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Chapter 728: Swallowing Munshen Real Estate

  7pm.??? ? ww?w??? When Li Dong arrived, Xu Shengzhe and Hu Ming were there. Li Dong face with a slight look of exhaustion, rubbed his face, picked up the teapot directly to drink a few mouthfuls, rested his breath before saying, "Money outside the body, who let me this person does not love money." Xu Shengzhe and Hu Ming could not help but lose their laughter, this guy really dare to say. Li Dong did not care about them, and said: "In addition, my foundation money is almost spent, you two are famous tycoons, I will go back to you to raise funds, you can not be stingy." "Fundraising?" Xu Shengzhe lost his smile and said, "Are you serious?" "Of course I'm serious. Although private charity funds can't raise money publicly, individual donations are still possible. You big bosses are so rich, you have to make some contribution to society." Hu Ming and the two looked at each other, and after a while Hu Ming smiled and said, "If you really want to start fundraising, count me in and make a modest contribution." Xu Shengzhe also nodded and said, "I'm not as generous as you, but a few million is still possible." "I know you guys are righteous enough, okay, I'll let the people from the foundation contact you later." A few million, or a charity, Xu Shengzhe two people also did not care too much. The two of them didn't care too much. And Li Dong's face is here, jokingly, they won't really not pull out a hair. Chatting a few words off-topic, Xu Shengzhe returned to the subject: "you go these days Jiangbei lively not, the door Shen side of the last capital chain storm just past, and now there is such a file, I think the old Yao may not be able to hold up. These days we have also done some preparations, Li Dong, I think the real estate companies in Jiangbei is still a little too much, you see how to shut down another one?" Li Dong doubted: "Not so easy, right? The thin camel is bigger than the horse, the door Shen at least has such a large scale, plus the rain in the back to support ……" "Rain?" Xu Shengzhe laughed: "I said your heart is too big, you can't care about this." "At the beginning of the Rain Rain injection of 1 billion to help the door Shen through the difficulties, but Zhu Yizai is not a good man, in exchange for 40% of the shares of the door Shen." "After the capital injection, the total value of the door Shen more than 3 billion." "But this time because of you, Rain Food stock price fell again and again, plus a variety of problems were exposed, the old Zhu really can not carry. This guy is not a good stubble, dead poor do not die, hard at this juncture on the door Shen withdrawal of capital. Some of the funds on the books of the door Shen were taken away by him, and incidentally also got away a few plots of land. Now Yao Hong probably hates to kill him right, do you think old Yao can still hold out?" "I go!" Li Dong some staggered: "Old Zhu this guy really black heart, ah, this time to withdraw funds, is not falling stone, old Yao seems to be dead." The original door Shen is faltering, this time Zhu Yicai disinvestment, cash flow is gone, not to mention that several pieces of good land was also scraped away by him. At this time, I'm afraid that the door Shen really can not hold up, maybe without Li Dong and their hands, old Yao himself will fall. Xu Shengzhe snickered: "The mall would have been a few good people, I'm not belittling words. When you were rumored to have broken the capital chain, you yourself do not have nothing to feel? If you hadn't held up, once the capital chain really fell into a state of fracture, hey ……" Xu Shengzhe did not say directly, but the meaning is obvious. If not for Li Dong himself came up with 2 billion, plus and he and Hu Ming reached various agreements, got 1 billion to stabilize the situation, the far side of the trouble is big. Other people fall into the well not to mention, Xu Shengzhe these people will not sit back and watch, I'm afraid. So finally on the side of Li Dong, just think he did not fall so easily. At that time, if Li Dong could not get 2 billion injection of Yuanfang, the situation is still not the case now can not be said. Li Dong grimaced and hummed: "Don't worry, I will support you when your Long Hua falls one day." "Fuck off!" "……" Seeing the two of them get up again, Hu Ming had some tears and laughter and hurriedly interrupted: "Let's not talk about this, Yao Hong's side is probably really not working. This time, we do not need to move what conspiracy and trickery, find an opportunity to talk about the old Yao out. This time to sell the door Shen quality industry, probably still can get some pension money, and then drag on he is afraid that he will have no money back. And in Jiangbei, except for a few of us, others probably wouldn't dare to take over Munshen at this time." Li Dong shrugged and said, "I'm afraid old Yao would rather die at a loss than sell to me." This is sincere, if it were Li Dong himself, it would certainly be this mind. The reason why the door Shen fell to this point, almost all Li Dong caused. Of course, Xu Shengzhe this guy can not run. Last year, that round of strikes is Xu Shengzhe shot, this point is clear to everyone later. After two rounds of strikes, billions of dollars of Yao Hong will fall into this predicament, I'm afraid the heart has long hated Li Dong a few people. Xu Shengzhe did not think: "You do not use your mind to measure others, the mall, we do not want him for nothing. Yao Hong but no brain problems, will certainly agree. But in advance, since the door Shen side was bitten by Rain, there are not many quality industries left.