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Chapter 725: Grudges are difficult to resolve

  Far Far Away Charity Foundation invested 500 million dollars to help Sichuan Shu in education! The news came out with a stone-cold shock! On the evening of May 8, Sichuan News carried a three-minute long report.? The news was reported on the night of May 8, and the Sichuan News ran a three-minute report. The news was reported in the evening of May 8th. Li Dong, chairman of Far Eastern Group and chairman of Far Eastern Charity Foundation, had an hour-long meeting and interview with Sichuan Provincial Government No. 1. For the Yuanfang Group, the Sichuan government gave high praise. The major media have reported and reprinted, and for a time the name of Li Dong resounded in the land of central Sichuan. …… Shudu. A villa area. Liu Long sat on the sofa watching the young face on the TV, smoking one cigarette after another, not knowing what was in his mind. Sitting beside him is a man who looks a bit similar to him, staring at the smiling Li Dong in the TV, Liu Qing's eyes showed fierce light, gritting his teeth and saying: "Second brother, this is the guy! I'll bring someone to do him!" Liu Long glanced at him and said indifferently, "Idiot!" "Second brother! Is this how it's going to be?" "Then what do you want?" Liu Long stubbed out his cigarette, his eyes dewy and said, "This guy is not an ordinary person, the first foot just reached an agreement with the provincial government, the second foot you go do him, if you want to find death, I will not stop you." At this time Li Dong, the whole country is watching. At this time, not to mention whether we can take him out, even if we do him, then Liu Qing also do not want to live. And this thing is designated to suppress, in this time of the storm, out of this kind of thing, Liu Long himself do not want to get out of it. So the words of his own brother said to do Li Dong, Liu Long scoffed. Outsiders say he is vicious and poisonous, but if he is really so brainless, just rely on the brave and ruthless, can do business to this point? Good courage and ruthlessness, that also depends on what people. To Li Dong such people, fighting ruthlessness can not solve the problem, but more trouble. Liu Qing gasping for breath, for a while before saying: "That can not just forget! Ake was gotten in, big brother is now also by his head, our side is like a street rat because of him, more than ten years, when we have been so suffocating?" "Don't mention them, father and son!" Liu Long eyes show a fierce color, this time he is more wronged than anyone, are aggrieved. Liu Tang Liu Ke father and son, go to Jiangbei that is independent, not outsiders see Tang Long to expand business. The result is good guys, those two fathers and sons in Jiangbei must provoke Li Dong, the result made such a big commotion. This time others do not care whether the Jiangbei side of the Liu Tang father and son is not his orders, anyway, the other side hanging the name of the Tang Long Group, then the account should be counted on his Liu Long. Because these two parted ways father and son, causing him trouble. If it is not a bit of brotherly love, he would like to personally go to Jiangbei to get those two guys killed, not enough to make things happen! See the second brother angry, Liu Qing suddenly did not dare to squeak. Do not look at him outside the fierce, but he knows that he is compared with this second brother, it is a big witch to see a small witch. If you really want to make the second brother angry, he is also scared. Now big brother are afraid to mention the second brother to fish for people, let Liu Ke in Jiangbei side detention, is because afraid of Liu Long anger. Staying in Jiangbei may be better, at least Liu Ke's old man is over there, and then how will not be too bitter. But get back to Sichuan words, once Liu Long anger to Liu Ke head, that really is to kill people. After a period of silence, Liu Long exhaled and said: "Forget about him, our first priority is to get through the immediate crisis. In addition ……" Liu Long said a glance at Liu Qing, a long time before saying: "really to the necessary juncture, you carry first, there are two brothers in, at most three or five years, I keep you safe!" Liu Qing suddenly silent, three or five years? Can you really believe this? Once the second brother thinks he will recruit him, may be on their own, it is not impossible. He went in, then completely lost the capital to resist, should he believe the second brother or not? Seeing him hesitate, Liu Long frowned: "What, you do not believe in my words? Or do you want me to go in with you, and we'll go through