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Chapter 727: Offsetting Debt

  Software housekeeping such a platform, Li Dong is not a whim.? Fire Ran? The text w?w?w? After all, as the business of Yuanfang Mall gradually increases, the promotion is a big problem. The company has already had the Yuanfang Mall, pp, Wankatoon, and soon to be developed successfully microblogging. So many applications, such as the smart phone era has arrived, can not be bound to all the major cell phone manufacturers. Mobile terminals, major manufacturers agree not to agree first, the promotion costs will not be low. Plus bundled software, the early problems are not big, the later will be criticized. But the software housekeeper is different, this is a soft promotion, Li Dong needs to do is to bind a software on it, and not specifically refers to the far side. He then just needs to hang the various applications of Far Far Away on the home page, others will naturally choose Far Far Away. Especially in the early days of smartphones, people don't have many choices, and Li Dong thinks he can still seize this opportunity. Of course, this is all just his expectation. As for whether he could achieve this effect or not, let's say, he tried his best anyway. …… Shen Xi's office. Li Dong pushed the door in, Shen Xi looked up and said, "I thought you would go home first, after running around these days, why didn't you go back to rest?" Li Dong found a place to sit down, said casually: "The company has some things to deal with." Shen Xi did not say this again, asked: "Sichuan Shu side is still smooth, right?" "Sending money for nothing, do you think it went well? Of course, when the money is sent smoothly, the back is not easy to say. 500 million is not a small amount, even if everyone is watching, some people may want to take the risk to try." Li Dong said this when also some helpless, in the country sometimes do something really not easy. Obviously doing charity, free money things, but really to do down, in the end, still can not escape these. This time it is also a lot of people watching, plus Li Dong's own reputation, otherwise even if he sent money, it is not so easy. After all, the money is not sent to those people, they do not care if you are for charity. Shen Xi did not care too much about these, smiled and said: "Anyway, your purpose is achieved, the rest I see almost on the line." In her opinion, Li Dong bleeding this time is to seek peace. Now that the money is spent, the purpose is naturally accomplished. As for charity, this is just a spin-off. Li Dong glanced at her and muttered, "Is there any more kindness? I am doing good deeds, can I burnt?" Shen Xi lost her smile and shook her head: "Whatever you want, but you are not in Sichuan after all, you can't keep an eye on it every day, let others have some advantages to last. Your character for so many years, or so, too rigid is not good, how many times to eat the loss, how still so." "My temper is now considered to be restrained, right? Look for yourself, how long has it been since I hit someone?" Shen Xi was choked and rolled her eyes, not beating people is convergence? The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Lazy to say him again, Shen Xi got up and moved his muscles: "This time for the farm promotion spent a lot of money, shopping mall expansion, other companies to move in, invest in the construction of data centers, before the injection of 500 million can almost be gone." "Gone again?" Li Dong said with some teeth: "You guys are spending too much money, right?" "What do you mean we are spending too much money?" Shen Xi said, "That is you spend money! A game, do you know how much is the budget for promotion alone? One hundred million, and this is just the beginning, I have never seen you so able to spend money, I see when the time if not much traffic, what expression you?" "I can have what expression, not much traffic is not much, since they are set, still care so much why." Said Li Dong and said: "In addition I just discussed with Liu Hong and them, continue to develop a software, the investment will probably not be low." "Is that the software platform you said before?" "Hmm." Shen Xi rubbed her forehead and sighed slightly, "You have decided, what else can I say. But it looks like you have to prepare money for it, or else when the funds are cut off, don't blame me for not reminding you." "The initial cost should not be too big, the mall profit is almost enough." "Don't you forget, there's that microblog of yours! These things upfront but almost no profit, but also have to spend money, I see the second half of the far side of the day will be difficult." "Not so much, not to mention that now we are not short of money." Before that 9 billion has not been spent, after all, so much money in this, how can also last for a while. Who expected that just after he finished, Shen Xi said with a smile, "No shortage of money? You really think the money can withstand you so spend? I forgot to tell you, the funds that can be used on the account now are not more than 500 million." "No way! You guys eat money!" Li Dong was shocked, 9 billion ah, not a few hundred million, how to spend so fast! Shen Xi grunted: "Just to pay off the debt and the initial acquisition money, it almost spent 5 billion. The remaining 4 billion, to maintain the Lu Province, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Gan Province, E Province, Shancheng five expansion, plus the mall is also spending money, Dongyu side and buying back property, you think there is money to save?" Li Dong rubbed his head, the money spent on himself is annoying. Slightly exhaled, Li Dong asked, "So there's no place to use money urgently now, right?" "Not for now, but soon." Shen Xi said reminded: "Suning side is very fast, the initial investment of 3 billion I'm afraid to spend a large part of it. Our money must wait to prepare here, or once the money is spent, we can not keep up later, it will be a problem." "I go, so fast!" Li Dong frowned: "Does that not mean that a betting agreement, in exchange for about three months?" "Now you know how stupid you are, right?" Li Dong said speechlessly, "Don't hit me, okay? Besides, at least it gave us a few months' delay, otherwise it would have been concentrated, and I wouldn't have had the money to expand." Although Suning's side only lasted a few months, but that was the most difficult time for Li Dong. These few months were considered a life-saver. Otherwise, corporate bonds were not issued, stocks were not cashed, and debts were about to mature, where he could get money to expand. A few months earlier to expand a few months earlier to make money to seize the market, now the time is getting tighter every day, dragging a few months down, can delay a lot of things. "So, I have to prepare to raise money again to do so." Li Dong sighed and said, "If Sichuan Airlines can be sure, I'm afraid it will be soon." As long as the two sides once the cooperation agreement, the Sichuan Airlines side will soon have to spend money as well. Suning and Sichuan Airlines alone, the two sides, the total investment reached almost 5 billion.