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Chapter 730 - The Farm Comes Online

  Although Li Dong said the sale of land to be low-key, but how can such things be hidden from people. Up to billions of funds flow, a little attention will also know. When Dongyu Real Estate sold its three plots of land in just one week, Xu Shengzhe finally couldn't resist looking for the door. Once inside, Xu Shengzhe did not have time to speak, Li Dong said: "The land matter?" "Not bad!" "Does it have anything to do with you? You have to interfere in everything?" Xu Shengzhe said, "How can it not matter? Don't forget our initial agreement, you now empty out Dongyu real estate, three years later I take over the empty shell?" Li Dong said, "You do not say so sure, what do you mean you take over the empty shell, it is your turn to take over?" "I was not sure before, but now I am sure." Xu Shengzhe hummed, "At this time you sold all the industries under Dongyu, do you think you can surpass Longhua in three years?" "Must." "There is a limit to bragging!" Li Dong didn't bother to pay attention to him, picked up the book and read it by himself. Seeing this, Xu Shengzhe went to sit beside him and frowned: "To be honest, what do you think? If you really want to give up the real estate industry, why do you need to take advantage of others, as far as our friendship, you directly to me is, can I still pick up your cheap?" "I didn't say give up." "But you are now in retreat, Li Dong, other first, Dong Yu's land is not still to be offered?" "Right." "We can talk about it, Longhua is willing to take over!" Xu Shengzhe looked at him with some expectation, once he annexed Dongyu Real Estate, then Longhua Real Estate would really become a unique giant in Jiangbei. In the past year, he and Li Dong teamed up and defeated Mengshen, Greenland, Hongtu, and Yurun, who had entered Jiangbei. Now if we take down Dongyu again, then Xu Shengzhe can shout that there is no more rival in Jiangbei! How many years, twenty years! In the past, although Longhua is powerful, but also can not do to dominate the real estate industry in Jiangbei, but now Xu Shengzhe saw the hope, and hope is close at hand. At this time, even he himself was like a dream, and even their family's old man was a bit afraid to believe. In one year's time, the scale of Longhua has expanded by half. It was as fast as the previous five years of development, and all this was done by Xu Shengzhe and Li Dong together. Originally they felt that Li Dong had created such a miracle, and it was not easy to say whether Longhua could overpower Dongyu in the future. But now Li Dong suddenly retreated, whether he didn't believe it or thought he was crazy, Xu Jianghua father and son felt that this was a rare opportunity. After Dongyu sold three plots of land, Xu Shengzhe decided not to wait and see, but to come to Li Dong to have a good talk. Li Dong put down the book and said, "You guys want to take over?" "Yes." "Not for sale!" "Why!" Xu Shengzhe had a torn face and said with some indignation, "You sell to someone else is also selling, do we get less money from you or what?" "Because sell to others I can still recover, sell to you, it is not easy to say whether you can recover. In addition I am also worried about one thing, you eat so much land, Longhua itself is certainly not enough money, as a friend I warn you a word, this year you are not slower than us to expand. Once there is a policy deviation, you now eat so much land, that is to seek their own death. The game of passing flowers by beating the drum will not last, not to mention that you only beat the drum without passing flowers, this situation is even more dangerous. Don't be too ambitious, be careful of tossing yourself to death one day." Xu Shengzhe frowned at his words and said with a slightly heavy heart, "Have you heard any news?" Although he thought he was not a bad source of information, but this guy Li Dong can often learn some news that outsiders can not know. Now that he offered the land and said such a thing, Xu Shengzhe could not be sure if he was scaring himself or if he was serious. Li Dong indifferent said: "You believe it or not, anyway, I just say so. Besides, if you really want to take over, I won't stop you, I can't stop you, don't think I don't know that one of the three plots of land was taken by you." Xu Shengzhe frowned and did not say anything, Li Dong continued: "It seems that you are determined, I do not persuade you. Maybe as you think, this is an opportunity is not necessarily, as long as you can hold out. Also really want to talk about the land, you go to talk to Dongyu side, this I will not deliberately block, and will not give you special concessions." Xu Shengzhe considered for a while and nodded, "Okay, I know." As the two were talking, there was another knock on the door of the courtyard. The nanny went up and opened the door, Wang Pengfei wiped his sweat while complaining, "This weather is hot, or Li will always enjoy ……" was saying, Wang Pengfei saw Xu Shengzhe was also there, his eyebrows slightly jumped and said, "Mr. Xu Also in?" Xu Shengzhe smiled lightly and said, "Mr. Wang, coincidentally." "Yes." The two men had fire in their eyes, and Li Dong didn't care about them and said casually, "Old Wang, sit down, is it also about the land?" Wang Pengfei was a little embarrassed, Li Dong laughed: "This time to find me, there is nothing else but this. Old Xu just said this, persuasive words I do not bother to say, do not look for me, find Wu to talk. You have the ability to eat the land of Dongyu, the consequences are their own, that's all." Wang Pengfei smiled and looked at Xu Shengzhe, nodded and did not say more on the topic. A few people sat down to chat a few words, talking about, Xu Shengzhe topic to the ongoing Ten Thousand Business Conference above. Hearing him talk about this, Wang Pengfei also could not help but say: "Mr. Li, recently you have been low-key, this conference we thought you would go, did not expect to be almost closed, you did not even show a silhouette." Li Dong laughed lightly and said, "I'm too lazy to move lately, and I'm doing my business, others are doing others' business, so why did I go? Recently, there are no projects in distant places to find people to cooperate with, so it's the same whether you go or not." The opening of the General Assembly, in fact, the Jiangbei Provincial Government invited Li Dong to attend. But at that time, Li Dong was too lazy to run, so he found an excuse to politely decline. Hearing Li Dong say so, Xu Shengzhe some regret said: "opening day you did not go some pity, at that time Sun Lao but specifically asked a. If you were present, I am afraid that Sun later. If you had been there, I'm afraid that Sun Lao would have come to the far side to inspect." Li Dong is aware of this matter, smiled and said, "There is no pity, it is better not to go. If I really want to go, I am afraid that this big brother will give me a face. At the end of last year in the capital you have probably heard of the incident, I did not give any face. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Not to mention the old man's reputation for being protective of his shortcomings, if he threw my face in front of so many people, how ugly it would be." Xu Shengzhe and Wang Pengfei could not help but laugh, but Wang Pengfei still said, "It should not be so, short-sightedness is short-sightedness, private occasions forget, this kind of formal occasions, how the old man must also give a few points of face to Governor Qin."