jail together! Idiot, I am outside, so you can be safe! Once I really go in, none of us can escape!" When Liu Qing heard that, he thought it seemed right. If the second brother also went in, then the connection with that side was broken. No matter what it is for, Liu Long went in, then there will be no chance to come out again. When the time comes, many people are afraid that they would like him to die. Liu Long is finished, they are no good end. After thinking about this, Liu Qing gritted his teeth and finally nodded: "If it really comes to that, I'll carry it!" "Good, this is my Liu Long's brother!" Liu Long was slightly relieved, and his face gradually eased down. The two brothers chatted with each other for a few minutes, and by this time, the picture of Li Dong disappeared from the news. Liu Long, however, still stared at the TV, his eyes a little lax. This time he has suffered such a big loss, his nephew and brother are going in, his other losses are even more numerous, all because of Li Dong. His mouth said not to retaliate, but his heart is really can not swallow this anger. Staring at the TV for a while, Liu Long silently read: "Endure a moment of peace and quiet, and so after this pass, we must settle this score!" Now is not the time to strike, plus Li Dong prevention so powerful, he would not choose this time to make a move. But when the incident subsided, Li Dong also put down the prevention mentality, then he had to find this field inevitable! …… Beichuan. This is the third day of Li Dong's visit to Sichuan and Shu. Walking through several counties one after another like catching up, when the name Beichuan entered Li Dong's field of vision, Li Dong suddenly some emotions. Walking on the rugged mountain road, looking at the expectant eyes of the children and teachers behind him, Li Dong said to the deputy governor of Beichuan who accompanied him, "I have a lot of feelings for the name Beichuan." The deputy governor was a little puzzled, next to Chen Ke explained, "Our group has a Beichuan real estate company, which was established in cooperation with the Sichuan side of Pengfei real estate." The deputy governor suddenly realized, and then he was overjoyed and said, "Mr. Li, our side is really difficult. As you can see just now, the children are not easy. We are also parents, if the conditions allow, we will not let the children live so hard. But it's hard, the economy of Beichuan is too backward. Restricted by the environment, the children in the mountains can not go out, the whole life is over." Li Dong nodded and turned to the foundation staff and said, "Beichuan as a key support target, just I looked at a few schools, the school building is too dilapidated, because of time constraints I also do not look at all. You go back and contact the county government, and then go to see other schools. If appropriate, first in this side of the new seven or eight new schools. In addition, as far away from the mountains as possible, Huang County, your government side can provide us with some suitable new school sites? After all, being so close to the mountain, if a mudslide or something comes, it would be too dangerous." The deputy governor glanced at the leader behind him, and when he saw the leader nodding gently, the deputy governor immediately said with a smile on his face, "Yes, no problem at all, don't worry, Mr. Li!" Seven or eight schools, if completely rebuilt, even if you save a little, a school at least several million. In other words, in a few words, he let Li Dong leave 30-40 million dollars on this side. Although the Far East Foundation took out a total of 500 million yuan to support, there are one or two hundred county-level areas in Sichuan, and if they are equally divided, a county is only a few million. Now all of a sudden exceeded ten times, the deputy county governor naturally happy. Li Dong smiled at this, and said to the people behind him: "I have to rush back to Jiangbei after inspecting Beichuan, so I'll leave this side to you guys. Wang is now here, the foundation side of something to listen to Wang's opinion, really encounter difficulties that can not be solved, then directly to me." "This time I expect to invest in 100 schools first, of course, this is only an estimate, does not mean that it must be limited to 100. If the money is spent, don't be afraid to exceed the budget, I will continue to invest at a later stage." The people from afar nodded their heads, and the Sichuan officials who accompanied Li Dong on his visit were all overjoyed. 100 schools! There is a possibility of exceeding this number later on, which is an unprecedented development for Sichuan's education business.