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Chapter 724 - Youth is capital

  Sichuan Shu Restaurant. Lan Xingguo arrived one step ahead. When Li Dong brought people here, Lan Xingguo was already waiting, and when Li Dong arrived, Lan Xingguo helped introduce, "This is Director Zhang of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission." Li Dong glanced at the man beside him, nodded and smiled, "Hello, Director Zhang." Although Zhang Bin was only the deputy director, but the deputy director was also the director, and by definition could be counted as Lan Xingguo's leader. However, standing with Lan Xingguo, Zhang Bin was half a step back. Waiting for Li Dong to greet himself, Zhang Bin hurriedly smiled and said: "I have heard of the great name of Mr. Li, today I finally saw the real Buddha, it's an honor!" "Director Zhang is too polite." Li Dong saw that his attitude was okay, but also politely exchanged a few pleasantries. Originally he thought the SASAC side to see their own cold face, but turned his head to think, he probably thought wrong. The officialdom is also a rivers and lakes, factions are born, mountainous. Sichuan Shu side even if there is a tendency to Liu Long's officials, does not mean that all are. Liu Long is not that capable, even the one behind him is not that capable. Not to mention that because Du Anmin has been working here for more than a decade, old ministers and old colleagues are not a few, in fact, many people in the Chuanshu government have goodwill towards Li Dong. The old leader single-handedly supported the big entrepreneurs, there may even be the old leader's son-in-law. Soon the old Du will enter the capital, do not look at the face of the Buddha, plus Li Dong himself is also a well-known tycoon, Sichuan officials really hostile to Li Dong is not too much. After accompanying Zhang Bin for a few polite words, Lan Xingguo helped introduce a few people Li Dong did not know. There is the deputy secretary-general of the Shudu municipal government, the director of the municipal education bureau, the director of the civil affairs bureau, the president of the Shudu Red Cross Society, the vice president of the Sichuan Red Cross …… morning a government personnel who did not see, a lot of people came at once. In addition to these people, Lan Xingguo finally introduced is the grand finale, the deputy director of the Office of the Sichuan Provincial Government. Although it is a deputy, but in the occasion of informal talks, the deputy director of the provincial government office came out to receive Li Dong, is also considered to do enough face work. The deputy director of the office of Sichuan is not young, probably 50 years old to the top. Deputy director named Chen Qiang, and Li Dong greeting, the other side is particularly polite, polite Li Dong are a little unbearable. Until finally Chen Qiang came to a sentence: "The old leader health is okay?" Only then did Li Dong react, feelings are old Du's old ministry. But after all, more than ten years have passed, Chen Qiang is now only the deputy director of the provincial government office, the old Du left, I'm afraid the position is even lower. In this case, Li Dong also does not know whether it is really the old ministry or nominal, no matter what, the other party expressed goodwill to himself, Li Dong still hurriedly politely said: "Secretary Du is in good health." At this time Li Dong also did not say much. What relationship between Du Anmin and himself, how others seek, that is the matter of others. He himself can not appear in front of outsiders and old Du more acquaintance, looks a little to cover up, but this is the officialdom. These people in the end what is on their minds, you can not see from the surface. This time nonsense, do not get into the jar of others. The crowd polite a few words, which have been seated. Compared to Lan Xingguo and Chen Qiang, the remaining people, the most polite to Li Dong is probably the Sichuan Red Cross people. Li Dong knew what they were thinking, but he scoffed. Faraway Charity Fund is a private fund, even if the donation, he will not go through the hands of the Red Cross, want to pull the hair from him, Li Dong can only say that they think too much. The people who came today are also quite interesting, and the economy is probably the deputy director of the SASAC. Others, either civil affairs, or education, the situation is obvious, engage in economic investment, Chuanshu side has not yet a clear attitude. But engage in charity, how good it is! For nothing to make contributions to everyone, who is not happy. If you can pull out some hair in the middle, it would be even better. That is, Li Dong has a private charity fund institutions, funds do not go through them, otherwise Li Dong donated a few tens of millions, they intercepted a seven or eight layers that would be more perfect. But even if it is a private fund, it is not necessarily no way. After all, to invest in this side of Sichuan, for example, if Li Dong donated schools, always have to find someone to build it, always have to find someone to provide construction materials, it is all oil and water. Good relations in advance, when the time comes, if the real investment of tens of millions, just eat these incidental works, the money is also a lot of money. With this idea, plus the people invited by Lan Xingguo, by and large, are inclined to Li Dong, the meal naturally eaten with laughter. When the meal came to an end, the director of the Shudu Civil Affairs Bureau could not help but try to say: "Mr. Li this time to Chuanshu, the object of support has a clear target? If you need any help and cooperation, we at the Civil Affairs Bureau will not slacken off, and if you want to know anything about the situation, we will tell you everything." Li Dong put down his chopsticks, smiled and said, "The target is generally determined, and this time it is mainly the support in education. It is said that no matter how hard you suffer, you can't suffer children, no matter how poor you are, you can't be poor in education. As the future successor of socialism and the flower of the motherland, we at Yuanfang Group hope that these children will have a bright future. Of course, this is not absolute. If there are really other people who also need help, we will not sit idly by." Once he heard Li Dong say this, the director of Shudu Education Bureau was somewhat excited, "Yuanfang is worthy of being a conscientious enterprise! Mr. Li, when it comes to education, despite repeated support from Sichuan over the years, the conditions are after all limited. I'm not afraid to say a word to expose myself, not to mention other places, even this side of Shudu, the education environment is also poor. It is not that we do not want the children to live in spacious classrooms, nor do we want them to have a good education occasion, it is really financial difficulties. Whenever I see those children, barefoot and earnestly listening to the lessons in the classroom leaking around, my heart is also uncomfortable tight ……" the other party is worthy of the education, inciting words that is one after another. The other people listened to it, a few distant foundation staff could not help but shed tears. And blue Xing Guo these people do not tear down the stage, most of the people on the field are Shudu officials. If Li Dong really wants to donate, in their opinion, it is natural that it is most appropriate to stay in Shudu. When he finished listening to him, Li Dong smiled and said, "I understand what Director Liu said, and I will let the foundation side conduct an inspection tomorrow, and if there is really a need, we will not be stingy." Said Li Dong and said, "Since we are doing charity, money is something that is used to spend. I came to Sichuan this time, and I'm not afraid to tell you a true story, I prepared 500 million for education support, if not enough, the follow-up I can continue to add! I am now a bachelor, above a pair of parents to support, what is the use of leaving so much money? If I can help these children and help those parents, I am willing to do my little bit to provide some help to everyone in my ability." "500 million!"