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Chapter 726 Software Butler

  Pingchuan Airport. Just getting off the plane, Li Dong suddenly stopped in his tracks. Turned his head to look at the airport's LED advertising screen, on which was written a large line of text - "What are you waiting for, come and steal vegetables!" Looking around, not only on the display screen, wherever you can advertise, there is a promotional ad for Far Far Away Farm posted. Pace out from the airport, Li Dong found himself five days did not return, Pingchuan seems to have changed. Yang Si's figure was on every LED display on the street. The entire Pingchuan can advertise places, it seems to be faraway farms to dominate the screen. After walking for a while, Tan Yong followed him with his car at some point. Li Dong didn't look at the displays anymore and got in the car and said, "Go to the company!" …… Far Far Away Building. Li Dong entered the door and went straight to where the mall was. Not in a hurry to go to Shen Xi's office, Li Dong turned a corner and went to Liu Hong's office. Knock on the door to enter, Liu Hong is sitting in front of the computer to observe something. Carelessly looking up at the visitor, seeing that it was Li Dong, Liu Hong was startled and hurriedly got up and said, "Mr. Li, you're back." Li Dong nodded, and seeing that he was a bit apprehensive, he waved his hand and said, "Sit down first, I just saw that the farm advertisement was put on the market, and came to ask about the situation." Hearing Li Dong talk about this, Liu Hong slightly relieved and said, "The ad has been placed, but the scope of placement is still limited to Jiangbei. Only in the middle of the month will the national advertising, and at present we mainly play outdoor advertising and traditional media advertising, the next half of the month we will mainly play online advertising. After all, the farm is an Internet game, and these people are the main body of our audience." Li Dong nodded and said, "Not a bad plan, of course, do not limit the farm only to the Internet audience. This is a casual social game for all people, not just for those office white-collar workers. In the future, I think it's normal for grandparents to play our farm game." Liu Hong laughed dryly, did not have the heart to refute. But after thinking about it Liu Hong still said: "This point thanks to Mr. Li, before I ignored the word social, social interaction is the mainstream of the farm. When the farm was first developed, we were playing stand-alone, and we didn't think it was much fun. But after you reminded me, not to mention, now the technical team are a little addicted. Especially stealing vegetables, everyone is very interested ……" By now, Liu Hong's confidence in the farm has gradually increased. When he first developed the game, he was actually not too confident, even developed, he tried to play a few days, think also the future is uncertain. Only later, from the single-player mode to social interaction mode, Liu Hong gradually perceived the fun and selling points. After several internal tests, colleagues on this side of the mall said it was quite interesting, and then Liu Hong finally gained confidence. Of course, confidence is confidence, but Liu Hong always have some apprehension, think it may not be able to reach Li Dong's expectations. Now Li Dong said not only for the white-collar class, but also for the whole class, Liu Hong really did not have the courage to give a guarantee. Seeing that he was a bit apprehensive, Li Dong frowned slightly and said: "Although it is good to be self-effacing, don't be overly self-effacing! If even you, the developer, don't have confidence, do others have confidence? Whether the goal can be achieved or not, at least in the momentum can not lose! What's wrong with bragging? It's not a crime to brag. If you don't even dare to brag about it, what kind of innovation is there?" Li Dong's words were considered a reprimand, and Liu Hong's face suddenly turned a little white. Li Dong swept him a few eyes, slightly disappointed. Liu Hong is still okay to keep, but the pioneering spirit is seriously lacking. Of course, if it were not so, they would not have given up self-employment and chosen to join Far Far Away. The reason why they chose to join Far Far Away is because Far Far Away is stable enough, and not like starting a business that is unpredictable, even eating is a problem. Not everyone has this pioneering spirit, otherwise everyone would be Ma Yun. Disappointed, Li Dong did not rebuke, change a person's character is not a few words of encouragement can do. Since Liu Hong's character is suitable for compliance, let him be responsible for this area in the future. In addition to microblogging, Li Dong was not going to let him develop other projects in the future, as this guy was more suitable for working in a disciplined manner. After a few words of explanation, Li Dong said, "Is Wang Jun Yu here?" "Yes, Mr. Li, you want to see him?" "Well, tell him to come over." "Okay, I'll go find him." Liu Hong dropped these words and hurriedly left the office. Seeing his flustered appearance, Li Dong gently sighed, just a few reprimands, Liu Hong probably sat down a bit, all a bit disorganized. He is a technical department director to find an employee still need to personally go to find someone? Leaving Li Dong alone in the office, just from this point of view, this guy is still a typical technical person, management work is far from home. After thinking about it for a while, Liu Hong took a confused Wang Jun Yu into the office. When he saw Li Dong here, Wang Jun Yu was relieved. Just now the boss dragged him to the office, and he thought what was wrong. Although he knew Li Dong, and even Li Dong personally dug him up, Wang Jun Yu did not dare to take a big, greeting, "Hello, Mr. Li." "Well, sit down and talk." Li Dong returned the greeting, and when Wang Jun Yu sat down, Li Dong briefly asked him about his work. It had been a few months since he came to Yuanfang, and because of Shen Xi and Li Dong's attention, Wang Junyu was different from other interns, and he had been involved in many big events soon after he arrived. He was involved in the expansion plan of the mall, the cooperation with other retailers, the anniversary celebration, including this farm god-making plan. Compared to before, the current Wang Junyu was much more mature. After chatting for a few minutes, Li Dong finally said, "Do you know about app distribution?" Wang Junyu scratched his head, his face slightly puzzled. Liu Hong next to him thought about it and asked, "I haven't heard of app distribution, but I know about content distribution, are these two concepts the same?" Li Dong laughed: "What exactly is called application distribution I do not know much, I just heard people talk about a mouth, feel quite interesting, I and you briefly explain my understanding." "At present, the domestic market, there are a lot of game entertainment platform, similar to the 91 game fashion platform. You are all doing this business, what is the function of these platforms you should understand than I do. Detailed without me to explain, I said the application distribution is a product similar to this kind of platform. But from the word you can hear, application distribution is not just a single game distribution platform, but all the applications of a complex. To put it more graphically, I am talking about a software housekeeper. Gathering all applications in one platform, integrating software download, update, uninstall and optimization in one platform, do you get it now?" "Yes!" The two people are not stupid, Li Dong said so, the two people immediately understood. 07 years, although the market has not yet this application distribution platform, but similar products are available. But because of the poorly done, the promotion is not in place, less known. Li Dong simply said, the two people can immediately imagine what the role of this platform, and even the general outline can think of what it is like. Seeing them understand, Li Dong slightly relieved. To be honest, he actually does not understand these things, just know a few professional terms. If the two do not understand, it would be embarrassing. Since he understood, Li Dong didn't explain any further and continued, "This time, I'm looking for you guys to make an application platform that integrates all the software in one, what do you think?" Wang Junyu and Liu Hong looked at each other, making this kind of platform? It feels feasible, but it doesn't seem too useful for Yuanfang to do this now. Liu Hong's doubts Li Dong understand, but Wang Jun Yu actually not excited, Li Dong is a bit depressed. Isn't this guy the one who got the pea pod? The reasonably speaking, I mention this, you this guy should be excited ah. But the result is that this guy is like a dumbass, no reaction at all. The actual fact is that this is really a froze up guy, and also the pea pods are created later on, now Wang Jun Yu does not have this concept is not strange, after all, not everyone is reborn.