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Chapter 723: "Li Da Cannon" went to Sichuan

  May 7th. Li Dong arrived at Shudu International Airport. As soon as the group got off the plane, Li Dong saw Lan Xingguo waiting below with a big smile on his face. Other people could only pick up the plane in the designated area. But who is Lan Xingguo? The boss of Sichuan Airlines! Shudu International Airport is also the headquarters of Sichuan Airlines, Lan Xingguo wants to pick up people, naturally can pick up anywhere. As soon as Li Dong got off the plane, the two of them smiled and stretched out their hands and hugged. Each other pounded a few times, after a while Lan Xingguo complained: "You kid is not intentional? I am almost 60 old bones, you are almost tearing my old bones apart with these few strokes." Li Dong laughed and said, "Brother Lan is old and strong, these two strokes are nothing. Besides, one day is like three years, we have not seen each other for decades, I miss it very much." "Stop!" Lan Xingguo said with a carnal expression, "If I were a young girl, I would have believed you when you said that. I am a bad old man, you say this fake or not?" "Hahahaha ……" Li Dong burst out laughing, and the two entourage members also laughed. After exchanging pleasantries and waiting for all of Li Dong's people to get off the plane, Lan Xingguo's eyebrows twitched slightly and said, "So careful?" Li Dong and Shen Xi said that there was no need to worry about safety when they went to Sichuan Shu. But that's just lip service, be careful, which he dares to be careless. Before the people did not all come down, Lan Xingguo did not find. When all the people came down, good guys, than the last time to Hong Kong are shocked. More than 20 people bodyguard team, in all directions to surround Li Dong in the center, the momentum is not ordinary strong. Li Dong laughed: "Just in case, that guy what way, old brother can still not clear?" Lan Xingguo smiled at his words and said, "Don't worry, in Sichuan Shu side, old brother still have a few thin face, he will not mess up. But it's good to bring some people, safety first." Although Lan Xingguo thinks he has face here, Liu Long will not be reckless. But these days, nothing should be easily packaged. Once Liu Long really crazy how to do? Li Dong is not an ordinary person, something happened here, many people will have to eat. Liu Long that guy is now furious, he is hot in the head to do something not worthy of surprise. The two did not mention the matter of Liu Long, Lan Xingguo turned to Li Dong introduced: "This is the vice president of Sichuan Airlines, Wang Fengyang." Said Li Dong just ready to reach out and shake hands, Lan Xingguo and to the middle-aged man is also Wang Fengyang smile: "This is the famous Li Cannon!" Li Dong's old face instantly twitched up! The others held back their laughter, Wang Fengyang also looked embarrassed and said, "Hello, Mr. Li." Li Dong and he shook hands, and then complained to Lan Xingguo: "Brother Lan, have you introduced people like this? Also, when did I have this nickname?" Lan Xingguo laughed out loud and said, "We are all family members behind closed doors, so don't be angry, old brother. Besides, I didn't give you this nickname, now you are Li Cannon in Sichuan!" Li Dong's previous actions have not actually caused too much of a stir in Jiangbei. The real sensation is far away in Sichuan, thousands of miles away, here is Tang Long's lair. 07 years, although Tang Long has not yet developed to that point in the future, but more than ten years, Tang Long Group in this side of the power can not be underestimated. Some secrets are secrets to ordinary people, but for the upper class, there is no big secret. Tang Long what background, should know all know. What do you mean by background? Not known that is not called background, find a backer is to deter others, Tang Long has a big backer, even if you do not know exactly who, the upper levels of Sichuan Shu people also know that the source is very big. Liu Long has been running rampant for more than ten years, who does not give him three points of face. The result is a good guy, Sichuan Shu locals have not dared to resist, far away in Jiangbei Li Dong a few words to beat the other side routed. Although this time Tang Long has not fallen, but many people have been popping crowns to celebrate. And Li Dong "Li cannon" nickname also spread, the two words cannon at this moment is not derogatory, but more positive. Li Dong looked helpless, crying and laughing: "I tang a national god, but you guys have made such a nickname, after people hear cannon, the god of which there is a sense of substitution." The crowd laughed again. And the Sichuan Airlines crowd to get acquainted with some, Li Dong turned to introduce himself to bring people. The bodyguard does not need to be introduced, mainly introduced a few people in charge of the foundation. Although he already knew that Li Dong had come to Sichuan for the purpose of spreading money, but when he saw that almost all the people Li Dong had brought were from the foundation, Lan Xingguo still couldn't help but say, "Look at this situation, are you really going to hemorrhage money?" Li Dong laughed: "To do charity, it is incumbent on me." Although this is a bit hypocritical, but the crowd has nodded their heads. It is said that the rich are not benevolent, but in fact, the richer the people are, the more they like to do charity, and the higher the social level, the more they invest in charity. Despite the criticism of domestic charity, even if there are such and such problems, there are not a few people who survive every year because of charity.