provoke them, and besides, this is not my doing, the discerning people know that someone used me. If I put my attitude so low, those people won't have to kill me, right?" "That's feasible." Shen Xi thought about it and nodded. Another table announcement, another trip to Sichuan to help the poor without compensation, at this time everyone knew that Li Dong was admitting his weakness. Unless those people are determined to do something to Li Dong, otherwise they will not be staring at him. Shen Xi thought it was feasible, but Yuan Chengdao was surprised, "500 million to help the poor?" Far Eastern Fund only 700 million funds in total, before has spent a lot, and the charity fund is not once or twice to help the poor, that is a long year. This time Li Dong spent the money of the charity fund at once, how to do in the future? What's more, you give so much support to Sichuan Shu, Jiangbei side? Here is the foundation of Li Dong, you do not have the courage to contribute to the hometown? In the end, I am afraid that the charity fund expenses will be large, at this time, Li Dong still have money to invest in the charity fund? Seeing his face full of surprise, Li Dong said self-deprecatingly: "Consider spending money to buy peace, there is no way out. Anyway, doing charity is to do anywhere, Sichuan conditions are more difficult than our side, want to benefit, can not not invest it. When necessary, the Far Eastern Group can additionally donate to help." Yuan Chengdao frowned and said, "But I don't think Sichuan can bring us so much profit! With this money, we can go to other places to invest, the return will be higher. Whether it's the coastal area, or even to Shanghai, or to increase capital in North China, I think it's more cost-effective than entering Southwest. We are not welcome in Sichuan, do we have to enter? According to you, 500 million is not even the bottom line, which is completely inconsistent with business rules." Li Dong shook his head and said, "You don't understand, investment is all trivial at this time, Shen Xi should understand. I have no choice, in fact I know it is better to withdraw from Sichuan Shu at this time, but not to dispel the discontent of some people, we have more trouble behind." Yuan Chengdao is a little confused about this kind of upper level matters. Shen Xi did know, hearing Li Dong say so, nodded slightly and said, "That's right, 500 million is 500 million. Although those people may not necessarily be with us, but this time to express a little goodwill, only good for us without harm. Otherwise this hurdle can not pass, those people this time and can not fall, Yuanfang later I'm afraid will also be implicated." Seeing that both said so, and obviously involved in the political encounter, Yuan Chengdao immediately understood, "Good, I agree!" Several people agreed, Li Dong some crying and laughing. Good guys, before these people are opposed to each and every one of them, but this time they are in agreement. If I had known that, why did I bother with all that. Of course, Li Dong is just thinking, even if he knew it would be like this, he would not take the initiative to do this kind of lifting the lid thing. Businessmen involved in politics, but a very taboo thing. If not this time was forced to the mountain, plus someone deliberately calculating him, he would not do so. The good thing is that they have long been ready to bleed, others are afraid that they will not think they are so quickly conceded, when they take out, let them take their own time to play it. After a few words of explanation, Li Dong said: "The day after tomorrow I personally led a team to Sichuan Shu, a high-profile statement! The rest of the group you yourselves." "You personally go?" Shen Xi frowned slightly and said, "I'm afraid it's not very safe at this time, it's better to forget it." "It's okay, I'll bring more people. And things are not as scary as you think, I'm at least a domestic celebrity, and this time I'm going to concede, who can really do anything to me?" "But ……" "Don't but, that's it. Grandma, this time I lost a lot." Li Dong complained, Shen Xi rolled her eyes, deserved! Let this guy's mouth is unstoppable! If he hadn't talked nonsense in front of the media, would this situation have come about? The fund alone has to invest 500 million, which is a huge loss for any business. Also on the far side is Li Dong, otherwise put in other places, on Li Dong this mouth, has long been kicked out of the chairman position. When Yuan Chengdao left, Shen Xi thought about it and said: "I'll say hello to my father, plus you are going to do charity, I think the problem should not be too big. But you can no longer participate in this matter, and the Sichuan side of the investment, it is best to give up. Doing charity everyone will not be difficult for you, but the investment, someone from the obstacle, we do not necessarily have the benefit."