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Chapter 729 - Sale of Land, Return of Funds

  Because of the matter of Mengshen Real Estate, Li Dong did not go out again in May. Although Wu Yajun made several phone calls to invite Li Dong to go over to see, Li Dong still refused. Yao Hong is indeed, as Xu Shengzhe said, a genuine businessman. Seeing that Mengshen's reputation is almost infamous, coupled with the Long Hua, Dongyu several tiger eyeing, Yurun falling stone, this time Yao Hong very wisely chose to break his wrist. To give up its high-quality industries, divest poor quality assets. In just ten days of work, the former Jiangbei real estate giants dissipated. …… provincial party committee compound. Wu Shengnan first time to this side, the first close contact with the life of Li Dong. Watching Li Dong boxing, watching Li Dong wipe sweat, watching Li Dong comfortably leaning on a recliner sunbathing …… don't know how long to watch, Wu Shengnan suddenly laughed: "Mr. Li this life is not at all like a ten billionaire, nor is it like a young man." Li Dong smiled and said, "Then like what?" "Like an old man returning from a busy day in the fields." Li Dong laughed: "You just say I am a small farmer mentality, and say so elegantly." Wu Shengnan shook his head and said, "That's not what I meant." "Whether it means that or not, I'll take it as that." Li Dong said with a smile, and said, "Thirsty to pour their own tea, I will not be a guest to entertain you." Wu Shengnan was not polite, and poured himself a cup of tea. Seeing that the secretary standing next to him was a bit restrained, he pressed his hand to indicate her to sit down. When both of them sat down, Li Dong squinted for a while in the sun before saying, "You've come home, what's so urgent?" "I heard that Mr. Li wants to sell Dongyu Real Estate." Li Dong was surprised and said, "Who said that?" Wu Shengnan did not answer, but said with a straight face, "Mr. Li, I want to know if this news is true?" Li Dong shook his head and said, "It's just a rumor, really want to sell Dongyu real estate, you as the president of Dongyu real estate, I can still bypass you?" "What about the sale of the land under Dongyu?" Wu Shengnan asked again. Li Dong did not deny it this time and nodded, "There is this idea." "Why?" Wu Shengnan said with some disbelief, "Selling Dongyu's land at this time, what is the difference between this and selling Dongyu real estate?" "With the fall of Munshen, Jiangbei is dominated by Longhua and Dongyu. This is the right time for us to pick up where we left off and take this opportunity to expand Dongyu in a big way, to seize the market in Jiangbei and fill the market gap left by Munshen." "Dongyu originally hoarded a small area of land, so it was hard to seize the opportunity to rise in two incidents. It just so happens that at this time, Longhua is mainly focused on new city development, and a large area of the Jiangbei real estate market is blank. With all due respect, if I were you, Mr. Li, I would rather give up my shareholding in Sichuan Airlines and the expansion of the mall, and also seize the opportunity to grow Dongyu into a leading real estate company in one fell swoop. It is said that a hundred birds in the forest is better than a bird in the hand, let go of the opportunity in front of you, to fight an unknown, Mr. Li do not think it is too risky?" Li Dong laughed lightly and said, "Don't be hasty yet." "I didn't say to give up Dongyu, nor did I say not to develop real estate. I mean to slow down first, the real estate market is too hot now, so hot that I am a little uneasy. Compare this to last year, when land prices rose by more than 50%, do you think this is a normal market reaction? Many people seem to see the moving gold mountain, other industry moguls have entered the real estate market. The land price speculation is getting higher and higher, the price of housing is also increasing, and if this continues, I feel that the collapse is not far away. Others are in a hurry to enter, we can not rush. Especially now that most of the real estate companies are bank loans, as if not their own money does not hurt, a strong pull up the land price. But the land is delayed development, waiting for the next successor. This kind of drumming game, the long term can not, the discerning people know that the crisis is coming. You see, once the top felt this trend, the bank has a large amount of bad debts, a little tightening of the silver root will have a large number of real estate developers bankruptcy jump." Wu Shengnan frowned slightly and said, "I admit that there is this trend you say, but others are others, we are us." "Dongyu real estate is different from other companies, since the repayment of that money last year, our debt ratio is very low." "Banks are tightening their money, other real estate companies may have a capital break, we won't." "So I think Mr. Li is too much worried, and not to take advantage of the market now, when the market is occupied by others, later if we want to develop we still have to reopen the market, the loss is not worth the gain." Li Dong also does not refute, nodded: "You said the situation is also very reasonable, but then again, the land still has to be sold." The corner of Wu Shengnan's mouth twitched, what kind of logic are you using? Since I said reasonable, you still have to sell the land? Dong Yu real estate land is not too much, once they are sold, the huge company really became an empty shell. Obviously in a period of rapid development, this time the Eastwood property should be developed in a big way, hoarding land to make a name for itself. But Li Dong to go the other way, in the rapid development of Dongyu real estate period chose to give up, Wu Shengnan is unable to understand what he wants to do. Li Dong saw her muffled, smiled and said: "Do not rush, sell, I did not say not to buy back." "More than a year, less than half a year, I sold the land will come back, but also exponentially back. Now the reason why I choose to sell the land, you must also understand my difficulties. The company is expanding around, the capital is not working, and I don't want to finance, so I can only sell the land. Otherwise, even if the land remains in hand, I do not have money to develop. The government is also in the control of the recent crackdown, once there are two years yet to develop the land, it is really to recall the land use rights. Now most people are working against the wind, it is just that there is no accident, there is something to cry about them. We sold the land first, I have the money in my hands, the capital turnover opened, the other places will be much better to do. And soon the expansion of several places in Jiangsu and Zhejiang will be completed, when the stores are officially put into use, we will also begin to slowly return to the capital. The second half to next year, our revenue will usher in an explosive period, then to money, people, people, better than the current strapped, right?" "But why Dong Yu?" Wu Shengnan still had some hard feelings in his heart, and Dongyu Real Estate was always suppressed in the internal system of Yuanfang. As the subsidiary company with the first profit, Wu Shengnan thinks that the real estate company is not even worse than the supermarket. But Li Dong expansion of supermarkets, expansion of shopping malls, expansion of logistics, in favor of the four subsidiaries chose to give up the Dongyu real estate, which makes her how can be willing. Li Dong exhaled and said: "Not to give up Dongyu, selling land does not mean giving up, you have to understand this. Land sold, this time we can solidify the foundation and prepare for the next rise. Whether it's the properties or infrastructure under Dongyu, I didn't say give up. Not only will I not give up, I will further invest to expand these downstream subsidiary industries. Think about it yourself, if I were to really give up on Dongyu, would I do that?